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  1. 1. jay parkinson + md + mph @jayparkinson
  2. 2. 1 visit my site 2 see my google calendar 3 choose a time. tell me your symptoms 4 iPhone would alert me 5 house call 6 paypal
  3. 3. $1500 & 7 million hits
  4. 4. why did i do this?
  5. 5. DIY
  6. 6. i wanted to be an entrepreneur
  7. 7. patients should be the center
  8. 8. 1 hour a year with your doctor. 8,764 without.
  9. 9. uncoordinated unfocused inconsistent unmeasured inefficient perversely incented excessive expensive dangerous -george halvorson
  10. 10. healthcare needs a revolution
  11. 11. the experience & the affordability
  12. 12. i believe in simplicity
  13. 13. disruptive innovation
  14. 14. cheaper simpler “inferior” quality
  15. 15. more accessible to more people goes after the low hanging fruit smaller target markets simpler products not as attractive as the status quo
  16. 16. but a small market will value it
  17. 17. and it will eventually replace status quo
  18. 18. i believe in design
  19. 19. what is design?
  20. 20. the process that creates an ecosystem of networked products and services that takes something highly complex and makes it pleasantly simple.
  21. 21. an emotional identity
  22. 22. a physical space
  23. 23. an object
  24. 24. a virtual service
  25. 25. virtual support
  26. 26. physical support
  27. 27. creative, effective communication
  28. 28. all designed from the ground up to function as one pleasant whole experience
  29. 29. Date: 3/22/10 Starbucks Experience Map Eric - Repeat Customer Enriched Experience Purpose: To work/drink coffee Tasty drink Free Wi-Fi Good drink Flavorable Appropriate temperature Aroma Polite People watching Crowd conversation noise Ambience Quick, convenient Sofa chair is comfortable Good byes baseline Greeting Fake Audible Sensations Closing time Worrying Loud Factory line Impersonal Poached Experience Second guessing Blasting air conditioning Loud music Distracting Unwilling to try something new, risk Annoyed about closing time Repeating, not my taste Cold, drafty Feeling rushed Annoyed about where I sat Slightly crowded Back hurts Not large work spaces Not large work spaces Feedback Furniture not ideal for computer work Confusing Lack of personal space Lack of seating Inconsistent Unstructured Lack of outlets Uncomfortable wooden chairs Anticipate Enter Engage Exit Reflect Touchpoints Office Car Walk-In Line Order Pay Sit Drink Work Pack Up Walk Out Car 1.a Discussing 1.c Hoping 2.a Notice 3.a The wait- 4.a The Barista 5.a The barista 6.a Grab my 7.a The cub is 8.a I place my 8.f I enjoy the 9.a The barista 10.a I pack my 11.a I head to with team the to find a close that there are ing line occu- acknowledges tells me the drink and look hot, steaming, drink on the free wireless walks by me things up and my car and local places to parking spot. a couple of pies the main me with a total and I pay for a place to but withstand- table next me and the unlim- and makes an head out the wish that I grab a coffee. people in line. traffic way. smile. with my credit sit. ing in my and place my ited use. The announce- door. could have 1.d Hoping card. He asks hand. bag on the signal strength ment to the stayed longer 1.b Decid- Starbucks is 2.b Notice the 3.b The 4.b I can see me if I want 6.b I need, floor. is adequate. tore that it 10.b The re- to work. I ing to go to not overly narrow, con- menus across the menu bet- my receipt, I most im- 7.b Smells will be closing maining staff know that Starbucks and crowded and fined layout. the counter ter now, but I decline. portantly, an roasty and 8.b I remove 8.g The music shorty -10 pm. tell me to have once I get work on de- will have avail- are hard to feel rushed to outlet and a sweet. my computer is really both- a good night. home, I will be sign reports. able seating. 2.c Enjoy the read while in order a drink. 5.b My inter- workspace. and accesso- ering me. I put 9.b I would like in the wrong aroma of line. action ends 7.c First sip is ries and now my head- to continue mind state 4.c I feel 1.e Consider- roasted coffee with him say- 6.c I notice too hot, but am shifting my phones on and to work. I feel to continue forced to ing alternative and mixed 3.c The line ing thank you. that there are flavorful. I’m coffee to find play my mp3 10pm closing working. make a quick places just in sweet, robust moves slow, He doesn’t use only a few happy with room for all of songs. time is much beverage se- case.. smells. people who my name. locations in the taste and my things on too early, 11.b The cof- lection. I play it just ordered the seating ar- my choice. this little cof- 8.h The bat- especially in a fee was very 2.d The light- safe by having are still in the eas that have fee table. tery use on my college town. good, but I ing is pleasant, what I always 5.c Now I same area. outlets. This is 7.d The computer is a was disap- not overly get. move to the 8.c The table Becomes discouraging. continued concern now. 9.c I stand pointed in the bright and not left of where is too low to crowded. 4.d The baris- sips remain I will begin up and walk environment. too dim. i paid. Once work from ta confirms 6.d Most satisfying. looking for around until I Distracting again I feel there, so I 3.d The order- my selection places are another table find a hidden music, small 2.e The music crowded and place my ing process and asks my occupied. No to work at. trash can to workspace, seems ethnic, out of place. laptop in my seems too name to write outlets are throw my cup lack of power extended People are lap. My drink slow. Inconsis- on the cup. available. 8.i The air into. outlets. vocals, soft in walking by me. remains on tent structure conditioning style, volume There isn’t a the table, my of service. 4.e He writes 6.e The work- seems inten- too load and designated bag on the down my spaces seem tion. It’s cold but my taste. waiting ,sitting floor. name and small and outside and area. some code impractical. cold inside. I 2.f The room Most are just 8.d I’m feel- slip my jacket on the cup 5.d As I stand, climate seems have a small ing crowded. on. and hands it the drinker intentionally round wooden I have no off to another maker shouts cold. table with room to use 8.j I continually barista who finished orders will make it two wooden my wire- finding myself and places less mouse. I when he is chairs. people watch- them on a now use the finished with ing while I drink stand. surface of the other orders. 6.f I find an work. There He screams arm chair as empty reclined are interesting Grande Chai. my mouse cushioned people here, armchair. pad. Not very so I’m not too 5.e Confu-
  30. 30. healthcare was never designed
  31. 31. it just happened.
  32. 32. do pills and scalpels solve social problems?
  33. 33. are we meeting our nation’s health needs?
  34. 34. the processes revolve around profits...not patients nor their needs
  35. 35. supply creates demand
  36. 36. we’re good people stuck in a bad system
  37. 37. we need to rethink health
  38. 38. we need to rethink health needs
  39. 39. we need to redesign health around our needs
  40. 40. re-designing health it can (and will) be AWESOME
  41. 41. efficient communicative convenient focused secure virtual comfortable affordable social safe minimal incentivized empowered virtual
  42. 42. keep your eye on the periphery
  43. 43. disruptive innovations
  44. 44. an ecosystem is forming...
  45. 45. efficient
  46. 46. @futurewell
  47. 47. health buddy nurse nurse practitioner generalist specialist
  48. 48. help log out what’s wrong? choose an expert my profile You need to visit a gastroenterologist in the next 24 hours. Here are three excellent gastroenterologists near you. Sudhir Gadh, MD Cost of office visit: 105 Berry Street Brooklyn, NY 11211 917-712-3456 MAKE AN APPOINTMENT 110 130 170 Commonly Ordered Tests: Sean Khozin, MD 105 Berry Street Stool culture $35.00 Brooklyn, NY 11211 O & P $32.00 Fecal Occult Blood $21.00 917-712-3456 ESR $7.50 CRP $89.00 CBC $43.00 Calprotectin $145.00 MAKE AN APPOINTMENT pANCA $99.00 ASCA $215.00 Sigmoidoscopy $450.00 Catherine DeGood, MD Colonoscopy $350.00 Biopsy $250.00 105 Berry Street Brooklyn, NY 11211 917-712-3456 Commonly Prescribed Medications: Alprazolam $55.00 Atenolol $68.00 MAKE AN APPOINTMENT Levitra $67.00 Lisinopril $79.00 Synthroid $249.00 Fluoxetine $99.00
  49. 49. communicative
  50. 50. it will speak like a human
  51. 51. focused factories
  52. 52. 10% consumes 80% $
  53. 53. light users = an “apple like” health experience
  54. 54. heavy users = efficient, effective focused factories
  55. 55. a team of focused experts to deliver consistent, accurate, high quality results
  56. 56. diabetes clinics full of only diabetes experts CHF clinics full of only CHF experts depression clinics full of only depression experts etc
  57. 57. a virtual network
  58. 58. affordable
  59. 59. transparent
  60. 60. social sharers
  61. 61. safe
  62. 62. informed / empowered / connected
  63. 63. $4,000 + 20 hours of missed work
  64. 64. minimal
  65. 65. pleasant
  66. 66. personalized options
  67. 67. Which treatment should I have? High Dose Interleukin Pros Cons Connect with others on High Dose Interleukin?
  68. 68. personalized matches
  69. 69. the company that puts this all together into an affordable experience...
  70. 70. the “apple” of healthcare...
  71. 71. wins.
  72. 72. it will truly meet the needs of 85% of Americans...the light users
  73. 73. simple problems are much easier to solve.
  74. 74. solving simple problems elegantly will create an emotional attachment with your brand
  75. 75. it won’t include a lot of pills and scalpels.
  76. 76. it will be lifestyle specialists and acute care.
  77. 77. and an impeccably designed, elegant mix of physical and virtual processes that adds up to a pleasant experience people love
  78. 78. it’ll start small.
  79. 79. it won’t appeal to most doctors it won’t appeal to most patients
  80. 80. it can’t compete with breadth
  81. 81. but it will appeal to enough
  82. 82. and there are “enough” doctors and patients looking for a better experience
  83. 83. and it’ll be better than nothing