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Weekly news

  1. 1. WEEKLY NEWS (15/11-21/11) • Prabhjot Kaur
  2. 2. China emerging as player in global arms trade • China is emerging as a competitor in the international arms market , offering increasingly sophisticated fighter jets , missiles and equipment that are beginning to rival Russia and other longtime exporters. • With the same low-cost strategy that worked for toys and electronics, Chinese firms are targeting cost-conscious customers, albeit in an industry still dominated by the United States, Russia, France and Britain.
  3. 3. European IT services firms see little 2011 growth • European IT services providers will return at best to only tiny growth next year as companies and governments keep a tight lid on spending. • There are no large IT outsourcing deals on offer, and while companies continue to look for smaller deals, pricing pressure on these is intense, IT services company executives told an investor conference in Spain.
  4. 4. Facebook messaging poses risks for users: Tech watchdog • Facebook's new online messaging service makes users of the social networking site more vulnerable to identity theft by cybercriminals, computer security firm Sophos warned. • It urged users to be aware of the security risks before signing up for Facebook's next-generation online messaging service that blends online chat, text messages and other real-time conversation tools with traditional email. • Sophos noted that fraudsters are increasingly using hacked Facebook accounts to send spam messages -- compared with traditional emails -- because they are more likely to be opened by recipients lured to think the messages came from friends.
  5. 5. Anshu Jain's CEO challenge gets tougher • Germany’s flagship lender faces months of implementing new rules in an investment banking environment where risk-taking is increasingly difficult, causing some senior figures to question whether Jain is the natural choice for the top job. • Though Ackermann retires in 2013, the bank’s selection process is in train and Deutsche may choose to appoint a new CEO shortly after it completes Phase IV of its management agenda which targets €10 billion in pretax profit in 2011. • Senior Deutsche Bank executives and members of the supervisory board- the body tasked with selecting the next CEO of Germany’s flagship bank- signal it’s not a foregone conclusion that Jain will get the job. • The captain of the ship needs to give a direction and detect icebergs, but he doesn’t have to row the boat,” a member of the supervisory board said, indicating that a candidate who generates a lot of Deutsche’s business may not necessarily be best suited to head the Frankfurt-based lender.
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