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Enhanced Knowledge for Measurable Results

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  • Learning Solutions

    1. 1. LearnFlexEnhanced knowledge for measurable results Copyright © OpenText Corporation. All rights reserved.
    2. 2. What makes LearnFlex different?It is feature rich and highly configurable. 2
    3. 3. What makes LearnFlex different? It is feature rich and highly configurable. Allows administrators to enable or disable any feature, as needed. Allows administrators to easily change the rules of various parts of the system without any new programming. Can be easily personalized to reflect an organization’s corporate brand. As a permission and role based solution, easily adopts an organizational structure. Learners can navigate in multiple languages that they can switch on-the-fly. 3
    4. 4.  Manages data from classroom (instructor led), online and blended learning environments. Provides “self-serve” learning; learners can choose courses and individualize their learning plans. The mobile capacity offers significant opportunities to provide on-the-go learning in a variety of ways. It has an E-Commerce engine and purchase order capabilities with many options to fit an organization. Provides comprehensive reporting with over 70 standard reports, an extensive report builder and graphical reporting feature. Integrates with many other applications, from large ERP systems to Microsoft Office products. 4
    5. 5. LearnFlex Course Management Add and set up courses to specific audiences Add or import new courses, individually or bulk Group a set of courses into bundles called LearnTracks Provide supporting instructions Create a list of recommended and/or required courses as well as grant exemptions 5
    6. 6. LearnFlex Resource Management Schedule and manage multiple types of resources of a course session, such as instructors, classrooms and equipment Manage scheduling conflicts Send notifications that a specific resource has been booked and removed from availability Manage instructors and multiple calendars 6
    7. 7. LearnFlex Learning Plan Offer learners the ease of viewing all of their expected training efforts in one central location Provide details about competencies and required training timelines Provide enrollment status in courses, conferences and LearnTracks The calendar functionality allows learners to:  view their learning plan in day, month and year format  export to Outlook calendar format  view a list of upcoming events and featured courses  register quickly for courses and events by directly linking the calendar to the course registration screen 7
    8. 8. LearnFlex E-Classroom Allow for collaboration in real-time through Instant Messenger, chat, discussion forum, and more The personalized environment helps instructors create content, conduct presentations, and track and control participation Provide document repository with fully definable file heirachy and version control Fully integrate with third party webinar tools 8
    9. 9. LearnFlex Test and Assessment Work as an independent module or as part of LearnFlex Allow a wide variety of assessment protocols including:  10 test type questions available  Performance assessment tools such as rating scales, checklists  Ability to provide feedback to a test Answers can generate a personalized curriculum using the Competency engine Learners can print test results and certificates of accomplishments 9
    10. 10. LearnFlex Achievement Record Allow learners to:  View a transcript of their past learning achievements  View their earned certificates and print them for proof of accomplishment  Read instructor feedback  See course renewal dates  Check on their training progress 10
    11. 11. LearnFlex Portal Integration Enable integration with different enterprise applications, including Microsoft SharePoint, IBM WebSphere and OpenText ECM Facilitate the aggregation of data, providing business intelligence and graphical reporting Provide single sign-on with standards based solutions, such as SAML 2.0 Integrate with Identity Management systems, including CA SiteMinder, Tivoli, Active Directory and OpenText OTDS Access learning content using Web Services and and an application program interface (API) 11 library
    12. 12. LearnFlex Mobile Offer the ability to launch, complete and track online courses at any time or location Learners can gather materials they need to complete a task or a course, such as PDF and JPEG Dynamic language; learners can switch language on-the-fly Community based multi-branding allows for a personalized user experience Provide single sign-on to the core LMS and other enterprise systems Utilize HTML 5 web techniques, eliminating the need for phone bloating downloads 12
    13. 13. LearnFlex E-Commerce Provide opportunities for generating revenue through the sale, management and distribution of online as well as face-to-face courses Provide the ability to purchase courses using credit cards, purchase orders, or prepaid accounts Support discounted pricing, international currencies and international tax programs Allow for multiple department reconciliations and tracking for easy integration with Financial Information Systems Customizable client experience, including a confirmation page, order forms and receipts 13
    14. 14. LearnFlex Reporting Provide over 70 standard reports Extensive Report Builder tool allows administrators to create detailed personalized reports, allowing for an enhanced understanding of any return on investment (ROI) gained from training endeaviors Reports can be exported to many different programs or can be placed on a learner’s welcome screen to be viewed upon login Graphical Reporting Wizard allows administrators to personalize reports for specific learner groups and create dashboards reports, such as pie, bar and graph charts 14