International Activities of the RCPsych - Dr Kandiah Sivakumar


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International Activities of the RCPsych - Dr Kandiah Sivakumar

  1. 1. International Activities of the RCPsychInternational Activities of the RCPsych Dr Kandiah SivakumarDr Kandiah Sivakumar Vice Chair of theVice Chair of the International Advisory CommitteeInternational Advisory Committee
  2. 2. International MembersInternational Members  The Royal College of Psychiatrists hasThe Royal College of Psychiatrists has 15, 659 Members15, 659 Members  2,651 of those Members live outside2,651 of those Members live outside the UKthe UK  International Members belong to oneInternational Members belong to one of the College’s 6 Internationalof the College’s 6 International DivisionsDivisions
  3. 3. International MembersInternational Members International Division Number of Members African Division 58 European Division 905 Middle East Division 126 Pan American Division 472 South Asian Division 176 West Pacific Division 914
  4. 4. International AdvisoryInternational Advisory Committee (IAC)Committee (IAC)  Established in 2009 to oversee allEstablished in 2009 to oversee all International Work of the CollegeInternational Work of the College  Chaired by the PresidentChaired by the President  19 Members including:19 Members including:  DeanDean  RegistrarRegistrar  Honorary TreasurerHonorary Treasurer  Chief ExecutiveChief Executive  Co-opted representatives from BIPA, BPPACo-opted representatives from BIPA, BPPA BAPA, and SLPA UKBAPA, and SLPA UK  IAC oversees work of the Iraq Sub CommitteeIAC oversees work of the Iraq Sub Committee
  5. 5. International Work ofInternational Work of the Collegethe College  Memorandums of UnderstandingMemorandums of Understanding (MoUs)(MoUs)  PolicyPolicy  Training/EducationTraining/Education  Volunteer ProgrammeVolunteer Programme  International PsychiatryInternational Psychiatry
  6. 6. MoUsMoUs  Purpose of MoUs is to recognise thePurpose of MoUs is to recognise the relationship between the tworelationship between the two organisations and enable easierorganisations and enable easier establishment ofestablishment of joint researchjoint research andand trainingtraining activities, charitableactivities, charitable projectsprojects,, exchange of informationexchange of information and jointand joint work that will lead to greaterwork that will lead to greater participation for both bodies in otherparticipation for both bodies in other psychiatric institutionspsychiatric institutions
  7. 7. MoUsMoUs  RCPsych has 17 signed MoUs and 4RCPsych has 17 signed MoUs and 4 approved MoUs are awaiting signatureapproved MoUs are awaiting signature  MoUs are held with a variety ofMoUs are held with a variety of organisations including:organisations including:  Iraq Ministry of HealthIraq Ministry of Health  Indian Psychiatric AssociationIndian Psychiatric Association  College of Physicians and Surgeons PakistanCollege of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan  Sri Lanka College of PsychiatrySri Lanka College of Psychiatry  European Psychiatric AssociationEuropean Psychiatric Association  Bangladesh Association of PsychiatristsBangladesh Association of Psychiatrists
  8. 8. PolicyPolicy  Meeting of Psychiatric AssociationsMeeting of Psychiatric Associations from Europe, April 2010from Europe, April 2010  2 day meeting of 15 Psychiatric2 day meeting of 15 Psychiatric Associations from Europe as well asAssociations from Europe as well as representatives from WHO to discussrepresentatives from WHO to discuss mental health policy in Europemental health policy in Europe  Sharing of Information rather thanSharing of Information rather than implementation of College standardsimplementation of College standards  Meetings with APA, WPA and RANZCP heldMeetings with APA, WPA and RANZCP held regularlyregularly  International Divisions share informationInternational Divisions share information locallylocally
  9. 9. Training and EducationTraining and Education  Changes at the local levelChanges at the local level  Iraq Sub Committee working with MinistryIraq Sub Committee working with Ministry of Health in Iraq and Kurdistan to makeof Health in Iraq and Kurdistan to make changes to training of trainees andchanges to training of trainees and trainers and standard setting in servicestrainers and standard setting in services  CPD onlineCPD online  Used by RANZCPUsed by RANZCP  Discussions underway with SpanishDiscussions underway with Spanish Psychiatric AssociationPsychiatric Association  Many other Trainers meetingsMany other Trainers meetings
  10. 10. Training and EducationTraining and Education Translation of MentalTranslation of Mental Health leaflets intoHealth leaflets into other languagesother languages
  11. 11. Volunteer ProgrammeVolunteer Programme  The scheme aims to facilitate contactThe scheme aims to facilitate contact between hospitals, clinics, projectsbetween hospitals, clinics, projects and communities in need ofand communities in need of psychiatric expertise and training,psychiatric expertise and training, and psychiatrists who are willing toand psychiatrists who are willing to offer their time and support.offer their time and support.  College database has details of overCollege database has details of over 120 Members who have registered as120 Members who have registered as volunteersvolunteers
  12. 12. Volunteer ProgrammeVolunteer Programme Recent placementsRecent placements  Solomon Islands withSolomon Islands with the WHO Pacificthe WHO Pacific Mental HealthMental Health NetworkNetwork Dr Ashok SinghDr Ashok Singh
  13. 13. Volunteer ProgrammeVolunteer Programme Recent placementsRecent placements  Ghana Out OfGhana Out Of ProgramProgram ExperienceExperience withwith ChallengesChallenges WorldwideWorldwide Dr Clive StantonDr Clive Stanton
  14. 14. International PsychiatryInternational Psychiatry  International PsychiatryInternational Psychiatry is producedis produced by the College to provide usefulby the College to provide useful information and links in global mentalinformation and links in global mental healthhealth  Regular features inRegular features in IPIP include:include:  EditorialsEditorials  ThematicThematic  Country ProfilesCountry Profiles  Special and Original PapersSpecial and Original Papers  Points of ViewPoints of View  News and NotesNews and Notes
  15. 15. International PsychiatryInternational Psychiatry  Frequency: QuarterlyFrequency: Quarterly  Circulation: 15,300 (including allCirculation: 15,300 (including all RCPsych members)RCPsych members)  Editor: Prof. Hamid Ghodse, ProfessorEditor: Prof. Hamid Ghodse, Professor of Psychiatry at St Georges,of Psychiatry at St Georges, University of LondonUniversity of London..
  16. 16. ROLE OF THE DIASPORA ORGANISATIONS  Tripartite relationship  Keeping College informed of initiatives  Help with local communities eg Reducing Stigma, well being initiatives/patient – public education, help with traditional methods  Overseas Trainees AoMRC MTI
  18. 18. Thank youThank you