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The Muskoka Foundation Overview


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"Use what you know, to do good as you go."

The Muskoka Foundation helps overland travelers to make a difference in the communities they're visiting, through volunteer and training programs.

This presentation explains how the foundation works, what our mission is and how you can get involved.

Published in: Travel, Education, Business
  • If you are planning an Overland Trip, and our volunteer programs sound attractive to you, please contact us at: and Get Involved...

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The Muskoka Foundation Overview

  1. 1. Travelers’ Introduction
  2. 2. OUR MISSION:To create a lasting Net Positive Impact ("NPI")in developing communities around the world,by inspiring and equipping a network ofoverland travelers to:"Do Good As They Go”training • development • cross-cultural relationships
  3. 3. HOW IT WORKS:experiencedtravelersMuskokavillagesRwandaCambodiaMexicoMuskoka Foundationprovides:workshop curriculadonated materialsnetwork infrastructurepairing with local partners
  4. 4. we enable our travelers to become“Change Makers”leveraging past experiences:teachers, entrepreneurs, doctors, consultants“Use what you know to make a difference where you go.”training • development • cross-cultural relationships
  5. 5. THE MUSKOKA VILLAGES:Each Muskoka Village has been hand picked, based on the following criteria:• Must be in a developing community• Must have an existing local partner (eg: School, Orphanage, MicroFinance Insitution)• Must be in direct contact with us, via an internal point person (i.e. – no 3rd parties)• Must be willing / interested to accept Muskoka Travelers & 1 week workshops• Must be within a one-day drive of a known overland travel destination
  6. 6. Art/PhotographyEducationMarketAccessBusinessone week on-site workshops within the community Photography workshop and digital camera kits for youths Create photo exhibitions and sales (exposure & income for kids) Builds self-confidence and provides a creative outlet for children in difficultsituations to have self-expression Technology training on laptops, connectivity; class management and supportonline, links to classrooms in other cultures Engaging, relevant courses and ideas: drama, arts & science workshops Business training course taught to entrepreneurs to build business skills Encourage business growth and job growth Establish mentor relationships & connect entrepreneurs tocapital, inspiring leaders and ideas Support local crafts people to put their works on-line for global market sales Training provided in cataloging, product descriptions, product tailoring,distribution, taking orders and paymentsChildrenCommunities&AdultsCulture Preserve local culture using new media Record music and provide online sales platform through Net Impact Music(100% of all sales and copyrights goes to musicians) Transcribe local languages and customs to post on Wikipedia / other sitesSports Train coaches on how to start popular sport training, e.g. soccer Provide donated sports equipmentSAMPLE PROGRAMSFor a complete list of Muskoka Programs, please
  7. 7. SOME OF OUR TRAVELERSRoseann and Jonathan Hanson Roseann is founder of Conserventures – Producers of Overland Expo Jonathan is Executive Editor of Overland Journal They are the authors of dozens of books including Skill and Knowledge forOutdoors, Nature Almanac & 50 Common Reptiles Executive directors of The African Conservation Fundview more profiles online
  8. 8. Doug and Stephanie Hackney• Traveled to over 40 countries together “exploring the world and meeting its people”traveling by bike, sailboat and their custom built Fuso BEV• Doug has written award winning books including How the World Works andThe Next Name• Background in business, entrepreneurship, event planning, and public speaking• Creators of the “Giving Images” photography programSOME OF OUR TRAVELERSview more profiles online
  9. 9. Gary & Monika Wescott They have traveled all over the globe over the past 36 years in several iterations oftheir special overland truck, known as the “Turtle Expedition” Background in education, journalism, automotive equipment, and photography Combining a sense of wonder, respect and ability to build relationships hasallowed them to become personally involved in many of the communities they visitSOME OF OUR TRAVELERSview more profiles online
  10. 10. OUR VIEW OF SUCCESS Listen to communities ideas about theirtraining needs and workshops tounderstand what would be truly useful Create and deploy workshops withsignificant input from the communities Match communities with high calibertravelers that can train with understandingand heart Measurable results from adultprograms through economicdevelopment & job creation More engaged & optimistic childrenfrom youth programs On-going relationships and contactsthat improve the outlook andprospects for individuals in thecommunities Constructive feedback fromcommunities on workshops andtravelers to facilitate better matchingThe Journey: The Destination:While we are constantly striving to have a Net Positive Impact on the villages we visit,we measure our level of success in two ways:
  11. 11. FRINGE vision, is to not just build a charity; but rather a networkof like-minded philanthropic travelers, who share their ideas,plans & passions with each other and the villages they visit.• Private „travelers-only‟ website with discussions, calendars, maps• Annual fireside gathering of the travelers somewhere on the planet• Negotiated discounts & benefits from foundation sponsors
  12. 12. START YOUR JOURNEYWe are actively seekingnew travelers interested inDoing Good around the world.• If you are planning a trip in the next24 months, talk to us about whichvillages might fit your route.• If you have a friend already „on theroad‟ please introduce them to us.• If you have contact with a greatschool, charity or volunteer program,let us know & we‟ll try to includethem as one of our local partners.
  13. 13. All rights reserved – © 2009, The Muskoka FoundationThe Muskoka Foundation is a privatelyfunded, non-partisan, secular 501(c)3registered charity in the United States.For further information, please contact:Alice Gugelevtel: +1(650)888-1283Alice @