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Pixels & Prisons (UX Cambridge 2018)


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Pixels & Prisons (UX Cambridge 2018)

  1. 1. Pixels & Prisons JAY HEAL Senior Interaction | Service Designer
  2. 2. Designer Interaction Service Product User Experience
  3. 3. Role of Design within Tech 2003Interpretation of client / stakeholder requirements into digital deliverables User-centric Print mentality to screen 2018The process of finding solutions for a defined user problem or need Process driven
  4. 4. How Can We Better Describe The Role Of A Designer?
  5. 5. Tip 1 Be Humble.
  6. 6. ‘Digital By Default’ “The Government Digital Strategy sets out how government will redesign its digital services to make them so straightforward and convenient that all those who can use them prefer to do so… …delivering services digitally will result in savings of £1.7 to £1.8 billion each year” - December 2012 Cabinet Office
  7. 7. Prison Visit Bookings March 2018 84,746 (approx) UK prison population 1.07m transaction per year 54.5% digital take-up
  8. 8. Booking Methods Prisoner led bookings Prisoner is able to book a visit using their own in cell laptop or kiosk on the wing Visitor led bookings Visitor is able to book using the GOV.UK site or using traditional telephone Prisoner involved bookings
  9. 9. Service Standard Discovery Alpha Beta Live 13 weeks 3 prisons 15 prisoners 14 visitors 10 prison staff 8 weeks 6 prisons 31 prisoners (inc. ex) 36 visitors 11 prison staff
  10. 10. Alpha 1 Week Sprints Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Plan Design Prototype Research Review • 7 design based Sprints • 7 design / prototype iterations (2 paper, 2 low-fi Balsamiq PDFs and 3 HTML) • 6 prison based research studies • 1 lab study (2 days at GDS labs)
  11. 11. Tip 2 Believe In The Process.
  12. 12. Being a designer is not about pretending to know all the answers but knowing the right questions to ask
  13. 13. Hypothesis Driven Design We believe that (this capability) Will result in (this outcome) We will know we have succeeded when (we see an agreed measurable signal this was successful or not)
  14. 14. Tip 3 Design Is A Team Sport.
  15. 15. The Team Interaction / Service Designer Content Designer Researcher Delivery Manager Technical Architect Front-End Developer Software Engineer Software Engineer Software Engineer Business Analyst Researcher Product Manager Probation Officer Prison Visit Bookings Offender Management in Custody
  16. 16.
  17. 17.
  18. 18. Tip 4 Not All Solutions Need To Be Digital.
  19. 19. hyundai-virtual-guide-augmented- reality-app-665687/ Hyundai’s augmented reality app turns everyone into a mechanic
  20. 20. “…looks like a rejected robot from Battlestar Galactica” “…the dumbest way to season your food” 10 ‘smart’ gadgets that are just plain dumb 38% raised of fixed goal funding ($25,000)
  21. 21. Prisoner Involved Bookings Prisoner un-met need: 
 to know they have a visit, when it is scheduled and who with
  22. 22. Tip 5 Be Curious
  23. 23. 39% “…odds reduction on offender reoffending when receiving regular visits from a partner or family member” Lord Farmer, Farmer Report 2017
  24. 24. Prison Bookings Service Map
  25. 25. Visitor Led Bookings
  26. 26. Prisoner Led Booking
  27. 27. Prisoner Involved Bookings
  28. 28. Tip 6 Be Adaptable
  29. 29. Wing A, Wandsworth Prison - London • No technology allowed - unless prior security vetted (2 weeks) • Staff suspicious of research motivations - discussions will often go off topic • Volatile environment - atmosphere can change in a second • Paper-based artefacts by default (prototypes and notes) • Impossible to recruit participants - get what is available • Prisoners not accustom to UCD research (such as usability tests) • Many prisoners have missed the ‘digital age’ • Prisoners / visitors often in a ‘crisis’ mindset - adapt discussion guides on the fly • ‘Digital poverty’ amongst released prisoners Prison research ground rules
  30. 30. Tip 7 Be User-Centred For All
  31. 31. Being User-Centred User Need
  32. 32. Increase Digital Uptake Reduce 3 day online response time so that users don’t have to wait up to 4 hours on hold during to make a telephone booking
  33. 33. Staff Security Checks Key learnings • Staff users don’t have the same needs as citizen - use tool daily • Staff don’t make decisions on risk in a linear way • Often working to targets • Need to be fully transparent on motivations on changes • Vast changes to working practices needs to be managed incrementally
  34. 34. 1. Be Humble 2. Believe In The Process 3. Design Is A Team Sport 4. Not All Solutions Need To Be Digital 5. Be Curious 6. Be Adaptable 7. Be User-Centred For All To Be A Designer…
  35. 35. Thank You Jay Heal [User-Centred] Designer @jaymichaelheal