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GS1: Better retailing through linked data


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My recent presentation to GS1 group, including some new shots of Best Buy semantic POCs

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GS1: Better retailing through linked data

  1. 1. Better Retailing Through LinkedDataJay Myers,
  2. 2. Products are complex objectsWidth: 35 ¾”Height: 68 1/2”Depth: 29 1/8”Color: BlackBrand: SamsungMaterial: Stainless steelFrench doorsRegular price: $2,599.99Sale price: $1,949.99Model Number:RF267AERS/XAABottom-loading freezerTotal capacity: 25.8 cu.ft.Freezer capacity: 8.1 cu. ft.Gallon doorstorage
  3. 3. They also have complex relationshipsProduct A Product B Product CSub-productZSub-productYSub-productXSub-productWSub-productVSub-productU
  4. 4. There are many of them…and they are specific
  5. 5. We are evolving…“Human-readable” web of data “Machine-readable” web of data
  6. 6. Human readable web of data<div id="productsummary" xmlns:v=""xmlns:gr=""><div class="pdpsummarybox" typeof="v:Review-aggregate"><h1><span rel="v:itemreviewed">Apple® - iPad™ withWi-Fi - 16GB</span></h1><div id="detailband" rel="v:rating"><strong>Model:</strong><spanproperty="gr:hasMPN">MB292LL/A</span><span class="sep"> |</span><strong>SKU:</strong><spanproperty="gr:hasStockKeepingUnit">9811355</span><br/><div id="reviewband" typeof="v:Rating"><strong>Customer Reviews:</strong><imgsrc="misc/ratings_star_4_1.gif" alt="4.1 out of 5 stars" /><span id="reviewscore" property="v:average">4.1</strong></span><span content="5" property="v:best"/></span><span id="reviewnum"><ahref="#customerreviews">Read reviews (<span property="v:count">179</span>)</a></span></div>
  7. 7. What does this get us?
  8. 8. Business benefits•  SEO/ product visibility•  Promoting better product discovery on anever-expanding web•  Creating more informed consumers throughfindability (increased sales, decreasedreturns)•  Utilize all of your product catalog – theproduct “long tail”
  9. 9. Machine readable web of data
  10. 10. What does this get us?Deep, queryable product insightBest Buy example:“Find me a description of the band Abba from the web of opendata and an album for sale by them at Best Buy”Result: ABBA was a Swedish pop/rock group formed inStockholm in 1972, comprising Agnetha Fältskog, BennyAndersson, Björn Ulvaeus and Anni-Frid Lyngstad.ANDBest Buy Sells the CD: ABBAMania: Tribute to ABBA – VariousArtists, SKU 12073151
  11. 11. Other examples“Like for like” featureFor any given Best Buy product, display the products mostlike it, based on their product attributes
  12. 12. Other examples, cont.“Emotional Weather Report” POCGiven the weatherat a particular BestBuy store, displayproducts that mightmatch the moodpeople are in due toweather/environment
  13. 13. Business benefits•  New avenues of customer personalization•  Deeper, more relevant and contextualcustomer experiences•  Utilize all of your product catalog – theproduct “long tail”
  14. 14. Q&