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Building Movements - Masbate Funds for Little Kids


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Presentation I prepared and give regarding how to build movements (adapted from Brains on Fire).

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Building Movements - Masbate Funds for Little Kids

  1. 1. Adapted from Brains on FireBuilding Movements The FOCUS should be on understanding HOW PEOPLE move, not why.
  2. 2. Rule #1 • Movements are built on PASSION
  3. 3. Rule #2• Movements begin with the first conversation
  4. 4. Rule #3• Movements have inspirational leadership
  5. 5. Rule #4• Movements have a barrier to entry – Passionate causes require time and effort. A time and effort requirement ensures that soldiers who do join your cause will do so for the right reasons.
  6. 6. Rule #5• Movements empower people with knowledge
  7. 7. Rule #6• Movements have powerful identities. – Everyone wants to be part of something bigger than themselves.
  8. 8. Rule #7• Movements encourage ownership
  9. 9. Rule #8• Movements make advocates/members feel like rock stars
  10. 10. Rule #9• Movements live online and offline.
  11. 11. Rule #10• Movements get results. – They make the story bigger.
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