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Last Anywhere - And then the world went remote first


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Last Anywhere - And then the world went remote first

  1. 1. And then the world went remote first... Jay Hyett (he/him) Senior Delivery Coach LAST Anywhere March 2020 Prostock-studio (Ukraine) Photodune Author
  2. 2. > 10,000,000 registered users Community have earned > $900,000,000 USD Place to get your creative projects done When the community succeeds, we succeed
  3. 3. How are you doing? ● Week 3 of full time remote. ● Building momentum. FiledIMAGE Photodune AuthorRawpixel Photodune Author
  4. 4. What are we going to explore? THPStock (Australia) Photodune Author ● How we are setup for flexible working options. ● Tools to support people and teams. ● Our current climate ● Tips for working remotely (x12) Anna_Om Photodune Author
  5. 5. How we’re setup for flexible work options at Envato
  6. 6. Types of remote working Outsource - sending work to an external third party. Distributed - members of the same team that are not co-located. Working from home. Working from anywhere - location independent.
  7. 7. Types of remote working at Envato Hybrid - a mixed approach and the Envato way. ● Outsource our Help Desk. ● Distributed people and teams across Australia and the world. ● Work from HQ. ● Work from home. ● Work from anywhere*. (* = up to 3 months per year)
  8. 8. Team structure at Envato Product Delivery Team Delivery Lead Product Lead Engineer(s) or BA & UX Envato teams work to the same two week sprint cadence across the board. All teams start and end their sprints at the same time. Teams generally have: ● Sprint Planning ● Daily Stand-up ● Backlog Grooming ● Retrospective Teams generally don’t have: ● A physical team wall ● A co-located team space People can sit anywhere in HQ, or WFH, or WFA.
  9. 9. Tools to support remote collaboration Trello = team boards, including W.I.P and backlogs. Mural = remote friendly whiteboard, used for inception, workshops, design sprints, planning, etc.. GroupMap = remote friendly retrospective and workshop tool. Product Plan = company goals and team roadmaps.
  10. 10. Tools to support remote collaboration Slack = real time and asynchronous communication. G-Suite = live working documents and video chat (hangouts). Video conference = large workshop or all company sessions. Jamf = device management
  11. 11. Tools to support remote collaboration 15five = sharing and measuring your holistic contribution. ● Company and personal development goals. ● Quarterly performance reviews. ● Recognition.
  12. 12. You must have this easy, just send folks home.
  13. 13. Disclaimer This works for us Tips for working remotely Working from home… it’s not PJ’s and Netflix
  14. 14. Tips for working remotely Start by planning your day ○ Set a schedule just like you would in the office. ○ Do you have meetings? ○ When is your focus time? Make it feel different to domestic life ○ Prepare like you’re going to the office e.g. have a shower, get dressed. ○ Work on establishing a routine. ○ Make use of what was your commute time.
  15. 15. Tips for working remotely Come together face to face ○ Build and maintain relationships. ○ Is it time to start a virtual standup?
  16. 16. Tips for working remotely Be as visual as possible ○ In particular if you’re connecting with team mates e.g. turn on your camera. ○ Mute your microphone if you’re somewhere noisy. Pro tips: ● Google Meet: cmd-d to mute or unmute (on a Mac) ● Hold down the space bar on Zoom unmutes you, kind of like a walky talky.
  17. 17. Tips for working remotely Work out loud ○ Communicate your movements ○ Share your progress ○ Slack presences
  18. 18. Tips for working remotely Avoid back to back meetings ○ You’ll find yourself sitting in the same place for hours. ○ No moving from meeting to meeting = no mental refresh. ○ Not all meetings need to be done online. ○ Try scheduling meetings for 5 past and close at 5 to the hour. ○ Ask yourself does this meeting even need to be a meeting? Pressmaster (Russian Federation) Photodune Author
  19. 19. If facilitating, slow down. ○ Give people space to answer and ask questions. Tips for working with people remotely
  20. 20. Setup a Virtual Water Cooler or place to hangout. Tips for working with people remotely
  21. 21. Get an insight into their world. ○ Show us where you live. ○ Take us outside for a tour. ○ Photos of workspaces. ○ Meet their family or pets. ○ Icebreakers Tips for working with people remotely
  22. 22. Tips for working remotely Take breaks - it’s ok ○ Have lunch. ○ Exercise. ○ Get outside for some fresh air
  23. 23. Share what tech you’re using ● Headphones ● Microphones ● Software ● Monitors ● Chairs Tips for working with people and teams remotely
  24. 24. Tips for working remotely Know when to stop - don’t burn out. ○ Working long hours isn’t sustainable. ○ Create a finish line for your day. ○ Setup the ability to walk away. haveseen Photodune Author
  25. 25. Tips for working with people remotely Team Working Agreements
  26. 26. Disclaimer This works for us A couple of thoughts to close ● We’re all on a level playing field. ● Keep building momentum. ● Physical isolation, look after each other. Prostock-studio Photodune Author
  27. 27. Remote Lean Coffee Once a month Check out Melbourne Lean Coffee on
  28. 28. Thanks! Twitter: @jhyett den-belitsky Photodune Author