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  1. 1.           (India)     All  Season  
  2. 2.  Brief  overview   ü Established  in  1990  –  Over  22  years  experience  in  Hammock  Making   ü Self-­‐Owned  Manufacturing  faciliEes,    infrastructure  and  manpower  to   produce  very  large  QuanEEes  of  Hammocks,  Swings  and  Hammocks   stands,  Accessories.   ü Working  toward  renewing  ISO-­‐9001  cerEficaEon.       ü Well  experienced  in  working  under  Social  and  product  compliance   Norms.   ü Separate  Quality  Control  Department,    Design  Team  and  Merchandizing   Team.              
  3. 3. Product wise Best Sellers – N. America Rope  Hammocks,  27%   Single  Layer   Hammocks,  14%   Quilted  Hammocks,   23%   Basket  Weave   Hammocks,  12%   Rope  Swings,  9%   Hammock  Stands,  15%   Sales  %   Rope  Hammocks   Single  Layer  Hammocks   Quilted  Hammocks   Basket  Weave  Hammocks   Rope  Swings   Hammock  Stands  
  4. 4. Comparison of Prices N. American Retailers Vs. Target   Lowes   Meijer   Home   Depot   Our  Price   Rope  Hammock   US$  109.99     US$  92.00   US$  139.99   -­‐   US$  69.99   Large  Fabric   Hammock  –   Olefin   US$  134.99   US$  135.00   US$  149.99   -­‐   US$  59.99   Large  Fabric   Hammock  -­‐   Polyester   -­‐   -­‐   -­‐   -­‐   US$  29.99   Quilted     Hammock   US$  154.99   -­‐   US$  131.99   US$  179.00   US$  70.99   Basket  weave   Hammock   -­‐   US$  158.00   -­‐   -­‐   US$  121.97   Rope  Swing   US$  44.99   US$  49.00   US$  42.99   US$  59.00   US$  32.99   Hammock   Stand   US$  179.09   US$  217.95   US$  175.99   US$  179.99   12P  US$  65.99   15P  US$  77.62  
  5. 5. New Products to consider Ø Solution dyed Polyester Rope Hammock Ø Single Layer Cotton Fabric Hammock Ø Single Layer Olefin Fabric Hammock Ø Basket weave Hammock – Light Green, Dark Brown, Khaki Ø Cotton Rope Hammock with Pillow Ø COMBO – Quilted Hammock on 12 ft stand Ø COMBO – Soft side Cotton Rope Hammock on 12 ft Stand Ø Wooden Arc Stand – 15 ft
  6. 6. Solution Dyed Polyester Rope Hammock The Ropes are made from Solution Dyed Yarn. This process make the Ropes highly fade and weather Resistant. Choice of colors. Large and Luxurious. Bed size : 55” x 82” Hardwood spreader Bars Pillow can be included if required.
  7. 7. Single Layer Cotton Fabric Hammock These are very popular in Europe and Canada being a very “French” Country We thought that a large luxurious Cotton Fabric Hammock in nice European Colors Could be a good addition to the existing Product range. The Hammock comes in Bed Size 55”x87”
  8. 8. Single Layer Olefin Fabric Hammock Olefin Fabric is made from Solution dyed PP Yarn. Therefore This makes the product highly Durable, fade resistant and resistant to weather.
  9. 9. Basket Weave Hammock Light Green Chocolate Brown Khaki Beige The Basket weave Hammock is a luxurious products and commands a premium. Though it is a part of the Existing range, it was felt that if the Customers are offered additional colors It will be a value addition on this very premium product.
  10. 10. Cotton rope Hammock with Pillow A Pillow added to the existing Double Rope Hammock will Give something new, to the Customers. Small changes and Additions should make customer Feel that your store is offering something New each time. The Pillow size is 29”x 8 1/2” and can be made of foam and flat (as shown in the picture) or we can offer a Nice tubular Poly fiber filled Pillow.
  11. 11. COMBO – Quilted Hammock on 12ft stand The Single size quilted Hammock is a unique product and would be a great introduction Into the market. The Hammock and stand come as As combo Set and compact packed In a Box that fits into the boot of most Sedan size cars. Bed Size 42” x 82”(Overall 144”) Pillow (28” x 13”) Highly recommend this product.
  12. 12. COMBO – Soft side Cotton Rope Hammock on 12ft stand A nice compactly packed set of a Padded Single size Rope Hammock With a 12 feet stand will give the customer a exiting new Product to look forward to. The soft pads at either end and the perimeter with grommets gives a very premium look and feel to the product. The Hammock looks very different from the ones that exist in the market this in itself could be a big value add in range.
  13. 13. 15’Wooden Arc Stand This hammock stand is a very trendy product made from hard Larch wood. The wood will be certified FSC Wood. The Wooden components come Packed in 2 Boxes and easy to Assemble with a pictorial assembly Instruction sheet.
  14. 14. SlackJacks Views Rich expertise has been quite successful in the category of Hammocks, Rope Swings and Stands. We would like to suggest : § An introduction of Olefin fabric hammock (Richer and longer life) § A Combo Hammock cum Stand (Value for Money) § A Wooden stand (Catering Niche Customers) § We also have proposed Cotton fabric hammock, with summer colors and a soft side hammock with pads on either sides. § Its also felt adding a Pillow to the existing large rope hammock, made out of foam or fiber would be a good compliment to this long standing SKU.