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Infrastructure in 6 slides - The New Reality


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This presentation shares the key points from the Infrastructure theme in The New Reality online report about digital transformation for non-profit organisations.

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Infrastructure in 6 slides - The New Reality

  1. 1. HOW THE NEW REALITY AFFECTS: Infrastructure In 6 slides
  2. 2. The age of big, corporate IT is over. #1
  3. 3. We need to change the relationship that organisations have with infrastructure technology to one that is: •  Built on understanding not myths •  Sustainable •  Invisible (and therefore painless) #2
  4. 4. We need technology leadership that: •  Is up to speed with modern technology •  Offers solutions not problems •  Loves to collaborate with other teams •  Can offer objective advice #3
  5. 5. We can start to replace legacy systems with technology that is modular and nimble (and often much cheaper). Organisations should get familiar with the rapidly growing range of options out there. #4
  6. 6. Moving to Cloud-based operations is probably a good idea. It facilitates: •  Scalability for growing organisations •  Flexibility for staff to work anywhere •  Up to date software #5
  7. 7. The best technologies are the ones that you stop noticing” Chris Thorn, Head of Digital, British Heart Foundation “ Credit: Riverap1
  8. 8. Thank you JulieDodd Insights taken from The New Reality digital transformation report: #NewReality