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V Sphere C


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V Sphere C

  1. 1. VMware vSphere 4 Delivers Unprecedented Efficiency, Control and Choice CUSTOMER PROOF POINTS EFFICIENCY TradeBeam, a leading provider of global on-demand supply-chain management solutions, has used the beta version of VMware vSphere and expects it to increase the company’s competitive advantage. “Cloud computing is the future for us, and VMware vSphere 4 is the ideal platform to build our internal cloud,” said Nasser Mirzai, IT director at TradeBeam. “In our business, every sale requires a proof of concept which can become lengthy and expensive by using dedicated infrastructure. With an internal cloud built on VMware vSphere 4, we will be able to provide that infrastructure as a user friendly service to our sales teams and prospects. They will be able to request the infrastructure they need through a simple web portal and get it on-demand with guaranteed service levels and lower costs. That means getting the prospect up and running in one day instead of two weeks; the lead stays hot and we can increase our conversion rate while decreasing the cost of sales.” CONTROL Southwestern Energy Company, an integrated energy company primarily focused on the exploration for and production of natural gas, is using VMware Fault Tolerance. “VMware Fault Tolerance is extremely useful,” said Larry C. Miller Jr., senior systems administrator at Southwestern Energy. “This is a welcome addition to our arsenal of high availability technologies because it makes previously very high-end, expensive and complex functionality truly accessible. VMware Fault Tolerance can be turned on and off with a mouse click and while protecting applications against hardware failure.” CHOICE Qualcomm, a leader in developing and delivering innovative digital wireless communications products and services, commented on the flexibility that VMware vSphere 4 can provide for its business. “VMware has provided us with cost savings and efficiencies for a number of years,” says Paul Poppleton, IT architect, Qualcomm. “With VMware vSphere 4, we can leverage our virtualization implementations to get greater economies through an internal cloud strategy. As a leader in virtualization, VMware is positioned to help us continue to automate and streamline our infrastructure to best serve our business needs, on or off premise.” PERFORMANCE AND SCALABILITY FOR THE 100 PERCENT VIRTUALIZED INTERNAL CLOUD BayScribe, a leading provider of dictation services, supporting more than 50,000 physicians nationwide and facilitating more than 500,000 transcribed reports each month, commented on enhanced application performance with VMware vSphere 4. “We have been using the VMware vSphere 4 beta, and even with the beta code, we have observed greatly accelerated application performance compared to VMware Infrastructure 3," said Steve Bonney, vice president of business development at BayScribe. “As a result, we are now planning to run the production database for our primary revenue generating application in a virtual machine on vSphere so that we can also take advantage of the availability, security and scalability features built in VMware vSphere 4.”
  2. 2. ADDITIONAL PROOF POINTS HOST PROFILES “We like vSphere Host Profile capabilities because it helps us meet our regulatory compliance objectives,” stated Nick Fields, Senior Systems Administrator, Noodles & Company. “We can now have a template on all our hosts and run a compliance test directly from the vCenter Server UI to ensure all of our hosts have the appropriate configurations. This helps us easily show our auditors that all our hosts are compliant and secure.” “One of the main reasons we want to upgrade to vSphere as soon as possible is Host Profiles,” stated Rick Scherer, Systems Administrator, San Diego Data Processing Corporation/City of San Diego. “With this new capability, adding capacity to our clusters becomes a trivial task and we don’t have to worry about mis-configuration issues leading to downtime. Also, the vNetwork Distributed Switch will make network configuration and management a breeze. These new features will allow our team to maximize our productivity.” SMB/FT/AVAILABILITY “vSphere is easy to install and simple to manage, which is important for smaller organizations with limited IT resources such as ours,” stated Tariq Ali, Chief Technology Officer, San Mateo County Employees’ Retirement Association. “We are particularly excited about vSphere's Fault Tolerance and can't wait to get it into production. Our mission critical applications, such as our pension management software, currently have no way to get continuous levels of availability. With Fault Tolerance, we will be able to supply those last nines of availability and get those applications virtualized.” SMB/EASE OF USE/AVAILABILITY “As a heavily distributed organization, we rely on Exchange as our primary communication tool,” said Kirk Patten, IT Director for RotaDyne. “It’s crucial that our email be highly available, and that’s one of the main reasons why we deployed it using VMware. I don't really want to have to worry about clustering vs. backup vs. site recovery. All I want is for my applications and data to be safe. VMware makes it easy for me.” SMB/EASE OF USE/FT "VMware has always provided a reliable and secure platform to support our growing infrastructure and that lets me sleep at night, “said Justin Lauer, IT Manager for Campbell Clinic Orthopaedics. “The new vSphere solutions add more critical capabilities for SMBs that are fully integrated with VMware's management console and are drop-dead easy to use. I’ve added VMware Data Recovery to my environment as the first line of protection for my virtual machines. VMware Fault Tolerance is far less complicated and much easier to setup than Microsoft Clustering Services. That makes it a slam dunk for SMB’s looking for redundancy in their environment, as we don’t always have specialized network engineers on staff.” vSPHERE FOR CLOUD “As a critical player in the global financial services ecosystem, we require flexibility and standards to stretch the limits of our IT resources and adjust to the unknown,” said Christopher Rence, CIO, FICO. “With VMware vSphere as the foundation of our cloud computing initiative, we’re now in a better position to deliver a unified platform that enables the world’s top financial services institutions to make effective and confident decisions at all stages of the customer lifecycle.” EFFICIENCY “VMware is a key component to our development environment,” stated Jay Leone, CSAD Lab Manager, Avaya. “It makes us much more efficient and agile and allows us to collaborate with our sites across the world better than ever. We are really excited about the new features of vSphere to help us focus more on responding to our business needs and not the just the infrastructure. It is testament to the dedication of VMware providing its customers with the best and most innovative technology. “