Doing healthcare digital media right


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Healthcare marketers are just realizing how important digital media is within their overall paid media mix. Goodway Group provides a no-nonsense path for implementing digital media best practices and achieving measurable results.

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  • How many of you are using CTR as your primary metric in digital (or how many would you if you were doing digital and not doing digital ?)
  • How many of you look at digital and feel like it is a maze that can’t be navigated
  • How many of you know a doctor? How many of you prefer that your doctor washes their hands between every patient and procedure?
  • What if a doctor said to you, “gee, there are so many soap options out there, I’m just going to hold of washing my hands until I figure out which is the right one”?Would that be smart?
  • Operating with these hands is the equivalent of “holding off on doing digital until you have a better handle on it.” here’s why
  • TV is kill king. But bigger than radio and WAY bigger than print, online is now 26% of media mindshare, and mobile is up at 10%!This is 36% total for digital mediaEven better, because spending still lags – slightly in online and significantly in mobile – supply and demand allows for really good pricing for these media
  • We’ll be taking you through “how to do digital media right” in some very easy stepsMost folks tell us that no one has ever explained it to them this simply before, so don’t be intimidated and be ready to learn!Oh, and we’ve got a digital media ninja to pop up every so often with tips!
  • See, everyone loves GRPs. If they made GRP blankets we would all snuggle in them and feel safe.
  • But are GRPs heads in beds? NoGRPs aren’t resultsGRPs are just a unit of deliveryYou can do GRPs in any medium – print, radio, and even onlineLet’s focus on what you really care about
  • Here is your roadmap.You can choose to agree or disagree, but no one has ever told us this makes no senseExplain pyramid
  • Now, as you build up the pyramid you need to remember that digital media works together; turbo charges each otherFor instance, search is lower on the pyramid but there is a point at which the functionality of your search begins to regress and you need to charge it with display and other media.
  • I’m not even going to attempt to tell you what this says. The reason I put it in here is that it’s good info and you can have it after the presentationSo please put away your 50x zoom cameras! Nonetheless, this was their process
  • Here is a summary of the Sparrow program
  • Are you freaking out about the low CTR? Don’t
  • This CTR was actually awful. Yes, we ran content network here, but if you’re used to SEM CTRs, it really wasn’t good.Oh, you’re calm when you see that? Wow, look at you digital veteran!
  • Ok, enough suspense. Let us show what you really matters
  • The key is we were measuring conversions, not clicks.We didn’t care of 100,000 people clicked on the banner. We wanted inquiries. We wanted information sign-upsAnd we wanted surgeries!
  • As you’re looking to allocate budget, remember three things:Do each one – from the base of the pyramid on up – well before trying to do something else. If that means you stop after paid search to begin with, so be it.You DO have the money. Perhaps you’re too nervous to take it out of something you believe that you know works. But how do you really know? Because your friends tell you they’ve seen it? Or co-workers? No heads in beds means you don’t know. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t work, but you don’t know. Perhaps you have an outdoor rep you really like. You’ll have to deal with that. Find the money – and not $5k, real money – and get going.You’ll be called on by lots of salespeople who want to sell you geo-fencing, paid twitter posts, and more – keep your discipline and follow the pyramid
  • How do you know you’ve hit the tipping point within a given phase and can move on?With your online profiles, you can “move on” once you’ve got your listings in good shape – it’s a matter of completionWith CRM, social content, or SEM, though, it’s a matter of spending until you see your results decline (or your facility is full.) You have the realize – your mid-size hospital in a mid-size market could possibly spend $20k/mo on digital and not even be doing display yet. If it’s working, spend more!
  • If I came to your facility and said, “I need a CT scan. I’m thinking $100 is where I’m comfortable.” You’d probably not take too well to that. You have a price, and it’s well above $100.Find a digital expert you can trust and have them make a budget reco to you based on the pyramid. Have them tell YOU what it will take to be successful at each stage. Then, don’t cheap out.$20k/mo? I was thinking $5k! Stop that…
  • To be more specific, pick a goal you can influence and measure specifically through digital. If your goal is to have 10% less open beds, that’s not fair to any one medium, since all are driving toward that general goal.
  • For example, if you wanted to launch improve brand preference of your facility by 10% within its main competitive set, here is how you’d set it up
  • If you spent $10k on display, $15k on SEM, and $3k on an email program – all driving toward the same goal – you have to add all those together to figure the ROI. You can’t just get an ROI on display, SEM, or email – for example. Well, you can, but that’s once you’re spending $200k or more per month in digital and you get into some PhD-level math stuff.
  • Doing healthcare digital media right

    1. 1. 1Doing Digital Media Right
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    7. 7. 738% Of Eyeball Time Is DigitalSource: Mary Meeker, Merrill Lynch
    8. 8. 8You Can No LongerAfford To Stay Away
    9. 9. 9• Making digital easy to measure• How to allocate budget• Acquiring real knowledgeSo You Can Leave Here Today With A PlanDigital Media Ninja Says:Thinking in terms oftraditional media will slowyour learning curve. Startwith a clean slate!
    11. 11. 11• You were taught that if you usedgood research tools and validatedyour Nielsen ratings, all wassuccessful• Marketing is supposed to beabout achieving business goals• So, let’s start with your goal!• P.S. – this means you really needto know your businessTraditional Media Trained You Backwards
    12. 12. 12For Most Of You, It’s “Heads In Beds”• You can measure realprocedures and ROI• You just need the rightsetup• You need media andwebsite experts to help youwith this
    13. 13. 13Digital Marketing Is Built From The Ground Up
    14. 14. 14A Reminder: Digital Media Works TogetherBrand Search Activity Rate by Week(Rate of brand search activity and lift for exposed vs. control,weeks since first exposure to ad)0.5%1.0%1.3%1.6%0.7%1.2%1.8%2.4%1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeksControl Exposed+40% +20% +38% +50%
    16. 16. 16Set Goals…Build System…Track ROICall to action, dedicated landing page, targeted response, and tracking conversions
    17. 17. 17Sparrow Internet Advertising ProgramBariatric and Weight Management• $7,500 Total investment• Dec 3, 2010 - Jan 15, 2011• 3 areas of focus– Facebook Advertising– SEM – Google Paid Placements– Online Display Placements
    18. 18. 18Facebook CampaignDate Campaign Name Impressions Clicks CTRDec 3-Jan 6IP10673 Sparrow WeightManagement1,076,462 291 0.01%Are you freaking out about the CTR?Don’t!
    19. 19. 19Google SEM CampaignDate Campaign Name Impressions Clicks CTRDec 3-Jan 15IP10673 Sparrow WeightManagement271,744 322 0.12%Again, terrible CTR!
    20. 20. 20Online Display Advertising PerformanceJOB Target Market Placement Title Impressions Clicks CTRIP10673 - Sparrow WeightManagement Internet AdvertisingCampaignLANSING Goodway Behavior Match 1,110,808 1,145 0.10%This is killing you, isn’t it?Just because we haven’t shown you themost important metric yet!
    21. 21. 21Results: Three Months Post Campaign• 168 information requests• 22 registered for a free information session to date• 12 attended an information session to date• 5 qualified candidates scheduled for surgery• 3 qualified candidates scheduled for weight management$8,247 contribution margin per surgery$41,235 new contribution margin550% ROI
    22. 22. 22• 38% of mindshare is nowdigital• Are you even close?How Do You Measure Up?Digital Media Ninja Says:You don’t have to be at 38%,or even 25%, but if you’re at0% in display, mobile, andsocial, you’re behind
    24. 24. 24Follow the pyramidBeware of shiny objects(and digital salespeople!)Find the willYou have the money ifyou’re doingoutdoor, radio, directmail, etc.Do each well firstDon’t spread too thinGet Solid Footing
    25. 25. 25• Some are a matter ofcompletion• Others are a matter ofresultsMoving Up The Pyramid
    26. 26. 26• “I need a CT scan but I’d liketo keep it under $100”Where To StartDigital Media Ninja Says:Don’t cheap out. Spending$5k in digital and declaring itunsuccessful only hurts you
    28. 28. 28• Sample non-measurable goals– Patient education– 10% increase in bed fill rate• Sample measurable goals:– 8% increase in brandpreference– 10 booked proceduresWhat’s Your Goal?
    29. 29. 29Test the toolsyou’ll be usingDefine yourgoalLay the digitalbreadcrumbsConnect Every Step
    30. 30. 30LaunchsurveyandcollectresultsDevelopquestionsBased onmedium, mayneed to findresearchpartnerWithin whichmedia will yoube executingthe survey?•SEM, Display,etc.IncreaseBrandPreference
    31. 31. 31• Need to connect the patient to their online activity• Clearly and obviously – only for your measurement– Destroy the PII• Tactics– Inquiries– Information sessions only promoted online– Channel-specific phone numbers• You can even do keyword-specific phone tracking!Direct Response Goals
    32. 32. 32And Remember!Digital Media Ninja Says:Add all media coststogether to determine ROI.ROI is not tactic-specific!
    33. 33. 33BUT I WANNA BE AN EXPERT
    34. 34. 34ReadConferencesNetworkReadRead feverishly.Search Engine Land,Adexchanger, and soon.NetworkLike a piece youread? Write theauthor. Ask him/herfor connections onkey topicsConferencesWhether you attendthem or just followthe hashtag onTwitter, valuableinsights are thereBecoming A Digital Expert
    35. 35. 35• Shameless plug, yes• But folks love it– Get a free digital copy forattending this webinar!• Email Chris (contact info onnext slide)30 Days To Digital Media Expertise
    36. 36. 36• Chris Fisher, SVP Sales–– 214.250.2054• Jay Friedman–– @jaymfriedman– In Touch With Us