Ten tools for productivity


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Ten tools for productivity

  1. 1. Ten Tools for Productivity: Put Your Device to Work for You Presented by Jayme Linton NCTIES 2013
  2. 2. Image: Flickr user Daniel Morris
  3. 3. Google Chrome
  4. 4. Set specific pages to open each time you start Chrome Chrome allows you to have multiple accounts open in different browser windows Get themes to change the look of Chrome
  5. 5. Wunderlist wunderlist.com
  6. 6. Evernote www.evernote.com
  7. 7. Get it Use it Download to computer Chrome app Chrome extension (Web clipper) App store Take notes Brainstorm Annotate articles Clip text and images Record audio notes Embed docs into notes Lesson planning Search for keyword
  8. 8. Send items to Evernote Use Web Clipper Chrome extension to clip anything from the web Tweet @myen
  9. 9. Using the Web Clipper extension
  10. 10. Google Drive
  11. 11. Why Google Drive? Collaborate in real-time Me Access file from anywhere You Access files offline Me
  12. 12. Google Drive chrome extension allows you to add any website to your Drive with one click Organize items in folders and sub- folders Color-code folders Share folders Sort by title, owner, or last modified (my preference)
  13. 13. diigo www.diigo.com
  14. 14. How to use diigo Create lists and groups Annotate websites Follow others and join groups Chrome app to access bookmarks
  15. 15. Symbaloo www.symbaloo.com
  16. 16. Virtual field trips My most- visited sites Favorite tech tools
  17. 17. Getting started with Symbaloo Set Symbaloo as your homepage Chrome app Chrome extension - add site to Symbaloo webmix with one click Symbaloo importer - import bookmarks from browser, diigo, or delicious
  18. 18. 1. Click a blank tile to add a new tile to a webmix 2. Search for existing tiles or create your own 3. Customize your tile
  19. 19. Buffer bufferapp.com
  20. 20. Get It Integrate It Chrome app Chrome extension App store Twitter LinkedIn Facebook
  21. 21. Pocket getpocket.com
  22. 22. Add to your Pocket add@getpocket.com Chrome extension App integration (Twitter, Zite, Flipboard, news apps) help.getpocket.com
  23. 23. Send from Pocket
  24. 24. Zite Download from the App Store
  25. 25. Image: Flickr user Thomas Leuthard
  26. 26. Customize Zite Sync with Twitter Select topics of interest "Like" or "dislike" articles "Like" keywords or authors
  27. 27. If This Then That (IFTTT) ifttt.com
  28. 28. Activate channel s Create recipes
  29. 29. Choose Trigger
  30. 30. Choose Action Customize action, then click Create
  31. 31. Go be productive! Questions? Connect with me: Twitter: @jaymelinton jaymelinton@gmail.com http://techtipsforteachersblog.blogspot.com