How to Create QR Codes using Kaywa


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How to Create QR Codes using Kaywa

  1. 1. How to Sign Up andCreate QR Codesat Kaywa by: Jaysarie Chee-Gundran The Evolving Virtual Assistant
  2. 2. What are QR Codes?● QR is short for Quick Response which originated from Japan● They are used to take a piece of information from a transitory media and put it in to your cell phone.● Once in your cellphone, it gives details about the business, such as URL or a coupon
  3. 3. How does the cell phone readthe code?● Through a QR code reader where you can easily find and install in your iPhone or Android phone.● You can install the QR code reader provided in
  4. 4. Add them to any print advertising, flyers,posters, invites, TV ads etc containing:● Product details● Contact details● Offer details● Event details● Competition details● A coupon● Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn● A link to your YouTube video
  5. 5. Before you can create aQR Code at Kaywa, you must first sign up.
  6. 6. Type in your address bar
  7. 7. Like this
  8. 8. This will appear
  9. 9. Click Start Now to register
  10. 10. This will appear
  11. 11. There are options onhow to register or create your own account.
  12. 12. For this tutorial, letsregister or create anaccount using Kaywa
  13. 13. Click the Green Button with the word Kaywa
  14. 14. This will appear
  15. 15. Fill up the required fields
  16. 16. Click Sign Up
  17. 17. This will appear
  18. 18. Fill up the required fields
  19. 19. Click Get Started
  20. 20. This will appear
  21. 21. Open your emailaccount you registered and look for theverification link sent by Kaywa
  22. 22. Open the email sent by Kaywa
  23. 23. Click the verification link
  24. 24. A new tab will open containing your newlycreated Kaywa account
  25. 25. Great Job!You can now startcreating QR Codes
  26. 26. Let us now create a QR Code for a URL
  27. 27. For the sake of thistutorial, will be using the URL of my VA blog
  28. 28. Let us go back to the newly registered account we made
  29. 29. Enter the URL addresson the field provided to generate QR Codes
  30. 30. Click the Green buttonwith the word "Generate DYNAMIC"
  31. 31. This will appear
  32. 32. Cheers!We just made our very first QR Code
  33. 33. You can make QR Codes for: Text Phone Number SMS Contact
  34. 34. Now Your TURN tomake your own QR Codes
  35. 35. Congratulations!You just learn a newskill useful in Mobile Marketing
  36. 36. Want to learn more skills on becoming an effective Virtual Assistant?
  37. 37. Visit my blog atwww.theevolvingvirtualassistant.