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Increase iTunes sales


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Artists looking to increase iTunes sales should check this out then head over to iTunes Exposure

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Increase iTunes sales

  2. 2. THINK BIG PICTURE “If you want to have a music career you must be willing to put in the hard work and effort! Noting worth having is easy” James K. Moore Chairman/CEO of MooreSuccess Inc.
  3. 3. HAVE A STRADEGY Having a well developed strategy is crucial to your success Developing a 6-12 month marketing strategy will help you gain more exposure for your music If you have already released your single Re-release it a year later Utilize online and offline marketing to maximize your exposure
  4. 4. PROMOTION TIPS Promote your music professionally Promote your music to online radio stations Promote your music to bloggers Utilize press releases to reach media outlets Contact media outlets for coverage Utilize Facebook and Twitter and other social sites Create professional ads Have a video (even if its only still images)
  5. 5. PROMOTION TIPS CONTINUED Market your music on mobile devices Distribute your sales video to other sites Get blurbs or quotes from industry leaders Use email marketing Add SEO and Local SEO to the mix These are just some promotions you shouldn’t miss
  6. 6. THE TIME IS NOW • These are just a few ways you can increase iTunes sales • The services provided by iTunes Exposure can get you going. They offer the most comprehensive music marketing campaign online. Some of their methods aren’t even offered by other marketing company's.
  7. 7. Take Your Music Career To The Next Level