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Meals on wheels


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meals on wheels

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Meals on wheels

  1. 1. Mobile Restaurant
  2. 2. Objectives on wheels  Keeping food costs at less than 40% of revenue  Promoting and expanding the restaurant concept as a unique restaurant  Expanding our marketing and advertising in all over Mumbai to increase our customer base  Being the most recommended food joint  Providing a variety of different food every day to our customers “so you never get bore”  Every three months on people demand changing the menu and bringing the eaters choice on counters.
  3. 3. Mission on wheels  Our restaurant will be an inspiring one , combining an eclectic atmosphere with excellent and interesting food .  Our main mission  Have a great food selection  Efficient and superior customer service  Customer satisfaction is our prime objective Vission on wheels “To be the most recommended healthy and unique food joint ”
  4. 4. Key to success on wheels  Unique , Innovative & contemporary  Product quality  Customer Satisfaction  The menu will target to varied people.  Purely customer feedback centric  Quantity desired  Price thoughtful  Taste exceptional  Open kitchen
  5. 5. Meals On Wheels  A unique and modern idea to cater to the needs of the present population and also delivering more than what is expected by the customer.  Serving fresh food that is not only good to the taste buds but also balanced & nutritional .  We also provide healthy catering options to offices.  Our meals are not about bland, dull, diets, self deprivation, or complicated fad diets. They are a lifestyle choice - designed for your body’s needs.
  6. 6. Cost on wheels  Our start up costs are mostly expensed equipments , furniture , painting , rent , start- up labour, costs associated with opening our mobile restaurant  Services will be during Morning 6- 8.30am – beach 9 -4.15pm – schools , colleges 5-7.30pm- BKC
  7. 7. MENU ON WHEELS Basic Layout of the menu
  8. 8. Please note this menu may sometime change due to shortage of key ingredients in the market. We use fresh ingredients and keep minimal stock of vegetables and fruits Sunday includes a demand on menu meal by the customers
  9. 9. Market Analysis on wheels  Today in India , the trend of fast moving environment created need of Restaurants .  Reasonable price  Waste of Time Market Segmentation School children Youths and teenagers Office goers  Families
  10. 10. Salary P.M-50,000 On board 2 Chefs-(6000 pp) 1 Manager (12000) 1 Driver/cleaner (8000) In the kitchen 3 chefs(6000pp) People on Wheels
  11. 11. Financial statement on wheels
  12. 12. Advertising on wheels  Our financial model is based upon concept “ plan for the worst , but manage for the best “  Advertising budget  First 4months (50000pm)  Next 3months (20000pm)  Remaining months (5000pm)
  13. 13. Legal Formalities on wheels  Electric certificate – If you are using an electric equipment  Up to date food and hygiene certificate  Liability Insurancebut liability insurance is one of the most popular because it costs much less than many other options. For example, in regard to auto insurance policies, liability insurance costs far less than full coverage. The reason for this is because full coverage insurance must pay for both your vehicle and any other vehicle involved in a collision, as well as property damage and medical expenses due to injuries to you or another party.  Street Trading license  Van Parking permission from college authority  Health Licence (to serve food) You need to apply to: BMC Health Department, ward level  Police Registration Certificate (PPEE) Licence to keep lace of public entertainment by Bombay Police Act, 1951 (PPL) You need to apply to: Assistant Commissioner of Police, sonal apply at local police station  Pollution clearance You need to apply to: State environment department
  14. 14.  Service tax registration under Bombay Sales Tax Act You need to apply to: Service tax department PNR (PAN) for the eating-house from income tax department Income tax office, Marine Lines  License from the Indian Performing Right Society Ltd. and Phonographic Performance Ltd. by restaurants playing their music in restaurants  Professional tax certificate for employees and employer You need to apply to: Sales tax department, Mantralaya, regional office in Mazgaon Legal Formalities on wheels
  15. 15. Strategy and Implementation on wheels  To be at the right place at the right time  We intend to succeed by giving people a combination of excellent and interesting food in an environment.  We will create an appealing and entertaining environment with unbeatable quality at an exceptional price  All menu items are moderately priced for the area.  The meals on wheels will make a brand name as a healthy food joint  The vehicle will be most attractive form outside as it will have a combination of different food items as a shape
  16. 16.  To promote Western countries breakfast methods , superior service and exciting concepts to draw in local repeat customers Customer service Advertising and promotion Bringing out menu meals on demand Healthy, Hygienic, Reasonable , Fresh meeting quality and standard Marketing on wheels
  17. 17. Marketing on wheels  Billboard Advertisement  Distribution of pamphlets  Banners and small posters in the sectors  Sponsorship in college and office festivals  Internet Marketing (Face book, twitter etc)  SMS strategy (register either on the website, Social networking site or at the outlet )   Stalls also at Marathon Race, Stadiums & Race course)  BBM group, 5am-7pm operational hotline.
  18. 18. Sales Strategy on wheels  Our sales strategy requires consistently high quality food , service , speed and atmosphere  Hiring employees who genuinely enjoy their jobs  Continually assessing quality of all aspects mentioned above  Interacting with our customers personally , so they know that their feedbacks goes directly to owners  Evaluating food choices for popularity  Creating pleasant environment on the roof with pleasant music all the time .
  19. 19. Your idea on wheels  “Your idea on wheels” would be a unique marketing strategy wherein our eaters will get a chance to send thier special dish on our menus . In this our customers can send us their best recipe and we will shortlist any 1 per week .And for that 1week that customers dish would be kept in special counter depending on the thumbs up given to that particular dish 1would be selected out of the month and will be include in our menu till the next time the menu doesn’t changes. this will in short happen 4tyms in a year ,the customers whose dish gets selected wins a hamper from us .
  20. 20. Future on wheels  Our future prospects includes • Targeting all suburbs of Mumbai in the start (western, central, etc )for the start • Then slowly increase the staff and the work time from 7pm till 24 hours • The only difference the when will close at 10 and after that there will be only home delivery of our dinner specialty 10pm-5am home delivery. Parcel only above 300rs and also 5rs per km • Then slowly build the same name in the other cities of Maharashtra with the same pride , same honour. • Launch a interactive website where we show how all are dishes can be cooked (only for registered member , registration fees 500rs) • Like a franchise open it in different cities of our country. • Slowly start a sister franchise of meals on wheels in the form of restraunts.
  21. 21. Future Advertising on Wheels  “to become the most recommended we have to be more published ” future advertising strategy will include • Celebrity endorsement • TV adds • News paper adds • Stalls at IIM and IIT fests • Magazines • Product placement • Having LCD in the wheels which shows our customer comment and our working. • Also starting smart healthy joints at railway stations
  22. 22. Conclusion on wheel s
  23. 23. Thank you on wheels