Business Conference
	 7 |	 SUNDAY
	 10 |	 SPEAKERS
	 44 |	 PARTNERS
	 45 | 	CREDITS &
| Entrepreneurial CEOs
| Business Owners
| Heads of Corporate Social
| Designers
| M...
covel grand ballroom
| 8:00am - 08:45am
covel grand ballroom
Registration &
Organic Breakfast
| ...
MIKE FLYNN  As co-founder and COO of
Opportunity Green, Mike Flynn is the quintessential,
young green entrepreneur working...
Michela O’Connor Abrams  is the
President and Publisher of Dwell, an award-winning
design and lifesty...
Senior Global VP of 
Purchasing, Distribution 
and Marketing, Whole 
Foods Market
MARK ALT  is president of ...
14 1515 SPEAKERS
Cher Chronis  is a creative and strategic market-
ing communications executive who has built and led
To find out which Patagonia clothes are recyclable
through our Common Threads Recycling Program,
18 1919 SPEAKERS
Mark DwightRickshaw Bagworks is the San
Francisco-based manufacturer of messenger bags, com-
puter carryi...
20 2121 SPEAKERS
Jonathan Greenblatt  is a senior advisor
to the X-PRIZE Foundation, a former vice president
of Starbucks ...
The Newman Group
Robert Newman
Vice President
Wealth Advisor
(213) 553-3336
Merryll McEl...
24 2525 SPEAKERS
Chris Henn   has more than 20 years of insur-
ance industry experience. Chris leads Esurance’s insur-
26 2727 SPEAKERS
Amy Leventhal  Amy’s been a writer for over
15 years—marrying the art of strategy and story as a
means of...
Earth Friend...
30 3131 SPEAKERS
Scott Mattoon  serves on the Board of
Directors of Architecture for Humanity, sponsor of the
Open Archite...
32 3333 SPEAKERS
Matt Petersen  joined Global Green USA in 1994.
He serves on the Council of Green Cross International, an...
What’s the easiest
way to move a rock?
Find out at the EDG booth
and enter to win a Kindle
(e-reader) by Amazon.
36 3737 SPEAKERS
Cynthia Ruiz  Environmentalist and commu-
nity activist Cynthia M. Ruiz joined the Board of Public
Works ...
38 3939 SPEAKERS
TOM SZAKY  Tom Szaky is co-founder and Chief
Executive Officer of TerraCycle, Inc., producer of the
product line:
DESIGN | This Book Was Design By Enrique Barrios With Copy & Editing By Julie Hayes.
Opportunity ...
Opportunity Green inspires a collaborative culture of new
thinking and unconventional ideas that pushes change in
sponsored by
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Opportunity Green 2008 Conference Program


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Opportunity Green 2008 Conference Program

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Opportunity Green 2008 Conference Program

  1. 1. Business Conference
  2. 2. 3 OPPORTUNITY GREEN Welcome AGENDA 6 | SATURDAY 7 | SUNDAY 10 | SPEAKERS 44 | PARTNERS 45 | CREDITS & THANKS 46 | MANIFESTO We’re glad you chose to join us for the Second Annual Opportunity Green Conference here at UCLA. Over the past year it has been exciting to hear stories of people who met through Opportunity Green and ended up doing business together. Companies got financed, people got hired and attendees left inspired that they could take their companies to the next level in sustainability, while being profitable. This is a new year and a new conference but the goal of BEING GREEN + BEING PROFITABLE is still the main objective. Even in this unpredictable economic climate, sustainable business and design practices are gaining momentum like never before. More and more companies are clearly seeing the value, savings and competitive advantage gained by employing sustainable practices in their daily operations. Consumers are becoming more savvy and demanding more local, sustainable, innovative products that deliver high value. But only as long as they’re at the right price! The opportunity and challenge of transforming our economy into a model of sustainability lies with us. If we lead by building products and services that are both good for the environment and highly profitable, others will follow. We extend tremendous thanks to our speakers, hosts, sponsors, partners, volunteers and board of directors for their time, energy, support and for raising the bar in our quest to think big, offer more and continually improve. We would also like to graciously thank the Anderson School of Management the Harold and Pauline Price Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, the UCLA Sustainable Resource Center and UCLA Catering for hosting our dream and supporting our mission and our growth. And to you, our participants, we thank you for you attendance, your thoughts, and your entrepreneurial energy. We hope that you accomplish every goal you’ve set for yourself in attending Opportunity Green 2008. Sincerely, Karen Solomon + Mike Flynn | BEING GREEN + BEING PROFITABLE Welcome
  3. 3. 5 OPPORTUNITY GREEN | Entrepreneurial CEOs | Business Owners | Heads of Corporate Social responsibility | Designers | MBA/MS/PhD-level graduate students | Bloggers | University Officials, Academics + Educators | Non-Profits | Investors | Venture Capitalists | Environmental Officers | Marketing/PR Executives | Engineers | Policy Makers/Government Officials Opportunity Green Attracts: Dear Conference Participants: Welcome to the 2008 Opportunity Green Conference. We are delighted to host this forum where students and professionals can share ideas on how businesses can address the triple bottom line of financial, environmental and social performance. Sustainability for a business or university is a cross-functional issue. In addition to world-class education and research on sustainability, UCLA is addressing our own footprint through a variety of initiatives in energy, waste management, transportation, housing, and other areas. As a result of efficiency measures and retrofits, we use less energy per square foot than we did ten years ago. UCLA’s award-winning transportation program saves 1.9 million vehicle trips per year through ride share, subsidized bus passes and other measures available to students, faculty and staff. To build a sustainable future, we must work across disciplines and create partnerships between the public and private sectors. UCLA’s Leaders in Sustainability graduate program enables students from management, policy, planning, law, engineering, and other areas to tackle issues of sustainability and gain the skills they need to be leaders in their fields. As part of the program, students work on projects for local businesses and agencies. The UCLA Center on Corporate Environmental Performance builds bridges between academia and business through cross-disciplinary research, educational programs, and ground-breaking collaboration. By tackling the challenge of climate change together, we can build a sustainable future for everyone. I commend your interest in this issue and hope you enjoy your time at UCLA. Sincerely, Gene D. Block Chancellor University of California, Los Angeles Welcome From The UCLA Office of the Chancellor
  4. 4. 7 AGENDA MORNING SESSIONS covel grand ballroom | 8:00am - 08:45am covel grand ballroom Registration & Organic Breakfast | 8:45am - 9:00am covel grand ballroom Welcome & Introdution Karen Solomon & Mike Flynn, Co-Founders, Opportunity Green | Boise and Annabelle | Gene Block | Nurit Katz | 9:05am - 10:25am covel grand ballroom Keynotes | Colin Finlay - Cause & Effect | Stephanie Ryan - A Paradigm for Consistent Success in Sustainable | Rick Ridgeway - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly | 10:25am - 10:45am Networking and Organic Refreshment Break | 10:45am - 11:30am covel grand ballroom Keynotes | Jane Savage - The Considered Program: A Model for Continuous Assessment and Improvement | Tim Cole - Moving Forward with Product Standards | 11:30am - 11:40pm Greening and Conversation SPEAKERS | Marina Mintz | 11:40am - 12:15pm How will the Recession Impact the Green Economy SPEAKERS | Russ Walker | Matt Kahn | 12:15pm - 1:15pm Organic Lunch CONCURRENT BREAKOUT SESSIONS covel grand ballroom | 1:15pm - 2:05pm TRACK ONE | ---------------------------------------- covel grand ballroom What’s Hot What’s Not What’s Next: The Latest Trends in Sustainability MODERAtOR |Grace Hawthorne | Tom Szaky | Marc Alt | Zem Joaquin | Mark Dwight TRACK TWO | ---------------------------------------- north west auditorium Designing Sustainable Mobility: How are we getting there? MODERATOR |David Stokols | Howard Levine | Mary Nickerson | Robert Davis | 2:05pm - 2:25pm Organic Refreshment Break CONCURRENT BREAKOUT SESSIONS covel grand ballroom | 2:30pm - 3:15pm TRACK ONE | --------------------------------------- covel grand ballroom Case Study - Green Branding of Pangea Organics by IDEO | Joshua Onysko | Amy Leventhal TRACK TWO | -------------------------------------- north west auditorium Getting Funded and What to Invest In | Adeo Ressi | Andy Funk | 3:15pm - 3:30pm Organic Refreshment Break CONCURRENT BREAKOUT SESSIONS covel grand ballroom | 3:30pm - 4:15pm TRACK ONE | ------------------------------------------ covel grand ballroom Media Matters in a Sustainable World MODERATOR | Michela O’Connor Abrams | Jonathan Greenblatt | Bruce Brandfon TRACK TWO | ------------------------------------------ north west auditorium Interactive Clean Technology Investment Panel MODERATOR | Sylvia K. Burks | Gayle Pergamit | Adeo Ressi | Andy Funk | 4:15pm - 4:30pm Organic Refreshment Break | 4:30pm - 5:00pm Day One Closing CLOSING KEYNOtE | Josh Dorfman | 5:15pm - 8:00pm Being Green + Being Profitable After-Party (Open Bar) AGENDA DAY ONE MORNING SESSIONS covel grand ballroom | 8:00am - 9:30am Organic Breakfast | 9:30am - 9:40am covel grand ballroom Morning Introdution Boise + Annabelle Mike Flynn + Karen Solomon Bill Moses, Chairman of Opportunity Green | 9:40am - 10:40am covel grand ballroom | Matt Peterson | Charles Zimmerman | 10:45am - 11:30am covel grand ballroom Corporate Leaders in Sustainability MODERATOR | Jonathan Greenblatt | Michael Besancon | Rick Ridgeway CONCURRENT PANEL AND IN-DEPTH WORKSHOPS covel grand ballroom | 11:45am - 12:25pm TRACK ONE | ------------------------------------------ covel grand ballroom Effective Strategies for Waste | Paul Ligon | Brian Allenby | Cynthia Ruiz TRACK TWO | ------------------------------------------ covel breakout Workshop: Nuts to Butter: a Sustainable Design Exercise | Heidrun Mumper-Drumm | 12:30pm - 1:15pm Lunch CONCURRENT PANEL AND IN-DEPTH WORKSHOPS covel grand ballroom | 1:20pm - 2:00pm TRACK ONE | ------------------------------------------ covel breakout Business Case for Sustainability | Chris Henn | Cher Chronis | Tom Feegel | Josh Dorfman TRACK TWO | ------------------------------------------ northwest auditorium Open Source Design WORKSHOP LEADERS | Marc Alt | Scott Mattoon | Peter Falt TRACK THREE | ------------------------------------------ covel breakout Workshop: Communicating the Benefits of Green to a Client WORKSHOP LEADERS | John Roberts | D’nae Kingsley | 2:00pm - 2:20pm Break CONCURRENT PANEL AND IN-DEPTH WORKSHOPS covel grand ballroom | 2:20pm - 3:05pm TRACK ONE | ------------------------------------------ covel grand ballroom Best Practices in Green Social Media WORKSHOP LEADER | Michael Leifer | Ben Black | Rob Reed AGENDA DAY TWO | Ryan Scott TRACK TWO | ------------------------------------------ northwest auditorium Big Ideas, Inspiring Solutions | Al Seckel | Thomas Hall CLOSING KEYNOTE SPEAKER covel grand ballroom | 3:05pm CLOSING SPEAKER | Greg Owsley
  5. 5. MIKE FLYNN  As co-founder and COO of Opportunity Green, Mike Flynn is the quintessential, young green entrepreneur working hard to remove “mutually exclusive” from the outdated attitude in business toward social responsibility and profitability. Opportunity Green 2007 put together a sold-out green business conference for 500+ attendees that featured keynotes like Kevin Wall from Live Earth; inspir- ing, educating, and connecting a business community towards an environmentally sustainability. Mike is also the co-creator of Feral Green ( a four person humanitarian/ecological adventure and surf trip from Newport Beach, CA to the Southern tip of South America, all in a vegetable oil burning 4x4 truck, educating and promoting alternative fuels and ecologi- cal conservation throughout Latin America. Mike holds a BS, Cum Laude in Mechanical Engineering from UCLA and will be attending the 2009 TED conference, where some of the most talented and influential leaders in business, technology and design collaborate advance environmental sustainability. Co-founder and COO Opportunity Green Karen Solomon  Karen Solomon launched Opportunity Green with partner Michael Flynn, in 2007 for the purpose of leading the advancement of sustainable entrepreneurship, raising awareness of the importance of the triple bottom line and building strategic partner- ships between thought leaders, business owners and The Next Generation. The initial success of Opportunity Green has already created an educational and networking plat- form that continues to grow beyond the conference level to include salons, marketing events, eco-retreats and in the near future, the Opportunity Green Resource Center and Road Show, connecting the leaders of sustainability with the Greenest Generation at colleges and Universities across the country. Karen’s extensive background in poli- tics, international sales, marketing, media, technology and project management for companies such as DataDirect Networks, Women In Technology and Wales Ltd (Israel) has provided her with the tools to create something that could really make a difference. Karen is a graduate of Rutgers College (BA), Rutgers University. CO-FOUNDER AND CEO OPPORTUNITY GREEN FOUNDERS BILL MOSES  has crafted a green sustainable life that merges both the sustainability of business/com- merce with home. Currently, he owns and operates Casa Barranca Retreat Center & Winery in Ojai, California, a fully sustainable eco-retreat that hosts green businesses such as Patagonia as well yoga and mediation retreats. Casa Barranca Winery is the first certified organic win- ery and vineyard in California’s Central and Southern Coast. Prior to this, Bill worked in New York with Bear Stearns & Co. and subsequently was a Managing Partner and Investment Banker for Axiom Capital. He was also CEO and Founder of Capital Formation Group, Inc. angel investor; founder, casa barranca organic winery + eco retreat BEING GREEN + BEING PROFITABLE | BEING GREEN + BEING PROFITABLE
  6. 6. 11 SPEAKERS SPEAKERS Michela O’Connor Abrams  is the President and Publisher of Dwell, an award-winning design and lifestyle media company. In 2006, Dwell hit the coveted Adweek HotList as well as the Advertising Age A-List, and was a Cappell’s Circulation Top Ten Performer for the second consecutive year. In 2005, Ms. O’Connor Abrams helped lead Dwell to the General Excellence honor at the National Magazine Awards and was the Sales Leader of the Year for Media Industry News. Prior to Dwell, Ms. O’Connor Abrams was the President of Imagine Medias Business Division, includ- ing the flagship publication Business 2.0. With over 20 years of experience, she has held executive positions at IDG, Ziff-Davis and McGraw-Hill, served on the Board of Magazine Publishers of Americas Independent Magazine Advisory Group, is an Operating Partner at Meriturn Partners, and holds advisory roles at GOOD Magazine, AdPerk and Enclave Rising. President + Publisher, Dwell Manager of Operations & Education, Reverb Brian Allenby  oversees print and web media and marketing for Reverb, in addition to managing day-to-day operations that include tours, events and industry relations. Reverb is a 501(c)(3) non-profit environmental organization founded by Guster guitar- ist/vocalist Adam Gardner and his environmentalist wife, Lauren Sullivan with the purpose of educating and engaging musicians and their fans to promote environ- mental sustainability. Reverb has coordinated greening programs for the likes of Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Bonnie Raitt and Sheryl Crow and has worked with Warner Music Group, Live Nation, Wolf Trap and other industry organizations. Prior to joining Reverb, Brian worked in both the music and environmental fields. After graduating from American University in Washington DC, he promoted and pro- ducing concerts from Charlottesville, VA to Vermont and then transitioned to the environmental pursuits by working for NativeEnergy, a national leader in the renewable energy and carbon offset market.
  7. 7. 1313 SPEAKERS Senior Global VP of Purchasing, Distribution and Marketing, Whole Foods Market MARK ALT  is president of Marc Alt + Partners, a design, research and brand strategy agency dedicated to sustainable innovation. Current clients include MINI USA, Bloomberg LP, The Green Electronics Council, The Consumer Electronics Association, and Lippincott Mercer. As an advocate of business transformation, Marc develops conferences that attract the leading minds in the fields of sustainable development, corpo- rate social responsibility and innovation. In 2006, Marc developed Grow, the first conference dedicated to the intersection of design, sustainability and commerce, and in 2008 he launched Greener Gadgets, a confer- ence exploring the challenges, possibilities and trends in the greening of the $170 billion consumer electronics industry. Marc serves on the advisory board of the The Designers Accord and is founding co-chair of the AIGA Center for Sustainable Design. chancellor of UCLA Michael Besancon  Entrepreneur and envi- ronmental advocate, Michael Besancon, has spent most of his career in the business of providing natural and organic foods to a population craving a healthier lifestyle. In 1970 he built, owned and operated Follow Your Heart Natural Foods, where he developed a line of vegan products that are still sold in natural food stores throughout the nation today. He joined Whole Foods Market in 1994 as Director of Purchasing in the Southern Pacific Region and now chairs Whole Foods Market’s National Green Mission Task Force, which has lead the Company towards the 2006 purchase of renew- able energy credits from wind farms to offset 100% of the electricity used in all of its U.S. offices, stores and facilities. This was the largest wind energy credit pur- chase in the history of North America and made Whole Foods Market the only Fortune 500 Company to do so. BEN BLACK  is the co-founder of New Cycle Capital, a venture capital firm focused on investing in businesses that promote The Sustainable Economy. Black was previ- ously on the investment teams at Maveron, a consumer- focused venture capital firm founded by Howard Schultz, the Chairman of Starbucks, and Rosewood Capital, a consumer-focused private equity firm. He has been inte- gral to investments that include two Inc. 500 award win- ners, Allconnect and, and also Internet REIT, OnRequest Images, Citizenhawk and SneakerVilla. As an entrepreneur, Black was VP of Corporate Development for a team that transformed Harris Interactive into the lead- ing internet-based market research firm, culminating into a successful IPO and now generates more than $250M in revenue. Black is an attorney and worked at Latham & Watkins after clerking on the Federal Court of Appeals for the First Circuit in 1997. Black earned both his Bachelors of Arts and his Juris Doctor degrees at Cornell University. GENE BLOCK  Dr. Gene Block became chancellor of UCLA on August 1, 2007, taking the helm of a world- class institution comprising 37,000 students and 27,000 faculty and staff, with an annual budget of $3.8 billion. As chief executive officer, he oversees all aspects of the university’s three-part mission of education, research and service. A champion of public universities, Chancellor Block has called for UCLA to deepen its engagement with Los Angeles, a city that offers a microcosm of the global community, and to increase access for students from underrepresented populations. A native New Yorker, Chancellor Block holds a bachelor’s degree in psychol- ogy from Stanford University and a master’s and Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Oregon. He completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford, studying with Colin Pittendrigh, “the father of biological timing,” and Donald Kennedy, who later served as president of Stanford. Chancellor Block and his wife, Carol, have two children. President, Marc ALt + Partners General Partner & Co-founder New Cycle Capital Vice President and Publisher, Scientific American Bruce Brandfon  led Scientific American to a revitalized position in the marketplace, with ad pages and revenues up more than 100%. He created solid reposition- ing for the magazine as a must-read for ambitious leaders in public policy, business, science, and finance. He super- vised global sales and marketing and developed a close working relationship with the Editor and Chief. Bruce formed joint ventures with other media partners includ- ing Forbes and The Financial Times, initiated Conference and Seminar franchise development. Expanded SA offer- ings via Special Sections internationally and in the US and restructured the compensation plan to motivate perfor- mance. He launched SciAm Mind magazine in 2005 and Earth 3.0 in 2008.
  8. 8. 14 1515 SPEAKERS Cher Chronis  is a creative and strategic market- ing communications executive who has built and led numerous successful results-driven marketing programs over the past 20 years. She has extensive experience working directly with top executives, investors and the media. Her core strength as a marketing professional is the depth and breadth of experience on both the client and agency sides. She has done everything from brand marketing and public relations, to business development and investor relations, for a wide range of companies. Cher Chronis joined ASUS in 2007 as the Director of Marketing Communications for North America, specifi- cally to extend the company’s brand identity and edu- cate consumers of its innovations, and design expertise. In addition, she is responsible for consumer related co-marketing and co-branding business development opportunities, charitable donations and green focused initiatives. Tim Cole  has been in the flooring industry since 1970 and with Forbo for the past 18 years, with respon- sibilities ranging from Technical Rep to Sales Manager to Director overseeing the Technical, Marketing and Customer Service in North America and Product Innovation Manager throughout Europe. Tim is responsible for environmental initiatives and product development and is an international PR representative of the Flooring Environment Group and the editorial team for Archidea. He is the on the Executive Committee and Board of Directors for the US Green Building Council and the Alliance for Sustainable Built Environments, a member of the USGBC Governance Committee, Chair of the USGBC Ethics Panel, Vice-Chairman of the ASTM Resilient Flooring Committee, a member of the ISO Flooring Committee, the ASTM and ISO Sustainable Building Committees and spends his extra time presenting at various conferences on sustainability issues. Josh Dorfman  Josh Dorfman is the creator, producer, and host The Lazy Environmentalist, the envi- ronmental radio talk show airing live daily on Lime Radio on Sirius Satellite (Channel 114). His book, The Lazy Environmentalist: Your Guide To Easy, Stylish, Green Living, was labeled by Dwell Magazine as “a guide to going green without resorting to Birkenstocks and brown rice casserole.” Josh is also the founder & CEO of Vivavi, provider of contemporary, eco-friendly furnishings at, Vivavi’s companion resource helping consumers find green homes and green building experts. Inc. Magazine has called Vivavi “one of the fifty most intriguing companies helping to drive today’s green revolution.” Josh is a spokesperson for the FilterForGood campaign, a partnership between Brita and Nalgene that encourages consumers to reduce their plastic water bottle waste. Josh has a BA from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from Thunderbird, The Garvin School of International Management. Sylvia K. Burks  Ms. Burks’ practice focuses on the representation of established and emerging tech- nology companies in the areas of corporate securities, mergers, acquisitions and strategic alliances, intel- lectual property matters, as well as general corporate representation. Ms. Burks’ particular focus is in han- dling cross-border transactions representing public and private companies based in Europe and Asia. Prior to joining Pillsbury, Ms. Burks was a partner at Coudert Brothers LLP in their Global Corporate practice. She has practiced law at the German firm of Boden Oppenhoff & Schneider (now Linklaters) in Cologne, and also in the Competition Directorate at the Commission of the European Union in Brussels. Ms. Burks is a frequent speaker on various topics including cross-border licens- ing and acquisitions, venture capital investment, and investment in companies in the life sciences sector. Partner, Pillsbury Win- throp Shaw Pittman LLP Director of Environmental Initia- tives and Product Development, Forbo Flooring Systems North America Robert Davis  was appointed senior vice presi- dent in 2005 and is responsible for vehicle research and development, manufacturing and product quality and future product plans for North America. He reports to Jim O’Sullivan, president and CEO for MNAO. Since joining Mazda in April 1990, he has held various key positions, including vice president of product strategy and development, regional general manager for Midwest Region and sales, marketing and dealer development for the Southeast and Northeast Regions.Prior to joining Mazda, Davis worked for Chrysler Motor Corporation in Atlanta, Ga., as district sales manager for the Atlanta zone. Davis earned his bachelor’s degree in finance from Clemson University in 1985, and his MBA from Georgia State University in 1989. Senior Vice President, Product Development and Quality Mazda North American Operations Host/Author, “The Lazy Environmentalist”; Founder & CEO, Vivavi Director of Marketing Communications ASUS Computer International
  9. 9. To find out which Patagonia clothes are recyclable through our Common Threads Recycling Program, visit, or call 800-638-6464. You can recycle more than you think C M Y CM MY CY CMY K GreenEvent_ASUSAd_300dpi.pdf 10/28/2008 4:18:44 PM
  10. 10. 18 1919 SPEAKERS Mark DwightRickshaw Bagworks is the San Francisco-based manufacturer of messenger bags, com- puter carrying cases, lifestyle luggage and accessories for the bicycle, outdoor and urban lifestyle specialty retail markets. Dwight was formerly CEO of Timbuk2 Designs, where he oversaw a financial turnaround and period of rapid growth, and then sold the company to private equity investors in 2005, which resulted in the locally-publicized distribution of $1.2 million to the company’s 40 factory employees. Dwight is a Bay Area native, with 20 years experience in high-technology and consumer marketing, product development, and manufacturing operations for the likes of Cisco Systems, Astro Studios, and Kensington. Dwight has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA, both from Stanford University and currently serves on the Board of Directors of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce and Mavericks Surf Ventures. Dwight lives in the SOMA district of San Francisco. Peter Falt  DesignworksUSA is BMW’s global advanced design center where 3rd party clients benefit from future knowledge, success oriented goals, and deep global resources. Peter is passionate about aligning busi- ness objectives with design, development, and communi- cation services to reach tough goals. “The ability to speed sustainably designed and well communicated products and services to market has both immediate and long- lasting benefits for everyone. Conversely, poorly designed and highly marketed “green-washed” products confuse the public and add to the overall problems of sustain- able understanding rather than supporting it.” Holding a BFA in Industrial Design, Peter has a history of sustain- able design and triple bottom line understanding includ- ing water purification, low-cost mobile chillers for local organic farmers, recycling systems, published work in Victor Papanek’s The Green Imperative, and good design award from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum. Tom Feegel  is the founder of environmental busi- ness strategy consulting firm, Brand Neutral. He has over 15 years experience leading successful management consulting firms, specializing in start up and entrepre- neurial ventures within large corporations, helping clients increase eco-efficiencies and capitalize on new media to create and sustain competitive advantage. Tom served Al Gore and Kevin Wall as the Chief of Staff for Live Earth, the worldwide concert events broadcast on 7-7-07, to raise awareness of the global climate crisis and to enlist citizens in lifestyle-based solutions. In 1993, Tom founded NetResponse, an award-winning interactive business strat- egy consulting firm that advised dozens of Fortune 500 companies on the strategy, development, and launch of their digital services and offerings. With over 120 consul- tants and industry experts, and offices in Washington, DC, New York City, and San Francisco, the firm helped develop several of the most successful early Internet brands, many of which still thrive today. Colin Finlay  is one of the world’s foremost docu- mentary photographers, covering a broad spectrum rang- ing from war to the environment. His photographs have been featured in Vanity Fair, TIME, U.S. News and World Report, American Photo, Los Angeles Magazine, Asia week, World Health Organization, UNICEF, Photographic Magazine, Communication Arts and Discovery. His work has been honored by the Lucie Award/IPA, POYi (Picture of the Year International), New York Art Directors, Photo District News (PDN), Applied Arts, International Center for Photography, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and he has been awarded the prestigious Picture of the Year International honor six times. He is the author of “Testify,” a collection of images from seventeen years of photo journalism around the globe, and “Darfur: Twenty Years of War and Genocide in Sudan.” which features eight world-renowned photographers and writers and was co- produced with Amnesty International and his non-profit organization, Proof. Founder and CEO, Rickshaw Bags Director of Strategic Partnering, BMW Group DesignWorks USA Documentary Photographer FOUNDER AND CEO, BRAND NEUTRAL
  11. 11. 20 2121 SPEAKERS Jonathan Greenblatt  is a senior advisor to the X-PRIZE Foundation, a former vice president of Starbucks Coffee Company and a board member of the Starbucks Foundation. He is now the co-founder of Ethos Water which will invest more than $10 mil- lion by 2010 in sustainable water programs that help children around the world get clean water. Acquired by Starbucks in 2005, Ethos is currently sold in more than 6,000 Starbucks locations and other premium retail outlets across North America. Greenblatt teaches social entrepreneurship at the Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA and previously served in the White House and Commerce Department. He is a direc- tor of the African Leadership Foundation and a member of the 2007 Class of Henry Crown Fellows of the Aspen Institute and the Pacific Council on International Policy. Greenblatt lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two sons and is an avid member of Red Sox Nation West. Annabelle Gurwitch   When Annabelle Gurwitch isn’t shrinking America’s ecological foot- prints as the host of Wa$ted!, she’s offering her unique brand of humor and perspective on politics, pop cul- ture and the environment for The Nation Magazine. com, NPR, and CNN Headline News. Annabelle is the national spokesperson for the Forest Ethics’ Do Not Mail Registry campaign to stop junk mail and her recent book and documentary film, “Fired! Tales of the Canned, Canceled, Downsized and Dismissed” was #1 on The New York Post Hot List and was called “hilarious” by The Nation Magazine, and “entertaining and slyly sub- versive” by Oprah Magazine. Besides her six-year stint on the cult favorite Dinner and a Movie for TBS, she’s hosted shows on ABC, HBO, Sci-Fi, The Style Channel, The Game Show Network. Annabelle attended NYU and lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Emmy-Award winning writer Jeff Kahn, and their ten year old son in a house lit (dimly) by CFLs. Andy Funk  Andy J. Funk is an accomplished entre- preneur turned venture capitalist. He embodies the Funk Ventures philosophy by combining his passion for busi- ness and investing with an altruistic vision. An entrepre- neur since age 18, Andy’s diverse accomplishments prior to age 24 include the establishment and sale of: Microdyme, (acquired by iBoost) (acquired by America Online,) Daily F1 (acquired by Total F1) Andy is the author of the chapter “Investing Today for a Better Tomorrow” in the book “VC: Best Practices” and is a frequent panelist and presenter for such events as the MIT Enterprise Forum, PWC MoneyTree Survey and many other industry forums and conferences. Andy has been featured on Forbes Radio, the Wall Street Journal, Financier Worldwide, the Los Angeles Business Journal and other notable publications. He resides with his wife Kristi M. Funk, a renowned breast cancer surgeon, in Santa Monica, California. CEO and Chairman Funk Ventures CEO, GOOD Worldwide INC. Actress, Author and Activist Director Los Angeles Community College District Thomas Hall  Tom Hall is Director of Facilities Planning and Development for the Los Angeles Community College District. The Los Angeles Community College District is presently implementing a $2.2 bil- lion construction and renovation program based on the principles of sustainability, making it one of the larg- est sustainable development programs in the world. Tom has received two Bachelor of Science Degrees, the first in Biology from Iowa State University and a second in Electronic Engineering from DeVry University. Tom also holds a Masters of Business Administration and an Education Specialist Degree in the Administration of Higher Education from the University of Central Missouri. Grace Hawthorne  ReadyMade is a design and lifestyle brand for Gen X/Y who value creativity and an independent approach to their material world through sustainability and reuse design. ReadyMade was launched in 2001 and sold to Meredith Corp. in 2006. Prior to ReadyMade, Hawthorne was a strate- gist for film, television, print, and new media compa- nies like Giant Robot, Inside, ICM, Trimark Pictures, Primedia, and Supercross. Hawthorne has been a board member of the University Art Museum, Humanities West, and SFMoMA’s Media Arts Council and is the co-author of the award winning book, ReadyMade: How to Make Almost Everything. Her artwork has been exhibited in the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum’s Triennial, the Institute of Contemporary Art Boston, and Contemporary Arts Museum Houston. Hawthorne is an art graduate of UC Berkeley, holds an MBA from the Anderson School of Business at UCLA, and an MFA from the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television. Co-founder and President/Publisher
  12. 12. The Newman Group Robert Newman Vice President Wealth Advisor (213) 553-3336 Merryll McElwain Financial Advisor (213) 553-3339 601 S. Figueroa 28th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90017 PINK CLOUD EVENTS PINKCLOUDEVENTS.COM Pink Cloud Events is the young, hip, green event production company featured on Planet Green, NPR, and Treehugger STYLE. SUBSTANCE. SUSTAINABILITY.
  13. 13. 24 2525 SPEAKERS Chris Henn   has more than 20 years of insur- ance industry experience. Chris leads Esurance’s insur- ance operations, corporate services, internal audit, and customer service operations. Chris drove the decision to build a claims fleet based on hybrid vehicles and has transformed Esurance’s acquisition of office supplies and equipment, transitioning towards more environmentally friendly products. Chris is also the executive sponsor of Esurance’s internal green steering committee. Zem Joaquin   Inspired and mentored by William McDonough and other environmental thinkers, Zem has developed a lens that makes it impossible to view products as she once did. Cradle to Cradle means that everything that comes from the earth (and even what doesn’t) should go back as a biological nutrient. She has always worked in design, whether it was as a critic or promoter and believes the time has come to reinvent the way we think about design. As a board member of Global Green, Healthy Child, Healthy World and Teens For Safe Cosmetics, Zem has access to the latest and greatest information about green innovations. She is certified by Builditgreen as a green building professional and studies both online and off line, exhaustively. She applies this knowledge in her eco-consultancy business, as green contributing editor at Domino Magazine, on television and radio spots and, most emphatically, on MATT KAHN  is a Professor at UCLA’s Institute of the Environment. He holds secondary appointments in the Department of Economics and the Department of Public Policy. He is a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research. Before joining the UCLA faculty in January 2007, he taught at the Fletcher School at Tufts University. He has also taught at Columbia, Harvard and Stanford. In 2006, the Brookings Institution Press published his book Green Cities: Urban Growth and the Environment. This book’s Chinese translation was pub- lished in 2008. In late 2008, Princeton University Press will publish his book Heroes and Cowards: The Social Face of War (joint with Dora L. Costa). His research focus is environmental and urban economics. He blogs on these subjects at His research webpage is Managing Director – Chief Operating Officer, Esurance Professor at UCLA’s Institute of the Environment Account Manager, AMCI, Automotive Marketing Consultants Inc. D’nae Kingsley   is the account lead on AMCI’s consumer work with Scion. In her previous role at AMCI, D’nae assisted in AMCI’s Strategic Planning prac- tice, where she worked in Brand Alliances, identifying and implementing successful lifestyle and media part- nerships for top automotive brands around the world. As a publicist at Manning Selvage & Lee, D’nae led press events, media campaigns and strategic partnerships for General Motors and Procter & Gamble. D’nae’s efforts withGM included Cadillac vehicle marketing and race division, Goodwrench consumer engagement and GM Environment & Energy strategy. D’nae’s efforts with Procter & Gamble included an award-winning influenc- er-based integrated marketing campaign. She led the integrated marketing efforts for Galpin Auto Sports and MTV’s “Pimp My Ride.” In this role, D’nae was integral to the highly praised “Pimp My Ride” Earth Day episode, which re-defined “green cars” to the Gen X/Y market. Founder/Editor In Chief, Ecofabulous Policy from the UCLA School of Public Affairs and is co-President of the Los Angeles Professional Chapter of Net Impact. Nurit Katz  is a sustainability professional focused on building multi-sector and interdisciplinary collabora- tion. She was recently hired to lead UCLA’s sustainability efforts as the university’s first Sustainability Coordinator, where she will foster partnerships among academic, research and operational departments to further cam- pus sustainability. Nurit founded the UCLA Sustainable Resource Center in 2005 to provide resources for the community on sustainability. As Director of the pro- gram, she hosted numerous educational events, served as President of the Graduate Students Association and helped develop the new interdisciplinary graduate cer- tificate program - Leaders in Sustainability. In 2008 she helped launch the new UCLA Center for Corporate Environmental Performance as well as the Los Angeles Expo Light Rail Line. Nurit holds an MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management and a Masters in Public Sustainability Coordinator, UCLA
  14. 14. 26 2727 SPEAKERS Amy Leventhal  Amy’s been a writer for over 15 years—marrying the art of strategy and story as a means of creating meaningful opportunities for con- nection. She has written about everything from electric cars and biodynamic wines to organic bodycare and luxury hotels, for world-class design firms and advertis- ing agencies including IDEO, SYP, Celery Design, GMO, Hill Holliday, Arnold Communications and Hal Riney & Partners. During that time, she’s had the privilege to work on some incredibly inspiring projects and spec- tacular brands. In a nutshell, Amy enjoys helping com- panies turn chaos in clarity, and is equally as inspired by the strategic side of things as she is the creative bits. This year, she had the pleasure to co-write two books with IDEO in their Eyes Open series of Field Guides for the Curious. Starting with New York and London, the series explores cities as a lens for design inspiration. Howard Levine  With a background in finance, cor- porate restructuring, intellectual property rights, business development and general business law, Howard conceived and developed the Venture Vehicles business plan after recognizing that the world would soon be entering a new era of personal mobility. In 2005, Howard discovered a proven and patented technology that provided dynamic stability to enclosed tilting three-wheel vehicles. Howard enlisted world-class strategic partners, closing the company’s first round of venture capital funding in 2007, launching the design and engineering phase of its development. Recent milestones include the passage of a bill by the California legislature granting enclosed three-wheel vehicles access to HOV lanes. Howard founded Comedy World, Inc. in 1999 and served as its General Counsel. Mr. Levine received a B.A. from Brooklyn College (C.U.N.Y.) and a law degree from the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. Paul Ligon  has 20 years of experience in the environmental field. He joined Waste Management’s Upstream division in 2003 and currently directs the strat- egy, engineering, and innovation team. Between 1990 and 2003, he was a senior consultant with the Tellus Institute, where he advised agencies and businesses on emerging best practices and policy in the environmental fields. His clients included the US Environmental Protection Agency, The United Nations, The Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, The California Integrated Waste Management Board, General Motors, ConAgra, Texas Instruments, and others. He has published or delivered more than 30 presentations and professional articles on business and sustainability, and is a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM). He has an MBA from Dartmouth College, where he founded the “Vermont Student Environmental Program” and Tuck’s “Business and Sustainability Initiative,” both of which continue to provide practical training and experience to students pur- suing careers in the environmental field. Michael Leifer  is a Cultural Anthropologist with an expertise in building and maintaining markets and social movements. He is the author of “Green Social Currency,” debuting in early 2009 and was a Founding Member of the UCLA World Arts and Cultures Major. Michael founded, a Non-Profit dedicated to addressing cancer patients, enrolled Erin Brockovitch and solidified partnership deals with, NBC / iVillage’s Healthology, Nexcura, Userplane, the US National Health Institute and the US National Cancer Institute. In 2000, Leifer established Guerilla PR, Inc. a non-traditional advertising agency special- izing in social media and influencer-based market- ing campaigns. Guerilla PR Won the Ad-Tech 2007 “Best Social Media Marketing Award” and works with Fortune 500 brands Coca-Cola, Nestle, Sony, Isuzu, Red Bull, Napster, Dwell and many others. Leifer recently sold Guerilla PR to Swirl, whose clients include the SF Giants, Oakland Raiders, Skype, PayPal, Jamba Juice and eBay Motors. Cultural Anthropolo- gist and Senior Vice President/Executive Director of Social Media, Swirl Strategic Storyteller Founder, COO & General Counsel, Venture Vehicles, Inc. Director, Waste Management
  15. 15. BEAUTY FASHION HOME KIDS LIFESTYLE TOURS OFFERING FRESH INFORMATIVE REVIEWS OF TODAY'S HOTTEST GREEN PRODUCTS Earth Friendly Products You’ve never seen green like this before. Plant-based Products that are Free of 1,4-Dioxane, Formaldehyde, Petrochemicals, GMOs, Phosphates, Chlorine and Ammonia. 100% biodegradable, pH neutral.
  16. 16. 30 3131 SPEAKERS Scott Mattoon  serves on the Board of Directors of Architecture for Humanity, sponsor of the Open Architecture Network. He is an active advocate for open source and sustainable business. He seeks to apply the principles of transparency, collaboration and shar- ing in his work as Chief Architect for Sun Microsystems’ Western U.S. Market. Scott is technical liaison for Sun to the TED community, and serves as lead systems archi- tect for Sun’s support of TED prize winners Cameron Sinclair, Neil Turok and Bill Clinton for their work in Africa. Scott’s career has spanned several leadership positions with companies helping to shape business and society on the Internet including, Live365. com, Cybersource, and NeXT. A glimpse of his sensibili- ties relating to open source and sustainable business are revealed on his downstream blog. Mary Nickerson  leads marketing strategy, development, and implementation for Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive, technology and environmental Toyota brand strategy, as well as external communications for Marketing. Previously, she led the Prius and RAV4 EV marketing programs as the national manager of Advanced Technology Vehicle Marketing. She joined Toyota in 1997 as national manager of procurement for the company’s North American Parts Operations. Prior to joining Toyota, she was the director of material opera- tions for Delco Defense Systems, and spent 20 years in management positions at General Motors’ Hughes Electronics. Nickerson earned her Master’s of Science degree in business administration from Claremont Graduate School, Peter F. Drucker School of Business in International Business. She earned her Bachelor’s of Science degree in finance at California State University Long Beach. She lives on a ranch in southern California, with her husband and two sons and enjoys growing organic wine grapes and avocados. Art Center faculty, Humanities + Design Sciences, Graphic Design Joshua Onysko  Founder and CEO Joshua Onysko’s commitment to social sustainability launched Pangea Organics six years ago. He envisioned an institute that would aid corporations in becoming more socially responsible and environmentally sound and heeded a friend’s out-of-the-box suggestion to make soap to fund the project. Forty-one products later, Pangea Organics is currently the largest U.S. cold-processed organic soap manufacturer—always organic, handcrafted, fair-trade (whenever possible) and cruelty-free, and never containing petrochemicals, parabens, GMOs or other synthetic or harmful ingredi- ents, Pangea’s ingredients begin to break down within 48 hours of use. A generous portion of profits support the Pangea Institute, a non-profit that researches and teaches sustainable living and business practices. Founder and CEO, Pangea Organics Greg Owsley  In his 13 years at the brand hub for New Belgium Brewing, Greg Owsley has grown along with the company from a homespun marketer to a position Dr. Douglas Holt coined as the “1st Cultural Branding Director in America.” During his tenure, the company New Belgium has blossomed from a 30,000 annual barrel microbrewery to the 3rd largest craft beer brewer in the country kicking out close to a 1/2 million barrels annually. From stag- ing events like the traveling bicycle carnival, Tour de Fat, to the Redefining Folly advertising/advocacy campaign, Owsley and the New Belgium team have created a style of branding that is as fermented with authenticity as it is dosed with quirkiness. In 2007, Brand Week, Advertising Age, Deliver, Beverage Industry and Communication Arts all recognized the brewery’s playful, yet sincere approach to sustainable branding. Gayle Pergamit  is cofounder and CEO of Agua Via. Ms. Pergamit has focused on business development in the disruptive technologies which have characterized the San Francisco Bay Area. Ms Pergamit cofounded AMiX, which pioneered the e-commerce business models which underlie E-Bay and Priceline. She taught analysis and communication skills at Stanford University Graduate School of Business, and has co-authored two books: one on the subject of nanotechnology co-written with Dr. K. Eric Drexler, founder of the field of nanotechnology, and Christine Peterson. Ms. Pergamit was previously named by the publication “Microtimes” as one of Silicon Valley’s Most Influential People. CHIEF BRANDING OFFICER, New Belgium Brewing Heidrun Mumper-Drumm  A graphic designer and letterpress printer, Heidrun Mumper- Drumm serves as adjunct associate professor in the Graphic Design and Humanities & Design Sciences departments at Art Center College of Design. Since 2003, her focus has been on the incorporation of sus- tainability principles into design education and the design process. Chief Architect of the U.S Western Region Sun Microsystems National Manager, Cross-Vehicle Hybrid Marketing, Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. CEO and Co-Founder, Agua Via LLC
  17. 17. 32 3333 SPEAKERS Matt Petersen  joined Global Green USA in 1994. He serves on the Council of Green Cross International, and is Chair of the GCI Energy and Resource Efficiency pro- gram. Petersen guides Global Green USA’s new programs, including water, energy, green power, climate change, and nuclear weapons. In the aftermath of the Gulf Coast hur- ricanes, Petersen mobilized resources to create the Global Green “Healthy Homes and Smart Neighborhoods” initia- tive which resulted in: the New Orleans Sustainable Design Competition with Jury Chair Brad Pitt; the NOLA Green Schools Initiative funded by the Bush Clinton Katrina Fund; and work with Habitat for Humanity throughout the Gulf Coast to create more energy efficient housing. In 2008 Matt was honored as the Hillary Institute’s inaugu- ral Hillary Senior Fellow and serves on advisory boards for Discovery’s Planet Green, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, the Pacific Council on International Policy and the Environmental Media Association (EMA). President and CEO, Global Green USA Rob Reed  is the visionary behind Max Gladwell, a leading independent blog that covers the nexus of social media and green living and represents the belief that our social and environmental problems are solvable and that entrepreneurs and social media will play a central role. Reed is also co-founder of Media Maxwell, a social media and cause marketing firm. Reed is a career-long journalist, marketer, former editor for Bike and Powder magazines and has written for National Geographic Adventure, Men’s Journal, and Stuff magazines. In 2005, Reed wrote The Way of the Snowboarder and then joined Earth Biofuels, Inc. as Director of Marketing and Communications, where he was responsible for Willie Nelson’s BioWillie biodiesel brand. He later collabo- rated with Julia Roberts on and Reed was responsible for the branding and marketing of Conserv Fuel, a “green filling station” in Brentwood, CA, that sells B99 biodiesel and E85 ethanol. Founding member, The Funded; Trustee, X-Prize Foundation Adeo Ressi  is The Founding Member of, an online resource for CEO’s to research, rate, and review venture funds worldwide. Adeo serves on the Board of the X PRIZE Foundation, a non-profit chartered to inspire human achievements through competition, joining a recognized group of Trustees that includes Larry Page, Craig Ventor, Elon Musk, and Dean Kamen. A serial entrepreneur, Mr. Ressi has focused on launching companies in new mar- kets and was an early pioneer in the growth of the World Wide Web, an advocate for the burgeoning private space exploration industry, and the founder and former CEO of Game Trust, Inc., the leading community and ecommerce software platform for online casual game play. VP of Environmental Programs and Communi- cation, Patagonia Rick Ridgeway  As Patagonia’s Vice President of Environmental Initiatives and Special Media Projects, Rick promotes two of the company’s three-part mission statement: “…to make the best product, cause no unnec- essary harm, and use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.” Rick oversees the company’s environmental grant-making, education and special projects. Rick also manages Patagonia Productions, a division that publishes book and produces films. As one of the world’s foremost adventurers, Rolling Stone maga- zine called Ridgeway “the real Indiana Jones,” being one of the first Americans to summit K2, considered the hard- est mountain in the world to climb. He has produced and directed over 30 adventure shows for television, 40 articles for the likes of Outside and National Geographic and authored six books, including the highly acclaimed Seven Summits, The Shadow of Kilimanjaro and Below Another Sky. Rick lives with his wife in Ojai, California, and they have three grown children. John Marshall Roberts  serves as communi- cations consultant for several client organizations, includ- ing Evenson Design Group, a sustainable branding and design firm in Los Angeles. A former psychology professor, John’s unique insight into the psychology of the communi- cation design process has made him a prominent contribu- tor to several pioneering entertainment projects over the past decade, including two $200 million dollar plus theme park designs. Recent clients include the Oscar-winning BRC Imagination Arts, the Joseph Campbell Foundation and Knock Knock, Inc. An outspoken voice within in the Los Angeles sustainable business community, John is particularly interested in using his research to further the environmental movement’s agenda, for both profit and non-profit organizations, creating messaging campaigns that inspire environmental action. His new book “Igniting Inspiration: A Persuasion Manual for Visionaries” is quickly becoming an indispensable tool for a new genera- tion of socially conscious marketers, business leaders, and activists in the Los Angles area and beyond. Founder Max Gladwell Director of Marketing, Evenson Design Group
  18. 18. What’s the easiest way to move a rock? Find out at the EDG booth and enter to win a Kindle (e-reader) by Amazon. EVENSON DESIGN GROUP t 310 204 1995
  19. 19. 36 3737 SPEAKERS Cynthia Ruiz  Environmentalist and commu- nity activist Cynthia M. Ruiz joined the Board of Public Works on July 19, 2005 and currently serves as its president. Commissioner Ruiz, who was one of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s first appointees after his elec- tion as mayor, previously served on the Board of Public Works in 2003-04. Ruiz brings more than two decades of community involvement and experience to a team that ensures quality and efficient delivery of key City ser- vices to the public. She is a graduate of California State University, Los Angeles, where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in counseling and Chicano Studies and a Master of Science degree in counseling. The Commissioner was a rehabilitation counselor for more than 25 years and an expert witness for various court cases for 20 years. She also has more than 20 years of teaching experience in workers compensation rehabili- tation and review of related case law. Stephanie Ryan  Stephanie started her career at Innovation Associates consulting firm (founder, Peter Senge, author of best seller, The Fifth Discipline), where she designed and delivered leadership programs on the disciplines of organizational learning to corporate clients. Currently, Stephanie is working with B Lab, a non-profit that certifies triple bottom line companies. She believes the emerging sector of private companies for public benefit is a key leverage point for today’s eco- nomic and social challenges. President, city of los angeles, Board of Public Works Jane Savage  Jane’s passion for sustainable design was ignited while earning a BFA degree with a major in Industrial Design from the Rhode Island School of Design. She worked in kid’s footwear in Boston and New York until joining Nike in 1997. In her 11+ years at Nike her positions included Design Director of Kids Footwear and Design Manager of Women’s Sport Performance Footwear until her recent appoint- ment to help lead the Nike Considered Design move- ment for Nike Corporate Responsibility. For Jane, her work at Nike is an exceptional opportunity to connect the mandates of her industrial design education toward a global good. A native of Brookline, Massachusetts, she is currently enjoying her home in Portland, Oregon with her husband Michael and their son Max. A diehard Red Sox fan, she loves movies, television, reading, gourmet cooking, running, travel, and sports. Ryan Scott  created Causecast with the goal of dras- tically increasing online giving by providing cause-based knowledge, tools and social connections in an empower- ing and entertaining environment. A former CTO, Ryan Scott is widely recognized as the (young) father of opt-in email marketing and has made it his mission to change the world through viral technologies and social networks. Ryan Scott co-founded NetCreations, Inc., the first 100% opt-in e-mail marketing company that proved ethical email marketing was profitable and sustainable. NetCreations grew to a $58 million public company in 2001 and was then acquired by Pagine Gialle for $111 million. Ryan currently holds investments in numerous Information Technology and Environmental Service companies including Signum Biosciences, Sierra Nevada Solar, Cool Earth Solar, T1ME, Mahalo, and Tesla Motors. Ryan Scott lives in the greater Los Angeles area with his wife, Joanna..  Director, Category Inte- gration, Nike Considered Design AL SECKEL  Al Seckel, a renowned cognitive neuro- scientist and award-winning author in the field of visual perception, has been very active in creative thinking and science-related issues for over thirty years. He has lectured extensively all over the world and has been a featured speaker at the TED conferences. He is a a member of John Brockmans’s Third culture, The Edge, a prestigious group of world thinkers, and serves on the Board of Directors of the Pete Conrad Foundation. Previously, Seckel served as the Executive Director and Senior Board Advisor to the X PRIZE Foundation for the Ocean X PRIZE project. Founder and CEO Causecast DAVID STOKOLS  is President and CEO of the AMCI Group, based in Los Angeles, California.  AMCI is a global company specializing in alternative marketing, prod- uct education, brand and culture building, and, product testing for the automotive industry.  Offices are located in L.A., Detroit, N.Y., San Diego, London, Brussels and Beijing. Mr. Stokols is one of the early partners in the company which was founded in the ‘80s.  AMCI is now part of the Omnicom global agency network. As President of AMCI, Mr. Stokols leads the organizations efforts as the #1 rated automotive specialty marketing company.  You might recognize AMCI’s and Mr. Stokols’ work in hun- dreds of nationally advertised product claim T.V. commer- cials over two decades. Consultant, Whidbey Institute Founder and Visionary, GlobalSolver Foundation President and CEO of the AMCI Group
  20. 20. 38 3939 SPEAKERS TOM SZAKY  Tom Szaky is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of TerraCycle, Inc., producer of the world’s first products made from and packaged in waste materials. TerraCycle has won the Home Depot Environmental Stewardship award twice, and been named by multiple organizations as the most eco-friendly products in Mass Distribution. Tom came to the United States in 2001 as a freshman at Princeton University. In 2002, he took a leave of absence to dedicate himself full- time to starting TerraCycle, Inc., beginning as a two-man outfit in the crowded basement of an old office building in Princeton. Today TerraCycle is one of the fastest growing private companies in America. BOISE THOMAS  Boise formerly served as the face of G Living, a modern green lifestyle network, where he wrote, produced and hosted over 100 environmentally- focused shows, including an online series The Real G, where he interviewed sustainability expert John Picard and the founders of Method. Boise has covered numer- ous environmental events including the premiere of Leonardo DiCaprio’s The 11th Hour and the 2007 Environmental Media Awards presented by E! Boise worked as a leader for AmeriCan Adventures, driv- ing foreigners across the US, teaching them about the country’s national parks and resources. Boise has spent 7 years in commercial work, booking a total of 71 televi- sion spots for many major brands and advertisers. He currently lives in Venice, California where he and his wife practice a sustainable lifestyle while developing an eco-oasis in Kansas that they hope to use as a tool to teach others about the importance of sustainability. Russ Walker  joined Grist as executive director in July 2008. Prior to Grist, he was assistant manag- ing editor for Nation and World at washingtonpost. com, providing unique online components to comple- ment the daily journalism of The Washington Post. He was senior producer of, which was re- launched in 2002 as, a website focusing on both the national and local technology scene, where he supervised the site’s politics, nation, world, business, and technology sections. Walker was online director of, a political video website that covered the 2000 elections, and he was an editor of health care policy and international affairs publications CEO, Founder, Terracycle HOST Alter Eco/Planet Green/Discovery Channel at the National Journal Group. He spent is early years as a congressional aide on Capitol Hill and as a public affairs staff person for a nonprofit health care policy association. Walker is a 1990 graduate of Vanderbilt University and a native of Columbia, Kentucky. Charles Zimmerman  is leading the “Sustainable Buildings Network” at Wal-Mart. This net- work, among other things, is charged with increasing the overall energy efficiency of new and existing buildings by 20-30 percent. Prior to his current role, Mr. Zimmerman worked in the International Division for Wal-Mart Stores as Director of Design and Construction. Mr. Zimmerman has worked for Wal-Mart since 1997. Previously, he worked in both the consulting industry as well as for the Texas State Department of Highways. In 2007, Mr. Zimmerman testified before the United States Congress on two separate occasions regarding energy efficiency matters. Mr. Zimmerman is a graduate of the University of Arkansas, a registered professional engineer, mem- ber of the Arkansas Academy of Civil Engineers and was recently appointed to the advisory board for the California Energy Efficiency Center at UC - Davis. Executive Editor, Grist Vice President of Pro- totype & New Format Development, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
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