Socially Diverse #SocDiv #prsa_ic


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Socially Diverse was created to highlight unique, interesting, diverse conversations online, both projects and the people who lead them.

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Socially Diverse #SocDiv #prsa_ic

  1. 1. Socially Diverse Engaging With Diverse Communities Online By James S. Walker Monday October 18, 2010 PRSA International Conference
  2. 2. #SOCDIV #PRSA_IC
  3. 3.   Social Media & Fashion   Marketing & Branding for Fashion Businesses   Social Media & Linguistics   Bare Words, Bare Bones, True Culture   Social Media & Crisis Communications   Effective Communication When It Counts
  4. 4. Fashion Crisis Linguistics Diversity??? Any Underlying Connection?
  5. 5. Conversations Tools Facilitating Relationships Interaction
  6. 6.   Social Media Mirrors Culture   Social Media Reflects Culture   Social Media Creates Culture This is the underlying connection.
  7. 7.   Merriam - Webster Definition: The condition of being diverse : variety; especially : the inclusion of diverse people (as people of different races or cultures) in a group or organization.   A few reasons for my focus here:   Diversity online goes largely unnoticed. So many interesting conversations are happening in corners of the internet. So many cultural projects of great value. So many people that should be highlighted.   Diversity issues, specifically lack of representation, is acknowledged but there is not enough solutions-focused activity. A large part of the problem is that we are not all as aware and as connected as we could be. I set out to do something about that.
  8. 8.   Socially Diverse was conceived on July 22, 2010 @ DC Media Makers   Sparked by a discussion about gender diversity at panels   Personal interest in Diversity manifested in two ways:   1. Diverse representation among practitioners   2. Diverse conversations and projects in the online space   Mission: Socially Diverse was created to highlight unique, interesting, diverse conversations online and the people who lead them.
  9. 9.   Six Steps for Successful Social Media Engagement   1. Listen (Research, Get the conversation pulse)   2. Map out participants and communities (Connections)   3. DIY (Do-It-Yourself, Develop Your Own Strategy)   4. Rules of Engagement (Plan for Managing Interaction)   5. Exit Strategy (Timeline, Transition, What’s Next?)   6. Measurement & Evaluation
  10. 10. Socially Public Diverse #SMCEDU Relations PR Prescriptions James S. Walker Social - @jaywalk1 Diversity Media LinkedIn
  11. 11. PR Prescriptions Public #SMCEDU Relations Social Socially Diversity Media James S. Walker Diverse @jaywalk1 - LinkedIn
  12. 12. 4 4 DAYS DAYS
  13. 13.   Name: Johnny Laird   Age (or range if that’s better): Think Yoda!   Blog:   Twitter handle: @johnnylaird    Profession: Blogger, connector, communicator, change agent & social activist… friend of the geek & radical   Location: Oxted, Surrey, UK...close to London   Place of Origin: Aberdeen, Scotland.
  14. 14.   Adopted Culture (The one you are most connected to): I guess I’m a Londoner as much as anything else and a South Londoner at that. By being a Londoner, it means I’m likely to have been born outside of the city. I will have lived, learned, worked, played and partied with friends and family from all over the world. My cultural influences will have been many and varied, and I am as likely to enjoy a Jamaican pattie or a Chicken Tikka Massala as I am fish and chips. That said I am a Scot....with an elastic English accent. Londoners are a patchwork. It’s entirely possible to be a Scottish Londoner.   Lesson: Sometimes diverse convos come to you!
  15. 15.   Name: Nichelle Stephens   Age (or range if that’s better lol): thirtysomething   Blog:   Twitter handle:   Profession:  Editor, Blogger, Social Media Strategist   Location: Brooklyn, NY   Place of Origin: Birmingham, AL   Adopted Culture African American
  16. 16.   Launched in August 2009   6 great icons, all Black women who have made great contributions on a professional level and with their greater communities   African American women are the primary audience members   Content and storyteller roles are open to all women   Have been contributions by men as well.   “To love who I am and what i do and express that through my poetry and to those around me. So to Pepsi and all the inspiring Women on Pepsi we inspire THANK YOU – 14yr old reader   Pepsi We Inspire is more than a URL, it is an online community for all of us.   Lesson: There won’t always be a label!
  17. 17.   Name: Angela Benton   Age: 29   Blog: Most Notable: however we also have and; You can also check out   Twitter handle: @ABenton   Profession: Publisher/Mom/Superwoman   Location: Charlotte, NC   Place of Origin: Birthplace - Chicago, ILL.  Lived most of my life however in the Washington DC Metro area.   Adopted Culture (The one you are most connected to): I am a bit of an eclectic perso,n so I am most connected to new cultures that I haven't experienced yet. I love and can appreciate how other people live.
  18. 18.   Name: Manny Ruiz   Age (or range if that’s better): 40   Blog: PapiBlogger   Twitter handle: @papiblogger   Profession: Entrepreneur, Former Journalist & PR Pro   Location: Miami, FL   Place of Origin: Miami, FL   Adopted Culture (The one you are most connected to): Cuban-American by birth but Latino at heart   Creator - Hispanic PR Wire, Founder National Hispanic Market Practice of Porter Novelli, One of the catalysts “PRSA Diversity Today” podcast
  19. 19.   “Moms get the attention because they are perceived as the major decision makers when it comes to household purchases and the marketers almost universally believe that dads only buy cars, video games and cologne.   Another reason why mom bloggers are vastly ahead in this game is because they blog in such greater numbers than dads and until now dad bloggers have not united to support each other as the moms have.     Unfortunately, until research and dad bloggers don’t make a stronger factual case indicating that they actually buy groceries or at least influence many of the things that are purchased, marketers will heap all the money and attention on mommy bloggers.     What is going to change is that following the recent M3 Modern Media Man Summit, the first of its kind for male bloggers, male bloggers will unite. I think we will succeed in showing marketers how they need to include us more in their blogger campaigns.”    Lesson: Sometimes diversity is literally JUST OUTSIDE your normal circle of people.
  20. 20.   5 months   21 posts   11 Interviews   9 cities   3 continents
  21. 21.   Dealing with Diversity means Dealing with Labels   Be Bold   Acknowledge instead of avoid   Never Assume   Be Aware of Nuances   Personal Preference Always Wins
  22. 22.   You can’t tip toe around Diversity   Politically Correct is not the same as Culturally Correct   Sometimes You Just Have to Be Humble and Ask the Right Questions
  23. 23.   It’s okay to start at home, but don’t get too comfortable.   The web is so unbelievably diverse.   So much to see. So much to do. So many people and projects to connect with.   Start with the man in the mirror and expand from there.
  24. 24.   Issue-Focused Approach to Diversity Group Issue Group YOU Group Issue Group
  25. 25.   Network-Focused Approach to Diversity Issue Group Issue YOU Issue Group Issue
  26. 26.   6 hours per week   5 months   20 weeks   120 hrs   @ rate $125/hr: $15,000
  27. 27.   Expanded Mindset   Enhanced Brainstorming Sessions   Creative Pitches   Informed Execution   @ rate $125/hr: INVALUABLE!
  28. 28. So…What’s Next?
  29. 29. Socially Diverse Engaging With Diverse Communities Online  Blogger, Public Relations Professional, Connector   @jaywalk1    #SOCDIV