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Payal & jaynesh

  1. 1. Definition:- “A women entrepreneur is defined as enterprise owned and controlled by women having a minimum financial interest of 51% of the capital and giving at least 51% of employment generated in the enterprise to women.” Affluent Entrepreneurs Push Factor Pull Factor Rural Entrepreneurs Self employed Types Of Women Entrepreneurs
  2. 2. Qualities Of Leadership For Women Entrepreneurs  Ability to accept challenges.  Ambitious plan.  Drive for new work.  Enthusiastic for hard work.  Patience/ wait and see.  Motivator-self confidence.  Conscious about competitors.  keenness to work and generate ideas.
  3. 3. Functions Of Women Entrepreneur Exploration of prospects of starting a new business. Pool up the resources. Establish the industrial enterprise. Manage the business. Development of strategies. To assume risk and uncertainty. To develop business and business decisions. Supervision and leadership.
  4. 4. Problems Of Women Entrepreneurs.  Problem of finance.  Lack of education.  Limited mobility.  Family ties.  Scarcity of raw materials.  Stuff competition.  Low-risk bearing capacity.  Social problems.  Male domination.
  5. 5. Supportive Measures of Women’s Activities  Nationalized Bank  State Finance Corporation  State Industrial Development corporation  District Industrial Centers  Mahila Udyug Needhi Schemes  Self employed women Association(SEWA)  National Alliance of young Entrepreneurs (NAYE)
  6. 6. How to develop Women Entrepreneurs ? “Women do two-thirds of the work yet earns just 10% of the world’s income and own 1% of the world’s property.”  Better education facilities and schemes should be extended to women.  Adequate tanning program on management skills to be provided to women community.  Vocational training to be extended to women community that enable them to understand the production process and production management.  Training on professional competence and leadership skills to be extended to women entrepreneurs.
  7. 7.  Counseling through the aid of commitment, managerial experts and technical personnel should be provided to existing and emerging women entrepreneurs.  Activities in which women are trained should focus on their marketability and profitability.  State finance corporation and financing institutions should permit by status to extent purely trade related finance to women entrepreneurs.  Liberal financial support to motivate women entrepreneurs.  Establish self-help groups (SHGs), voluntary agencies and social welfare for women.
  8. 8. Women Entrepreneurship in India States No. of Women entrepreneurs Tamil Nadu 2930 Uttar Pradesh 3180 Kerala 2135 Punjab 1618 Maharashtra 1394 Gujarat 1538 Karnataka 1026 Madhya Pradesh 842 Other states and UTS 4185 Total 18845 Source:- vijay’s vision (Articles on prospects of women entrepreneurs )
  9. 9. Budget 2013: What's in it for women?  All women’s bank, to be served by women bankers to women citizens to be set up by state run. Government to infuse an initial capital of Rs 1000 crore to set up the country’s first women bank. Impact:- This decision will boost credit and channelize saving from women specially in smaller towns and cities. In order to ensure better safety for women citizens, the Government has proposed to set up 'Nirbhaya Fund'- named after the brave-heart who lost her life in the national capital recently. The Budget has allocated Rs 1000 crores as an initial investment in the fund. Impact:- Will encourage women to work in jobs and locations which require greater security.  The limit for duty free import of gold increased to Rs 1 lakh for women citizens. For men, the limit for duty free gold imports increased to Rs 50,000.
  10. 10. Shahnaz Husain Success story (Case- study) • One of India’s most successful women entrepreneurs. • Her company, Shahnaz Husain Herbal is one of the largest manufacturing of herbal product in the world. • Shahaz Husain group, based in New Delhi worth $ 100 million. • Employed about 4200 people in 650 salon spread across by countries. Awards “The arch of Europe Gold Star for Quality” “The 2000 Millennium Medal of Award.” “Rajiv Gandhi Sadbhavana Award” “Padma Shree 2006”
  11. 11. The Making of an Entrepreneur • Born in 1950, Samarkand at Pakistan. • In 1977, when She returned to India She set up a parlor at her home in New Delhi, Initial investment of Rs3500. • Pioneer and leader of Ayurvedic products in the World Offering “natural Care and cure” • She had then put up a banner with her qualification on it. Within days she was booked for the next 6 month. She removed the banner and since then She never advertise never she let her product spread for themselves.
  12. 12. TURNING POINT First Asian goods retailed in western market Used Franchising Mode to Expand Does not make any financial investment in its franchises, nor have any share in their profit. DIVERSIFICATION Herbal Drink with Low Calories named “Sha drink”. Ayurvedic Product For Pet named “Sha pet” FUTURE PLANS Work on formulation that astronauts could carry with them at space to protect their skin from Ravages of space travel and slow down the ageing process. Sent NASA free samples of her moisturizer. LESSON ON ENTREPRENEURSHIP One must never give up and never stop trying. Shanza Husain Group the undisputed leader in the market for beauty products.
  13. 13. She had to face verity of problems and challenges. Bank Were not knee to give her loan because Biotechnology was a new field and women Entrepreneurship is quite rare. Born on the 23rd of march, 1953 in Bangalore. 2004 named the richest women in India with more than Rs 2000 crore. She was on the Forbes 2005 list of India’s 40 richest people. She pursued BSc in zoology for Bangalore university. Master brewer at Ballart university in Melbourne. In 1974 started working as trainee with Carlton and United Beverages. 4 year later joined Ireland’s Biocon Chemicals Ltd. Soon after that she set up Biocon India in collaboration with same Irish company. Biocon started in 1978 rented garage space in Bangalore with an initial Investment of just Rs 10000. Today, Biocon has become a completely Integrated, muilt million dollar, Biopharmaceutical Enterprise. Went for IPO in 2004 33 times the IPO was over subscribe.
  14. 14. Conclusion Though government is giving lot of support through institutions like national bank for agriculture and rural development (NABARD), Non government organizations (NGO’s), nationalize banks, the issue of women entrepreneurship is not improved. There is still a wide gap between efforts and actual needs.  75% of the world’s population, illiterate people are women.