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Summer training project report 1

  1. 1. 142875-104775 Summer internship program Report on the Brand awareness Submitted to:-Prof. Ansuman Dani Submitted by:-Jay Prakash Roll no. 9160 <br /> <br /> Certificates<br />Authentication certificate<br />This is to certify that the Internship Project, titled “____________________________” is a bonafide work carried out by me at ___________________________________________ . The matter embodied in this report has not been submitted earlier for award of any degree or diploma to the best of my knowledge and belief.<br />Signature of the Intern<br />Jai Prakash Singh<br />Date<br />Training organization’s certificate<br />This is to certify that the Internship Project, titled “______________________” done by Mr.s/Ms __________________________ is a bonafide work carried out by him/her at _____________________________ under my guidance. The matter embodied in this report has not been submitted earlier for award of any degree or diploma to the best of my knowledge and belief.<br />Signature of the InternSignature of the Guide<br />Jay Prakash Singh Designation<br />Date<br />3. Faculty guide’s certificate<br />This is to certify that the Internship Project, titled “______________________” submitted by Mr/Ms __________________________ is a bonafide work carried out by him/her at _____________________________ under my guidance. The matter embodied in this report has not been submitted earlier for award of any degree or diploma to the best of my knowledge and belief.<br />I recommend its submission for evaluation.<br />Signature of the InternSignature of the Faculty Guide<br />Jay Prakash Singh <br />Date<br />Acknowledgement<br /> I feel proud in expressing reflective sense of gratitude to my project guide Mr. Aniket who is H.R. manager of R&D, Who has kindly provided the chance to work at the admired field of the service market. His guidance, constant encouragement and inspiration where instrumental in the completion of this research he always allowed me to influence upon his precious time and ensured his kindness with ideas.<br />I am also giving thanks to Prof. Parikshit vaid (Internal Guide)GIBM, who has sincerely supported us with the valuable insights into the completion of this project. I am grateful to all faculty members of GIBM. <br /> <br /> <br /> Executive Summary<br /> <br /> Company : MIDC and R&D<br /> Service : Directory<br /> Area : PANVEL,WADALA(MUMBAI) <br /> <br />Executive training is nothing but a on the job training in these sessions we have to perform the actual job that we are learn in the books, we have to implement the knowledge in the job. Executive training gives the exposes us for implication of theoretical knowledge into actual practical like work under pressure, perceptions of customer & customer satisfaction. It is way to understand the actual market for the company. Executive training gives us an opportunity to develop our skills, our personality.<br /> <br /> INTRODUCTION<br /> <br /> CARPORATE NAME : MIDC and R&D<br /> <br />CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER : Mr. Rahul Amruthkar<br /> INDUSTRY : Directory<br />LOCATION :panvel,wadala(Mumbai)<br /> <br /> INTRODUCTION<br />Industry scenario<br />Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation(MIDC) is a project of the Government of Maharashtra State in India, and is the leading corporation of Maharashtra. It provides businesses with infrastructure such as land (open plot or built-up spaces), roads, water supply, drainage facilities and street lights.<br />After the formation of Maharashtra State on May 1, 1960, the Government of Maharashtra constituted a "Board of Industrial Development" (BID) on October 1, 1960, under the Chairmanship of Shri. S. G. Barve, I.C.S. The various committees recommendations received in the industries department were taken up for implementation and as per the Borkar Committee's recommendations, development of Ulhas Valley Water Supply was entrusted to the Board of Industrial Development (BID). The BID framed the legislation and it was introduced before the state legislation and passed in the form of "Maharashtra Industrial Act" which gave birth to MIDC, as a separate corporation on August 1, 1962. A small ceremony at Wagle Estate Thane, under the Chairmanship of the Chief Minister Shri Y.B. Chavan, marked the birthday of MIDC on August 1, 1962<br />The key historical policy decisions taken by MIDC certainly changed the socioeconomic scenario of the state as its activities spread in the interior. The important policy decision of setting up "independent filtered, potable water supply system of adequate capacity" as essential infrastructure for industry.<br /> It established the population base near the industrial areas. The strategic wise decision taken simultaneously to provide water supply to nearby domestic population from the capabilities created by MIDC of their own water supply system resulted in phenomenal urban growth in the nearby small towns and villages. <br />The growth of  Kalyan complex and Pimpri-Chinchwad are results of this key policy decision taken by MIDC. Up to date 229 industrial areas are developed by MIDC in State of Maharashtra on 53120 Hectors of land. With the experience of 45 years MIDC observed that certain industries are required to be provided some specialized facilities. For the growth of such industries and accordingly specialized parks / industrial clusters are developed with specialized infrastructure facilities.<br /> In this way IT & BT Parks, Wine Parks, Textile Parks, Chemical Zones, Food Parks, Leather Park, Floriculture Park and Electronic Zone etc. are developed by MIDC. Considering the International standard facilities required to attract multinational companies, five star industrial areas are developed by MIDC at 9 locations in the State of Maharashtra.<br /> Considering the export potential of the various products specifically delineated duty free enclave which is to be deemed to be foreign territory for the purpose of trade operations and duties and traffics special economic zones are being developed by MIDC to provide hassle free environment for exporters. Maharashtra got overwhelming 74 Special Economic Zone approvals from the Government of India which is leading at No.1 position compare to other states in India. <br />The planned and systematic industrial development in the State of Maharashtra has continuously placed Maharashtra at No.1 position in India for the highest productivity, economics performance, business efficiency, government efficiency, infrastructures and overall competitiveness.<br /> As per the World Competitiveness Report 2006 Maharashtra ranks 37, ahead of South Korea, South Africa, Philippines, Greece, Brazil, Italy, Russia & Indonesia. In the Maharashtra State MIDC has demarcated 57650 No. of plots and allotted 48701 No. of plots to the entrepreneurs. There are total 28918 No. of industries in production. MIDC has provided the water supply scheme of total 2240.83 MLD capacity and water consumption is 1314.73 MLD in the MIDC areas in the State of Maharashtra. MIDC has provided water supply pipelines of 3238.60 K.M. lengths to cater the water supply demand of the industries in Maharashtra. Total roads of 2422.82 K.M. lengths are constructed by MIDC for providing good quality approach to the industries. The development expenditure of Rs.3096.75 Crores is incurred for the various infrastructure works by MIDC. The annual revenue generated from the water supply is Rs.432.00 Crores.<br />Organization profile<br />Economic sectors<br />MIDC has developed specialized parks based on sectors such as:<br />Automobiles and Auto Components<br />Biotechnology<br />Consumer Durables<br />Chemicals<br />Engineering<br />Electronics Hardware<br />Information Technology<br />Petrochemicals<br />Pharmaceuticals<br />Transportation<br />Textile<br />Wine<br />Locations<br />MIDC areas are spread all over the state of Maharashtra. The MIDC started in 1962 with Wagle estate, Thane as its first industrial Area.<br />MIDC's major Industrial Areas are at:<br />TTC (Trans Thane Creek) near Thane & Navi Mumbai<br />Pimpri-Chinchwad near Pune<br />Butibori near Nagpur<br />Sangli-Miraj<br />Latur Latur<br />Waluj near Aurangabad<br />Satpur Ambad near Nashik<br /> <br />MIDC's major IT Parks are at:<br />Airoli Knowledge Park, Navi Mumbai<br />Millennium Business Park, Navi Mumbai<br />Samruddhi Venture Park, Mumbai<br />Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park, Hinjawadi, Pune<br />Sangli Infotech Park, Sangli<br />Latur Infotech Park, Latur<br />MIDC Wine Parks:<br />Krishna Valley Wine Park, Palus near Sangli<br />Wine Park, Nashik<br />Organization structure<br />Regional Locations<br />The properties like plot, built-up sheds and built-up warehouses are leased out by MIDC for industrial, commercial or residential purposes. The allotment can be done at regional offices located at 12 locations across the state:<br />Mumbai Region<br />Thane (<br />Mahape (<br />Mahad (<br />Ratnagiri (<br />Pune Region<br />Pune<br />Shirwal<br />Pimpri chichwad<br />Nashik Region<br />Nashik<br />Dhule<br />Jalgaon<br />Sangli Region<br />Sangli-Miraj<br />Solapur<br />Krishna Valley Wine Park, Palus<br />Islampur<br />Pandharpur<br />Kolhapur Region<br />Kolhapur<br />Satara<br />Aurangabad Region<br />Aurangabad<br />Jalna<br />Latur Region<br />Latur<br />Osmanabad<br />Nagpur Region<br />Nagpur<br />Amravati<br />Activities<br />The MIDC has been declared as an agent of the state government for carrying out activities within the framework of the MID Act and the MID Rules. These activities are in three broad categories:<br />Acquisition and disposal of land.<br />Provision of infrastructure facilities.<br />Providing services — supply of potable water from MIDC's own water treatment plants, maintaining roads, street lights, drainage lines etc<br />Achievements<br />Built 225 industrial complexes with 1,300,000 acres (5,300 km2) of land<br />Developed specialized parks for different industrial sectors, including IT, BT, wine (grape processing) Park, Silver Zone, gems and jewellery, textiles, leather, chemical industry, electronics, food processing, floriculture etc.<br />Elaborate network of industrial & domestic water supply, total quantity supplied 1285 MLD.<br />Proposed Pune International Airport<br />A brand new Pune International Airport for Pune metropolitan region has been on the horizon for a long time, and the Government of Maharashtra has entrusted the responsibility to MIDC for executing the Pune International Airport project. The airport would replace the existing Pune Airport. The current area under consideration is the area between Chakan and Rajgurunagar, namely around the villages of Chandus and Shiroli both situated at a distance of 40 km from Pune along the Pune — Nashik National highway (NH-50). MIDC is conducting surveys and completing other formalities to get the required permissions to start executing the project.<br /> About R&D(reference and directory)<br /> Founded by – Mr. Rahul Amruther (CEO) Company name Samarth<br /> <br />Established year 2000<br />First edition in the market year 2003<br /> <br />A joint venture with Maharashtra govt. for publishing official directory.<br />Exclusively working for Maharashtra govt.<br /> PROBLEM DEFINITION<br /> <br />Find the awareness level of the customer of our brand.<br />Satisfaction in relation to call from other companies.<br />What type of promotion vehicles use for MIDC and R&D. <br />What is the potential market of the MIDC and R&D<br />Quality of Information provided by the R&D<br />Overall quality of services<br />Satisfaction in relation to problem was solved<br /> <br /> Objective of the Project:<br /> <br />Comparative Analysis for Directory industries.<br /> -Awareness of customer.<br /> -Requirement of customer.<br /> -Potential market of customer.<br /> -Customer Satisfaction <br />.Set up Industrial Areas for planned and systematic industrial development.<br /> . To function as a special planning authority in development of industrial areas.<br /> ."Prosperity to all through Industrialization" is the corporate philosophy of MIDC.<br /> <br /> Objective of the study<br /> <br /> Comparative analysis for directories in relation to other competitors<br />Offerd by MIDC and R&D.<br /> .Awareness of MIDC and R&D.<br /> . Potential market of MIDC and R&D.<br />. To get the actual market knowledge as working in a company.<br />. To file our selling skills and convincing skills<br />As tagline suggest bringing together buyer and seller. <br />Increase the profits of both buyer and seller.<br />Recall of CSR of the companies.<br />Improve the industrial areas.<br />.To implement the theoretical base into actual work.<br />.To have the knowledge of the work pressure<br />.To have direct exposure to the execution functions of organization<br />.To have the knowledge about organizational culture, organizational pressure & complexity in achieving the desired results and targets<br /> DESCRIPTION OF PROJECT<br />SCOPE<br /><ul><li>To create awareness among the non-users retailers of MIDC and R&D.
  2. 2. To convert the prospective retailers to become loyal retailers of MIDC and R&D.</li></ul> <br />Competitors of R&D<br />Info media 18<br />Times yellow pages<br />MID(Maharashtra industrial directory)<br />Just Dail<br />C & I<br /> <br />SWOT ANALYSIS<br />Strength -;<br />1-We have a Public Private Partnership which is in between MIDC and R&D.<br /> <br />2-First mover advantage which no one have this kind of collaboration<br /> 3-First mover advantage <br /> <br />Weakness-;<br /><ul><li>1-awareness is very less in MIDC areas
  3. 3. 2-relationship management is very poor of the employees of the R&D</li></ul>Opportunity;<br /> 1-potential in the Print media.<br /> <br /> 2- very big market and the competitor is very less. <br />Threats;<br />1-existing competitors<br />2-me too brands like MID.<br /> FINDINGS AND RECOMMENDATION:<br /> Findings:<br />By the analysis and interaction with the corporate world from midc and non-midc areas I found that people are more excited to find this kind of tie-up with the midc and r&d in the field of directory. But only 50% people from these industries knows about this kind of collaboration. Therefore the result that those people who know and those who don’t know they gives a positive response about this. <br />Because no other directory companies have this kind of advantage means the tie up with MIDC.So the companies has a first mover advantage. The data show that maximum users are satisfied with the response of the other companies.<br />It is notable that some of the users are dissatisfied with the response of the other corporate companies. A majority of the users find the services good while some find them at average.<br />The most of the users are satisfied with this directory.<br />Over all response from the corporate sector is satisfied.<br />Over all mind-set of the customer is positive with MIDC and R&D.<br /> Recommendations:<br />1. MIDC and R&D needs to improve awareness of the customer in relation. Some customer has no information about MIDC and R&D which is very useful for him. <br />2. Another problem with the customer is he thinks that it is costly which must be erasing from his mind. <br />5. Regular visit of employee from midc and non-midc areas is much needed for familiar with these people.<br />6. Create more and more brand awareness.<br />7. Also catch our old customer those who are not satisfy from the directory.<br /> Suggestions<br />1) Company should improve the Advertisement of R&D in MIDC and non-MIDC areas. <br />2) During interaction with the people we must show the other regions directory free of cost to this people.<br />3) Take extra concentration on showing the directory to this people.<br />5) Regular visit is must require to the old customer. <br /> 6) Send regular mail to these people who are related to MIDC and NON-MIDC areas.<br /> <br /> <br /> Conclusion<br />In summer internship program (SIP), I met more than 300 managers, proprietors, and decision makers of the different-different companies of MIDC and NON-MIDC areas of the companies.<br />I increased my corporate interaction in these two months, which helps my personality to improve in the front of the business leader.<br />I learned there how companies manage the things and how they remove the optimum result from the minimum resource. I also learned there how much pressure on the employees to complete their target within the time limit. <br />