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Magazine research saved


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Published in: News & Politics, Technology
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Magazine research saved

  1. 1. Magazine Covers Research Jaymelouise Hudspith
  2. 2. Straplines related to target audience. Predominantly teenaged girls who will find the quiz interesting and fun. Main cover line in pink again, staying with the colour scheme of the magazine. Sating Cher Lloyd is a growing star. Price and issue date Barcode Mast header – ring pink, stereotypical for ‘girly girls’, targeting the younger audience and teenagers. Name links to the 80’s TV show. Cover lines, attractive celebrities in an attempt to use sex appeal to sell magazines. Fashion appeal Cover imagines – medium shot, direct The colour scheme matches the strapline, bright, designed to draw attention, audience 13-16
  3. 3. The master head is big, bold, simple, with colours in the text to stand out despite being blocked by the model Dull back ground so that focus is on the model Bright image, focus on the models hair and eyes due to dark makeup contrast. Eyes glare to grab the readers attention. White, black, yellow, blue and brown colour scheme Main cover line in the big, bold font on the hand side of the page, covering models shoulder. Cover lines on the left hand side of the page, important information in yellow, summary in white. Interesting related subjects A variety of different genres on the country magazine – rock, pop, etc Date, price, website on the bottom along side barcode
  4. 4. Free poster to attract readers References to other similar bands Magazine addresses directly to the reader The main story over the main imagine to catch the readers eye. Insight into Florence. Mostly rock and indie genres but also other features. The master head is in a simple, clear font that stands out against the background and feature imagine. NME feature date, price, etcetera Features not just music but also current affairs. Several cover lines detailing the main articles Large feature imagine, not over the main title, linked to the main feature.
  5. 5. Masthead is in bold, unique font associated with the magazine, featured at the top on a black background Main image takes up the majority of the space. Target audience are paramore fans. Bold colours attract readers attention, title to make them want to read more. Barcode has the date, price and feature date written on it Strapline informs people of an article insider the magazine Main headline informs readers about the main article, quote to influence the reader to read more. Bold font, similar text to the main issue title Coverlines give information about articles featured inside. Left-side has the cover lines so the magazine can be displayed horizontally while not taking any attention from the main article and imagine. Banner shows what else is included in the magazine on a pink background to stand out