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Coputer Accounts


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Coputer Accounts

  1. 1. Jeramiah’s Computer Accounts
  2. 2. Jeramiah’s Computer Accounts Jeramiah Seidl February. 17, 2010
  3. 3. Emac My emac account was made since the first computer class started. I have a Tennis ball as my login picture and a Liverpool picture on my Desktop. I don’t have to many applications on my doc. I only have applications I use mostly in Computer class for example Mozilla Firefox, System Preferences and a few more. This how my emac kind of looks like
  4. 4. First Class My first Class account was already there on the beginning of the School year. First I had no Idea what First class was all about. We got told we had a username. We had a password, but we had to change it. Over the year I found out that First class had many useful Applications such as Sending E-mails, Chat, Calenders and much more. Now I almost use First class daily to send many projects and Assignments. This is the first class Logo
  5. 5. Power School Power School is the website where I check my grades. It is written the grade for each assignment and my total grade. I go on power School almost everyday. On Power School I can read comments my teachers gave me and write them back. I also can read the morning bulletin which is good to know for things that you This is the Power School logo might need for the next day.
  6. 6. i Google I google has many applications. It is a website that you can get from a gmail account. It gives RSS feeds, Entertainment such as many games and music. You can also have your own background picture. There also is a calender on i google so i can stay orgenized. Also daily you costum i google. It has a Calender so I can stay This is a I google logo
  7. 7. Blogger On this website you can make your own blogger website and you can publish blogs comment on blogs and make your own posts. You can daily custom your website and This is the Blogger logo change it.
  8. 8. Wikispaces This also is a website were you can make your own wiki website. Here you can become a member of other wiki’s. You can also check what your homework was on your teachers wiki and you can make your own posts. This is the Wikispaces logo
  9. 9. Thank you for Watching My Presentation