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PREVIEW - DoGoodAsYouGo Anthology Book


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Short preview of the DoGoodAsYouGo inaugural anthology, made entirely with images from our volunteer workshops. They have been taken by the youth and our partners in communities around the world, together they create a celebration of hope and life.

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PREVIEW - DoGoodAsYouGo Anthology Book

  1. 1. “If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.” Aboriginal Saying
  2. 2. Let´s go on a Shadow Hunt! Emerging Young Artists! “I often thought about the shadows around us always. Sometimes they frightened me because I didn’t know what was there. But after we took pictures of the shadows, I like to imagine what might be there or I simply investigate it!” Maite, age 15. Guanajuato The following galleries sections of the Do Good as You Anthology divide the chapters that feature the volunteering efforts that have occurred in each region. Each gallery section is a collection of photography created by the youth from around the globe, and they are organized by theme and not region or country. So the images you see in these pages were all created by amazing young photographers that have participated in Do Good As You Go Photography workshops!
  3. 3. “I’d like to think that just the simple fact of being able to interact with people from every corner of the world and totally different cultures is already something that will certainly enrich the minds and souls of the youth, as much the same way they will enrich ours.” Peppo Centro Esperanza mexico Guanajuato and Oaxaca In Mexico, our volunteers have the pleasure of working with two wonderful organizations in two of the most beautiful and interesting cities in the country. Guanajuato is known for its role in the founding history of Mexico, as well as for the silver mining, and of course the mummies! Oaxaca is known for its large and very present indigenous population that preserves a strong PreHispanic culture in the midst of Spanish colonial architecture. In Guanajuato, Do Good As You Go partners with local organization Colectivo T.A.N. 473, an organization dedicated to arts-based after school programming for at-risk youth living in group homes and community building projects in marginalized neighborhoods. In Oaxaca, we are proud to work with Oaxaca Street Children Grassroots and Casa Esperanza that work to provide schooling and basic health and wellness to almost 300 families living in the surrounding areas of the city. Our volunteers have organized multiple photography workshops that span various techniques and concepts. Together with several volunteers, a new program is taking shape called the Global Citizenship Program. Do Good As You Go was also very excited and proud to partner with the Maya Rally to carry out a large group volunteer project that created great relationships and change! The Maya Rally is a multi-week, multi-national, expedition scavenger hunt and challenge course. This unique crew of overlanders were given the option to volunteer with Do Good As You Go in Mexico before the Maya Rally scavenger hunt to waive their entrance fees. Five teams took this challenge and arrived early to work as one giant team to tackle an amazing renovation and community building project over the course of five short days. 11
  4. 4. “I never thought of taking photos of the place that I live: my house and my neighborhood. In La Venada before the photo workshop there was a lot of fighting but now we are coexisting more peacefully. The workshop taught us to not fight. Now we feel more united.” “This workshop changed who I am from the inside a little bit. I always thought of taking pictures, but I never had a chance until this workshop.” Yosseline, age 10 Maite, age 13 Photography On-site In Guanajuato, the youth of La Venada found beauty in their neighborhood, when previously they only could see the vandalism and the signs of struggle. By seeking graphic elements like shadow and color, they ended the workshop with a newfound pride of their surroundings. Through the eyes of youth in Guanajuato and Oaxaca… We have been honored to share new perspectives on life, culture, architecture, relationship and community with young photographers in these two great Mexican cities. The youth of Guanajuato & Oaxaca learned from experts about the architectural history of both spaces and then embarked on an adventure to share the beauty they find in their cities everyday! “I have a passion for photography. My mission…to share the same passion, get the kids involved and help them to expand and use their creativity in a positive way.” Peppo,Volunteer Coordinator Centro Esperanza 12 13
  5. 5. “In the future I would like to continue with photography as a profesional. But I want to be a teacher for little children. They are people who are still noble and without malice.” Miriam, age 15 After multiple workshops the Oaxaca youth photographers curated a collective exhibition. We believe that this group is worthy of a show at many a gallery. Their street photography, nature photography and architectural work has blown us away every time! “I am used to capturing moments in a photograph to later remember them, despite my age I still like dreaming.” Alma, age 16 This year, two students from Oaxaca have taken on the extra special challenge to help start a collective blog! With their images and written work, Alma and Miriam have produced a wonderful collection of work that is inspiring our youth in other locations to join the effort! To see their work visit: 14 15
  6. 6. “Go into the world and do well, but more importantly, Go out into the world and do good.” Minor Myers Jr.
  7. 7.