Mead Johnson BTL Strategy


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A BTL Communications Strategy for Mead Johnson

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Mead Johnson BTL Strategy

  1. 1. Giving our children the best start in life A Below-the-line Creative Strategy byCopyright © 2011 SideFX / Jay Abeyratne
  2. 2. Our Brief / The Challenge Mead Johnson has been a world leader in infant nutrition for over a century. All this time, they have kept the promise of providing nothing but the very best nutritional supplements to help our children grow stronger and healthier at every stage of their development. Our challenge is to develop an integrated below-the-line communications strategy for the brands Enfakid A+ and EnfaMama A+.Copyright © 2011 SideFX / Jay Abeyratne
  3. 3. The Products As an expecting mother, you want what’s best During your child’s growing years, he for your baby. You realise good nutrition is is exposed to various stimulations. important to support your pregnancy and These help his brain cells establish developing baby and later, throughout and strengthen communication with breastfeeding as well. Which is why EnfaMama each other, which supports learning.A+ is formulated to help support your nutritional needs during these crucial periods. Enfakid A+ is formulated with More than 4 times DHA*and new TripleEnfaMama A+ provides important nutrients like Protection Guard DHA and Choline. DHA is found in breast milk. Copyright © 2011 SideFX / Jay Abeyratne
  4. 4. The Target Market • Mead Johnson’s primary target market is purely the parents of infants and children who relies a lot in the food safety and the quality of the products. • Demographics (25 to 45, F, social class ABC, married/single-parent) • Lifestyle (working professionals, busy, not stay at home) • Behavior (500 gms & up, at least 3x a day, daily, food safety and quality product)Copyright © 2011 SideFX / Jay Abeyratne
  5. 5. Communication Objectives • Generate awareness and interest in both brands • Secure top-of-mind recall • Differentiate the brands from their competitors • Initiate trial and generate repeated purchaseCopyright © 2011 SideFX / Jay Abeyratne
  6. 6. BTL Communication Strategy An integrated BTL approach deploying all cost-effective means to deliver the message to the target consumer. The Big Idea: Healthy Children Learn More Kids Play Area Branding at Kindergartens and selected Primary Schools/Events/Offers/Sponsorships, sampling etc.Copyright © 2011 SideFX / Jay Abeyratne
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  11. 11. Copyright © 2011 SideFX / Jay Abeyratne Kids Height Meters To be distributed in kindergartens, primary schools and as a free gift when you buy the product.
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  13. 13. More Great Ideas… • Sponsoring kindergarten play material & School Record Books Have colourful page separators, fun tips for children and have the back cover to be branded by Enfamama & Enfakid brands. • Monthly promotions at kindergartens Child care awareness and nutrition programmes to the mother and child sponsored by Enfamama & Enfakid brands. Monthly expert pediatrician visits and sessions sponsored by Enfamama & Enfakid brands with free samples give-aways. • Sponsoring Kindergarten events Such as Avurudu celebrations, Christmas carols, kiddies Game shows in high profile kindergartens and primary schools in Colombo. • Outdoor Branding at Kindergartens, Primary Schools, Kids sports complexes etc.Copyright © 2011 SideFX / Jay Abeyratne
  14. 14. More Great Ideas… • Sponsored sections in magazines Create dedicated Enfamama and Enfakid sections in magazines like HI, Esteem, Lanka Woman etc., to share experiences, talk about child care and nutrition facts, Create sampling of Enfamama and Enfakid brands. • Inserts in magazines Exploit opportunities for promotional inserts in hi-profile magazines like HI, Esteem, Lanka Woman etc. • Cinema Sampling Sampling of mini trial packs with tickets to kiddies and family movies, together with cinema advertising.Copyright © 2011 SideFX / Jay Abeyratne
  15. 15. Let’s do it..! Our approach to a brand building differs from the usual. Instead of pushing big budgets, here we are attempting to work with the client, stage by stage, thrashing out each idea before we could finally arrive at a comprehensive strategy that both the client and agency could be happy with. We need to work out budget definitions, date plans, work executions and tighten creative out put. But before we do just that, we’d like for us to agree on direction.Copyright © 2011 SideFX / Jay Abeyratne