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Zone administrator reporting Requirements


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Zone administrator reporting Requirements

  1. 1. April 25, 2013Paul Berks, Deputy General CounselIllinois Department of Revenue
  2. 2. }  Purpose}  Implementation}  Frequently Asked Questions}  Compliance
  3. 3. }  Are Tax Incentives Furthering Public PolicyGoals?}  Do The Benefits of the Tax Incentives Outweighthe Costs?}  GOOD GOVERNMENT PROJECT: The StateShould Know Whether Its Programs AreWorking and What They Cost.
  4. 4. }  How do you calculate full time employees?◦  Take all the people who work at the site (includeemployees, contractors, hourly, salaried, etc . . .)◦  Divide total hours worked by 1820}  How do we account for residential projects?◦  You don’t because you can’t – no tracking, ownersnot always aware of benefits◦  NEXT YEAR: building material exemptioncertificates include a reporting requirement
  5. 5. }  What is a “retained job?”◦  Retained jobs means any full-time equivalent jobpreserved at a specific facility or site, that wasthreatened to be lost by a specific anddemonstrable threat, that is specified in theapplication for development assistance.
  6. 6. }  Over 2/3 compliance rate – Thankyou.}  31 Zone Administrators have notfiled reports} Centralia Area
  7. 7. } Chicago Heights
  8. 8. }  Chicago I}  Chicago II}  Chicago III}  Chicago IV}  Chicago V}  Chicago VI
  9. 9. } Des Plaines River Valley} East St. Louis Area} Elgin
  10. 10. }  Ford Heights/Sauk Village}  Freeport/Stephenson County}  Greenville/Smithboro
  11. 11. }  Jackson County}  Lawrenceville/Lawrence County}  Macoupin County}  Massac County
  12. 12. }  Maywood}  Montgomery County}  Perry}  Quad Cities
  13. 13. }  Robinson/Crawford County}  Salem/Marion County}  Saline County
  14. 14. }  South Beloit/Rockton/WinnebagoCounty}  Streator Area}  Summit/Bedford Park
  15. 15. }  Vandalia/Fayette County/Brownstown}  Waukegan/North Chicago}  Western Illinois EconomicDevelopment Authority
  16. 16. } (look for “EZ Reporting” Tab)}  E-mail address}  Last Resort: Call or e-mail me: Paul Berks,(312)814-4680 ;