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  1. 1. Wikipedia Commonsworkshop
  2. 2. What isWikimedia Commons?• Wikimedia Commons (often shortened to just“Commons”) is Wikimedia’s multimediarepository, containing images, sounds, videoand other files.• Accessible at
  3. 3. Tropenmuseum• The Tropenmuseum (English:Museum of the Tropics) is ananthropological museum locatedin Amsterdam, the Netherlands,and established in 1864.• Uploaded 50,000 images toWikimedia Commons – many areof Indonesia!
  4. 4. Langkat, North Sumatra, 1870
  5. 5. Braga Street, Bandung, 1930
  6. 6. Australian BroadcastingCorporation• Australian BroadcastingCorporation (ABC) is Australiasnational public broadcaster,founded in 1923.• Uploaded 23 videos to WikimediaCommons.
  7. 7. Australia’s Garnet ReportABC News: Asia Report, November 1989
  8. 8. State Libraryof Queensland• State Library of Queensland is the mainreference and research library provided to thepeople of the State of Queensland, Australia• Established 1896.• Donated 50,000 images.
  9. 9. Brisbane bridge opening, 1935
  10. 10. Task: Describing images onCommons
  11. 11. Finding an image1. Go to Click in the “Search” box in the top right-andcorner of the page.1. Type in: Tropenmuseum batak
  12. 12. Finding an image
  13. 13. Langkat, North Sumatra, 1870File:COLLECTIE TROPENMUSEUM Batak-hoogplateau-boven DeliLangkat Serdangenz.Dorp à 1870 TMnr 60025554.jpg
  14. 14. Wiki markupPress the “Edit” button to see the markupformat.
  15. 15. == {{int:filedesc}} =={{Information|description=<!--{{id|1=To be translated}}-->{{nl|1=Foto. Batak-hoogplateau-boven Deli,Langkat , Serdangenz. Dorp à1870}}{{en|1=Traditional Batak Houses in Highland of Langkat, Deli Serdang}}{{id|1=Rumah Tradisional Batak di Tanah Tinggi, Langkat Deli Serdang.1870}}|date={{other date|ca|1870}}|source={{KIT-source|ObjectNumber=60025554}}|author=K. Feilberg (Fotograaf/photographer).|permission=|other_versions=|other_fields=}}== {{int:license-header}} =={{KIT-license}}[[Category:Langkat Regency]][[Category:Stilt houses in Sumatra]][[Category:Mountains of Sumatra]][[Category:Photographs by Kristen Feilberg]][[Category:Villages in Sumatra]][[Category:Black and white photographs]]Categories that theimage is in.Details of the licenceGeneralinformationon the image,includingdescriptionand creationdate.
  16. 16. Uploading images to Commons
  17. 17. Uploading images to Commons• Uploading media to Commons can get quitecomplicated and involved if there are thousandsof images involved, or if there are specialrequirements.• However, uploading single images or smallbatches of images is very simple using Commons’“upload wizard”, which is what we will be usingtoday.• While we will be concentrating on images today,uploading other sorts of files (audio, video, etc)follows much the same procedure.
  18. 18. Starting the upload wizard• Click on the “UploadFile” link on the lefthand toolbar.• You must be logged intoCommons for this towork.
  19. 19. Selecting a file• Click on the “Select a media file to donate”button. You will then be prompted to selectyour file.
  20. 20. Selecting a file …• Once you’ve selected your file, a thumbnail willbe shown. You can upload multiple files thisway, but in this example we’ll only be uploadingone.• When ready, press the “Upload” button.
  21. 21. Hopefully,you’ll see this screen…
  22. 22. Specifying a licence• The next step is to specify which licence theimage is released under. If you have createdthe image yourself, then you can select from asmall list of allowable licences.• If you did not create the image yourself, thenselect “This file is not my own work.”, specifythe source and the image creator(s), andchoose whichever licencing condition appliesfrom the list.
  23. 23. Describing the image• Now you can fill in information on the file.
  24. 24. Uploading the image• Until now, the image has not actually beenpublished. When you press the “Next”button, the image will actually be published toCommons!• Do not worry if you made a mistake, you canalways fix it up later.
  25. 25. Questions?• If you have further questions after this session,assistance is available at: sides are derived from slides created by Craig Franklin: