Med immune executive overview 41013


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Med immune executive overview 41013

  1. 1. DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIALTake 100% of Your Signature Processes Electronic Across Your EnterpriseAchieve Extraordinary ROITony Spensieri, Enterprise Account ExecutiveApril 10, 2013
  2. 2. Common Challenges We Hear: Healthcare & LifeCommon Challenges We Hear: Healthcare & LifeSciencesSciences• “It takes a lot of time getting signatures for Procurement/Contracting. When wedon’t get them or can’t find them – it can cause delays”• “It would be great to have better visibility to status of our contracts to keep allbusiness units informed”• “Any opportunity to gain operational efficiencies. Reduce NIGO – Reduceovernighting of contracts”• “We need integration into our portal and legacy systems.” – Records Management• “We need to send/sign on mobile devices”• “We need to be compliant with FDA 21CFR part 11, so we need to be able to bringup documents instantly in case of an audit”2
  3. 3. About DocuSignAbout DocuSignVision: “Empower anyone to sign anything, anywhere, anytime”Value Proposition: Take 100% of your signature processeselectronic across your enterpriseHighlightsDocuSign is the market leader in revenues, users, transactionvolume, partners, analyst reviewsOver 240M docs signed, 24M users, 70K new users/dayDocuments signed in 180+ countries, 39 languagesFocused Verticals – Healthcare & Life Sciences and FinancialServicesOver 40K customers including HP, MicrosoftCompany just raised $55.8M with Kleiner Perkins, Accel Partners,Google Ventures, SAP Ventures, and Comcast Ventures. Otherstrategic investors include and NationalAssociation of Realtors.“DocuSign’s eSignature solutionselected by HP to standardizeprocesses across enterprise”Press ReleaseMay 2, 20123
  4. 4. Sample Customers Across IndustriesSample Customers Across Industries4
  5. 5. Life Sciences HighlightsLife Sciences Highlights5Example SuccessesExample Successes• Reduce time to contractfrom weeks to hours/days• Cut turnaround time fordiagnostic result documentsby 15 days• Saved $1.1 million in fedexcosts on research consentforms• Increase rep efficiency byeliminating time spentsending in paper forms withdoctors’ signaturesExample CustomersExample CustomersSRFs andKOL EventContractsConsent FormsExample Use CasesExample Use CasesMedicalInformationRequest FormsContracting –Procurement –Supply Chain
  6. 6. SAFE Bio-Pharma and DocuSignSAFE Bio-Pharma and DocuSign6artnered in 2012nd-to-end complete business process improvement anddigital workflowecure, compliant digital and electronic signatures
  7. 7. 21 CFR Part 11: Common Topics21 CFR Part 11: Common Topics Controls for open system: Authenticity, integrity, non-repudiation, and, when appropriate,confidentiality Verification Signature manifestation and DocuSign tags Falsification protection (signature linking) Identity verification of signers before signing Identification to access system and for serial signing Controls for identification codes/passwords7
  8. 8. 21 CFR Part 1121 CFR Part 11Considerations: Implementation and configuration approach Recipient identification and authentication options Signing mode Signature methods Records management (retrievability and retention)– Records custody– Document purge policy Digital signatures and digital certificates for:– Record authenticity and integrity– Signer identification and assurance of protection against forgery (SAFE) Integration with other systems Management of forms and data after signing8
  9. 9. eSignature & BeyondeSignature & Beyond9DocuSign eSignature Transaction Management PlatformeForms DataPreparationWorkflow1ePaymentIdentity eSignExecution2RetentionCompletion3Audit TrailReportingLOBCRMERPPlatformIntegrationsAnyone,Anything,Anywhere,Anytime
  10. 10. DocuSign Sample Use Cases: Life SciencesDocuSign Sample Use Cases: Life Sciences10Sales• Sample Request Forms• Sample trackinganalysis• New Hire Paperwork• Candidate NDAs• On/Off-boarding Checklist• Employee PolicyDistribution and Signature• Contractor Agreements• PTO ManagementHRFinance• Invoice Processing• Expense Reporting• Capitalization Mmgt• Audit Signoff• Policy Management• Inventory Signoff• Asset Transfer/Retirement• Change Management• Release Management• Code Review Reporting• Requirements Acceptance• Release ScopeCommitmentProductManagementContracting –Procurement –Supply Chain• Contracts• Work Orders• Purchase Order• Master ServiceAgreement• Chargebacks/RebatesMarketingIT /OperationsServiceLegalCompliance• KOL Event or SunshineAct invitations• Customer CommunicationApprovals• Mass Mailing/ EmailApprovals• Requirements Sign Off• Access Management• Incident Reporting• Production ChangeAuthorization• Maintenance Authorization• Account Changes• Maintenance Forms• Change of Address• Change of Beneficiary• NDAs• Contractmanagement• Internal compliance• IP licensing• Patent applications• Board minutes• Consent Forms• Medical InformationReport Forms• KOL Registration orSunshine Act forms• Sample Receipt forms
  11. 11. • Value realizationmethodology• Template and bestpractices libraries• Multi-tiered support,including 24x7• DocuSign UniversityWhy Customers Choose DocuSignWhy Customers Choose DocuSign12• eSignature TransactionManagement Platform(complete solution)• Support for unlimited usecases, any workflow• Over 500,000 hours ofdevelopment• Highest level of securityassurance (ISO 27001,SSAE16)• Industry-leading securityassurance program• 7 levels of authentication• Total audit trail• DocuSign Cloud PartnerProgram• Solution directory• Hundreds of integrations(e.g.,• Community of 5,000developers• Global standard• Leader in customers,revenues, market share• Most legally robustsignature• 39 languages