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Articulated effective and ineffective teaching in experiential activities, plus engaged in role plays, Socratic discussion, plus prepared curriculum, lesson plan, and evaluated by peers in 15 minute classroom teaching.

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Teaching Portfolio Section Divider

  1. 1. Jessica Ayub | Post-Secondary Teaching Portfolio | 763-258-4502 Section DivisionsPortfolio Teaching & Faculty RolesSection 5 – The Teaching Craft Course Section DividersPrimarily Aimed at Teaching Delivery in Brick-and- Teaching Craft CourseMortar Classroom and On-Campus Faculty Professor’s SyllabusEngagement Job Seeking Class SyllabusDemonstrated course design, generated a philosophy of teaching,explored potential transformative learning models and discussed Teaching Example, Handoutsfaculty obligations and roles in the Academy (private and publicsettings). and Lesson PlansIntegrated instruction on educational pedagogy topics and Bloom’s Student Evaluationstaxonomy; including methodologies, syllabi creation, grading /evaluation / rubrics, classroom management, instructional planning Annotated Bibliographyand assessment development.Also distinguished between adult and traditional student developmentthrough reviewing developmental appropriateness, learning theory,multiple intelligences, and related.Articulated effective and ineffective teaching, plus engaged in “difficultstudent” (irate, confrontive, unprepared and rebellious) role plays.