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The Death of TV


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The Death of TV

  1. 1. The Death of TVI predict the death of TV as we know it. (I really really do.)The world is truly at a critical juncture today. It is actually more of a chasm. Entire industries arebeing uprooted. Our world is being turned upside down.This all started with the emergence of the Internet. And now, the emergence of a stronger force –the social networking phenomenon.I predict in the next half century, watching television as we know it will come to an end. You areseeing most of the signs of this impending death – millions are already tuning in to conversationsall over the globe – ON THE WEB. In websites, blogs, chat rooms, messaging systems, bulletinboards, and social networking sites – people are talking WITH each other EVERY DAY.And inevitably, marketers and YOU will ask the question why?Why are more and more people tuning in? Listening to countless of conversations happening allover the web and around us.Why are more and more people reading blogs for advice, tips and “personalized education.”People have begun to see value in discussions and information contained online.Why are more people joining social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Ning, Twitter and allthe rest? Friends want to be connected everyday, they want to share stories, they want to liveenriching lives. Our online connections are adding great value to our offline world. We canconnect with long-lost friends, with family and friends from afar, and even with experts who liveon another corner of the globe.Why?Simple.We want to be heard. (God knows we have waited to long.)So we listen.We want to talk.So we socialize.We want to make a difference.And it is very easy to do this on the web, TODAY.AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, we want to be a PART of “things” that happen.Whether these things might be COOL, the IN thing, the NEW thing, or whatever thing you like tothink about.This is riveting.People are beginning to take hold of their lives.We are beginning to carve our own little worlds.So, what does the TV got to do with this?Everything.People are simply tuning out.
  2. 2. People are finding more things to do.The following could provide answers • searching for more knowledge on the web via search engines like Google • toying with ideas on our heads with like-minded individuals from any part of the globe • building up our dream business inside our room (or dorm room) • connecting with family, friends and acquaintances • watching videos on YouTube and other sites • reading up on e-books from many authors around the globe • watching interesting or funny streaming videos • tuning in to our favorite net radio • a gazillion other things (which deserves a book actually, an e-book for that matter)I could go on. The list is endless.Whats the difference?People are participating in all these conversations and activities.People are no longer passive viewers, listeners or readers.They can actually be part of the soap operas, of the conversations with the experts.They can have their own videos. They can make their own films.They can even start their own radio stations.They can become evangelists for the products, services, and companies that they love.They can share whats on their minds with everybody esp. family and friends who care.They can easily comment on posted videos or blogs.Everybody can participate on whats happening.And thats the main difference.People are part of the soap operas instead of watching soap operas.People are making the news or writing the news themselves instead of watching the news on TV.Theyre making their voices heard by submitting comments. And the great thing is – they cansubmit it in written form, through a voicemail or through a video commentary. And other peopleget to read it, see it, and watch it.People (the average Joe and Jane) are actually becoming guests on online radios, interviews andwebinars (yes, its a new word) instead of listening in on talk show hosts that interview celebrities.People are slowly becoming their own mini-celebrities. There are scores of new musicians, artists,writers, rock stars, and news reporters and hosts that are starting to gain raving fans.People are simply becoming a PART of the SHOW.(Re-read the last sentence please. For your own sake.)So, what now? You may ask.I believe the TV industry needs to wake up and begin re-orienting their entire organizations (if theywant to succeed in this increasingly over-crowded future).
  3. 3. People are fed up being served with to good to be true or downright disappointing TV shows orprograms.The web has allowed them to create their own.I am not being cynical here. Of course, people are probably still going to watch Oprah. People areprobably still going to cinemas to watch movies.But our very idea of the couch potato maybe changing.People are increasingly spending their time in front of their computers (or their own videocameras) instead of the TV.Maybe the TV industry needs to ship itself to the online world.But it may be too late.People are enjoying the conversations.People are enjoying their new-found power.Would you rather watch the news? Or write it? Or broadcast it yourself? Or better yet, be thenews?Would you rather watch a soap opera? Or play out the drama in games online? Or create oneyourself along with your neighborhood friends? Reality TV anyone?Would you rather watch a show on Travel? Or join in on conversations with people who haveactually gone to Thailand or the Bahamas? Or better yet, see Thailand youself throughGoogleMaps? (I admit the resolution is not good yet but were getting there.)Would you rather watch MTV? Or join Ning and create your own social networking site catering tothe bands that you love? Or even join in on a conversation with Rihanna on the web? Or betteryet, make your own music video at home ala Lady Gaga?Would you rather watch The Apprentice? Or join LinkedIn and schmooze with millions ofrecruiters, headhunters, employers, workers, job seekers from all over the world? Or better yet,create your dream job yourself through the power of the web? (There are tons of information nowon how to do this, try Jonathan Fields Career Renegade.)I could go on.Im sure there will be critics.But please, think about it for moment before you comment and click on the submit button.Take your time.Think about it.Wouldnt that actually be a better world?I could go on you know. But Ill do better, Ill throw my TV now (see below).
  4. 4. (Honestly, I did not but its off most days.)