The HungryPeople Manifesto


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Change the world! Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish. Learn the HungryPeople Manifesto!

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The HungryPeople Manifesto

  1. 1. The HungryPeople Manifesto This is a manifesto about YOU. Are YOU Hungry? Lets eat...• Create Chaos. Find Order. Time and time again, researchers, writers and scientists have stumbled into major discoveries by thriving in a chaotic environment. Order and discoveries are made in the middle of a mess. Companies and people thrive in a crisis. Newton stumbled into the idea of gravity when an apple accidentally fell. Edison invented the light bulb after a thousand tries. Yunus established Grameen Bank under a bureaucratic banking system in Bangladesh. The simple equation is Chaos = Crisis = Opportunity.• Take the Extreme Point Of View (EPOV). Articulate it well. Debate is a wonderful platform. It engages the mind. Speakers engage their audience and each other. When YOU take a strong point of view, YOU “secretly” challenge others to think. When people meet people with strong personalities, The they light up. They take notice. If YOU cant articulate your position well, you dont have a position. equation is from Seth Godin – if you cant describe your position in 8 words or less, you dont have a position. Apple stands for cool products. Toyota for innovation. Wal-mart for price savings. Oprah Winfrey for the ideal woman. And Richard Branson for the daring entrepreneur.• Passion is the name of the game. It is the game. Whoever has more, WINS! In the words of Randy Komisar “Only passion will get you through the tough times... Its the romance, not the finance that makes business worth pursuing.” Passion is why YOU get up in the morning. Passion is why you stay up late at night. So, what is YOUR PASSION?• Disrupt the status quo... not by reinventing the wheel but by inventing something new altogether. Throw the box! You dont even need a box sometimes. It doesnt even have to be a box. The happiest people on earth DO what they love doing. And they do it the way they want to DO it. They believe in the Golden Rule but they DO it in a way that IT CHANGES the WORLD (think Steve Jobs: Make a DENT in the Universe).• CREATIVITY ! PERIOD!• Curiosity may have killed the cat. So be a curious dog instead, nobody wants to kill the dog except the cat. YOU are Unique – so BE UNIQUE. YOU dont need to do something the way YOUR parents did it. YOU dont need to do anything the way YOUR teachers would have wanted it. Do it passionately, ask questions. Be a dog, be mans best friend. Serve your customers (includes family) as if your life depended on it.• Break all six rules mentioned above comma (and all the rest there is!) The only way YOU can change the world is by INVENTING YOUR OWN RULES!