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Powerschool Mobileapp Directions


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Published in: Technology, Spiritual
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Powerschool Mobileapp Directions

  1. 1. PowerSchool Parent Portal App for Apple iPhone / iPod / iPads Installing and Configuring1) Open the App Store on your device2) Search for Powerschool (shown below):3) Choose Powerschool Parents (The last one on the graphic above) and press Install4) The app will install and an icon will appear on your home screen like below:
  2. 2. 5) Tap to load the app on your device, if the app asks to use your location, choose “OK”6) A list of area PowerSchool districts are shown, choose Dunlap.7) A login screen should appear, use your parent portal login / password in these boxes and click Login
  3. 3. 8) Use the icon in the upper left hand corner to navigate between students and different pieces of information. 9) After clicking the above icon, you should see a screen with all of your students 10) After choosing a student you will see a list of icons for more data found in PowerSchool.Please email Matt Jensen, Director of Technology at with any questions.