Compiled Resume For James Shaw Cscp 8 4 2010


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Compiled Resume For James Shaw Cscp 8 4 2010

  1. 1. JAMES G. “JAY” SHAW III, CSCP 505 NORTH SYCAMORE AVENUE FULLERTON, CALIFORNIA 92831 Mobile Phone: (714) 875-6546 Home Phone: (714) 680-4227 GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST SUMMARY OF EXPERIENCE • High performance team leader for the planning & development, implementation, and management of global ‘world class’ procurement, logistics services and supply chain operations, including vendor qualification & selection, multi-option sourcing, supporting operations & production services, enhancing organizational performance via continuous improvement activities. • Perceptive and objective in dealing with international challenges, including compliance with World Trade Organization & international law, U.S. government regulatory controls, and commercial regulations for several top Fortune 100 organizations, including trade compliance. • Self-motivated, also a mentor of others in accomplishing and exceeding all customer requirements. SKILLS • Experienced in establishing and documenting work processes, including ISO 9000 quality programs, in concert with all internal organizations and outside suppliers and distributors. • Certified by APICS as a Certified Supply Chain Management Professional (CSCP.) • Holder of both Six-Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt in business evaluation, activity analysis and process improvement & development. Increases reliability and reduces waste. • Experienced in Internal Audit processes. Utilized both training and experience to audit, analyze and document processes resulting in procurement and operations-related bottom line profit improvement of over $10 Million annually for several organizations. • Adaptive and creative, and always first ask “The Customer” what is important to them so that Metrics and KPI’s reflect these elements and may also include reductions in cycle times (some being over 50%) while at the same time reducing capital costs. • One example, tasked with reducing bottom line global freight & product distribution costs for the CalComp division of Lockheed by one million dollars within 12 months; the Team achieved a reduction of $2 Million within the following year! EDUCATION AND PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS • Bachelor of Arts - California State University, Fullerton Associate of Arts – Cypress College • Member of Delta Nu Alpha – Transportation Professional Association • APICS (the Association for Operations Management) - Professionally Certified in Supply Chain Management (CSCP) • Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt – Certified by APICS and The Harrington Institute • Member-Institute for Supply Management • Member-Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals • Chairman - Export Experts, LLC (NGO Non-Profit Volunteer International Advisory Group) • Member – American Welding Society (Fabrication) – ‘creative activity’
  2. 2. JAMES G. “JAY” SHAW III, CSCP Page 2 HIGHLIGHTS: • Achieved great results, reducing bottom-line costs, increasing reliability, improving profits as well as superior levels of customer satisfaction by addressing all the necessary details required in material planning, logistics and supply chain networks for major health care product manufacturing organizations and technology corporations. • Also, by working with other team members, as a group, increased our job skills, gaining knowledge and experience while achieving levels of bottom-line performance wisdom that helped everyone succeed. • Created highly responsive replenishment and fulfillment program for the Massachusetts General Hospital while employed by Hyland Therapeutics for Factor 8 blood product and related materials. Results: High performance for quality product fulfillment. • Have been employed in leadership roles by several significant, Fortune 100 organizations; including Ingram Micro, GTE Government Services, Baxter International’s Hyland Division and C.R. Bard’s Inspiron subsidiary; during which we negotiated service contracts that reduced annual, bottom-line logistics-related costs by $27 Million in one year (for The Lockheed Corporation.) • Led the functional element that introduced new ERP systems (SAP and others) that have enhanced the visibility of critical elements comprising the global supply chain and as a result kept inventory investment levels down without reducing the level of service provided. • Achieved superior “First Pass Order Fill Rate” (99%+) accomplishments, and, on behalf of the U.S. Government (Customer) reduced replacement and/or replenishment cycle time by 50% on critical contract materials. • Offer skills, technical know-how, accomplishments and experiences as an APICS Certified Supply Chain Management Professional for multiple industries. • Strong track record of identifying opportunities, presenting concept proposals to the other management team members, gained “buy-in” approval and support, and delivered the results. • These have not been solo efforts, but rather as creative leader of domestic and international, cross-cultural and cross-functional teams, to resolve difficult issues without disruption to on- going business operations. CAREER • Led supply chain operations management function providing professional global (Asia and Europe) sourcing for a privately-held international outdoor sporting goods product distribution organization; achieving reductions in annual direct costs through control of inventories, procurement demand planning and contracted vendor cost controls. • Developed relationship contracts with sourcing partners and vendors located within the United States, Europe, the Pacific Rim including the Peoples Republic of China, establishing mutually agreed upon terms and conditions and performance standards and monitoring metrics. Continually reviewed costs and expenses to ensure fiscal controls functioned as planned. • Employed by both Baxter International (Hyland Therapeutics Division) and C.R. Bard’s Inspiron Division in material management, logistics and supply chain management roles (FDA regulated industries) earlier in my career, becoming educated in health care trade management practices. JAMES G. “JAY” SHAW III, CSCP
  3. 3. Page 3 • Created, owned and operated a PUC / ICC & FDA-regulated third-party logistics organization for transportation of frozen blood plasma, with a select group of pharmaceutical manufacturing clients with critical contract requirements. Met or exceeded all conditions without a single failure or claim during the 7 year period. • Supporting a group of major petroleum companies, performed evaluation of stockroom and warehouse/stockroom site placement on oil drilling platforms to reduce cycle time for parts availability for 24/7/365 operations and increased accountability for deployed inventories. • Using six-sigma analytical tools, and building specialized cross functional work groups, to review established business processes and identify aspects for revision and improvement, making “lean operations” (i.e. reduced waste) more reliable and validating metrics and reporting on the customer-focused KPI’s. • On behalf of a major international client, an (Japanese) automotive manufacturer, conducted risk assessment of key business processes and contracted/out-sourced operations to confirm alignment with functional responsibilities. Earned repeated engagements over 7 years. • Ensured compliance with applicable Federal Codes, including U.S. Customs & Border Protection’s C-TPAT & 10+2 programs and Foreign Trade Zone administration. • Conducted management audits of ports-of-entry and domestic distribution activities to assess process compliance, risk control, factory contract performance and labor contract compliance. • Identified and assessed sufficiency of parts inventories and controls/accuracy, making findings known to executive management that were introduced and implemented. • Developed skills establishing performance standards and KPI metrics for K&N Engineering and the CalComp Division of Lockheed Corporation, enhancing material management and distribution operations, evaluating distribution channels to establish most profitable & reliable options and utilized these skills in both Europe and the USA along with other subsequent organizations. Utilized “transfer pricing” for mutual benefit. • Established vendor/supplier relationships for sourcing goods produced in Europe and Asia, documenting business processes using Six Sigma & ISO methodology. • Negotiated a contract provision allowing for the use of the United States Air Force Air Mobility Command to move selected materials to difficult destinations on behalf of GTE Government Services DSSO. • A self-motivated, strong hands-on & customer-focused team leader, with expertise in regulatory compliance training and performance management. Reducing risk and saving millions of dollars for Ingram Micro, the world’s largest distributor of high technology products by introducing enhanced manual and automated systems for control. • In one notable example, leading the major team effort that resulted in a solution recognized by the United States Department of Commerce as a superior compliance control system, and waiver of a potential $70 Million non-compliance penalty. • Extensive experience introducing “available to buy” fiscal controls on inventory procurement, following Pareto Analysis on value, margin and volume of inventory turnover for K&N Engineering & CalComp, a major technology subsidiary of the Lockheed Corporation. • Introduced a duty drawback program to recover over $3 Million in refundable import duties paid to U.S. Customs. JAMES G. “JAY” SHAW III, CSCP Page 4
  4. 4. • Realized inventory accuracy improvement of 9% in one year through introduction of a KanBan-based inventory control system and operations cycle-counting, also achieving first pass order fill-rates of over 99% for priority orders and inventory reductions due to successful Pareto Analysis performed. • Using Kaizen processes, reduced operating costs 17% and decreased cycle times through the creation of a logistics network and by establishing new Distribution Centers focused on customer requirements. • Awarded “Exporter of the Year” in 2002 by the United States Department of Commerce’s Inland Empire International Business Council. Truly the result of a team effort! • Enhanced processes for the importation of foreign-sourced components and returning finished goods inventories, achieving high rate goals for same day shipment clearance & dispatch. Resulting in more effective use of capital investments in inventory articles. • Served as a member of cross functional teams to create solutions for customers wishing to utilize Ingram Micro’s regulatory compliant, ISO 9000 certified, distribution centers for the customer’s international sales execution. PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYMENT SolutionsOne, (Multiple Clients) Program & Project Management Services –Los Alamitos, CA. 2003–Present Director and Senior Consultant, Supply Chain and Logistics Program Management Services K & N Engineering, Inc. – Riverside, California 1999 - 2003 Executive Director, Global Distribution/Logistics, Customer Services & Supply Chain Management (reporting to the CEO) Senior Manager, International Distribution & Logistics Ingram Micro, Inc. – Santa Ana, California 1996 - 1999 Senior Manager, Corporate Operations (International Trade Compliance) (1997-1999) Contractor-Consultant/Business Process Development (Logistics Operations) (1996-1997) GTE Government Services, Data Support Services Organization (DSSO) 1994 - 1996 Senior Manager for Global Logistics, Supply Chain, Procurement, Depot Repair, Warehousing and Transportation Services CalComp Technology, A Lockheed Company – Anaheim, California 1987 - 1994 Director, Global Logistics and Distribution (1990-1994) Senior Manager, Transportation and Distribution (1987–1990) Note: Also Please Review My Professional Profile on (James G. “Jay” Shaw III, CSCP”)