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Health presentation


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A Ppt that shows one of the many efforts put in by the world to make a difference

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Health presentation

  1. 1. Bill and Melinda Gates FoundationIt sponsors a Global Health Program that usesscience and technology to save people living inpoverty. They focus on the health problems thathave a major impact in developing countries.Where proven tools exist, they support sustainableways to improve their delivery, and where theydont, they invest in research and development ofnew interventions, such as vaccines, drugs, anddiagnostics. *
  2. 2. BeliefEvery Life has Equal ValueValues*Optimism*Collaboration*Rigor*Innovation *
  3. 3. Areas of Funding
  4. 4. *HistoryIn 1994, the foundation was formed as the William H.Gates Foundation with an initial stock gift of US$94million. In 1999, the foundation was renamed the Bill &Melinda Gates Foundation.After a merger with the Gates Learning Foundation, in2000, Gates gave an additional US$126 million.During the foundations following years, funding grewto US$2 billion.A few years later, Gates announced his plans totransition out of a day-to-day role with Microsoft. As aresult, his plan took effect from July 31, 2008 toallow him to devote more time to working with thefoundation. *
  5. 5. Endorsing vaccines as the worlds mostcost-effective public health measure, Billand Melinda Gates announced in January2010 that their foundation would morethan double its spending on them over thenext decade, to at least $10 billion. Thechange could save the lives of as many as 8million children by 2020.The foundations work ranges fromproviding vaccines to prevent childhooddiseases to conducting research to improveagricultural yields and prevent malaria,among other things. One of the foundersbiggest wishes is to help discover vaccinesand other tools that will prevent thespread of HIV/AIDS. *
  6. 6. They focus on developing ways and solutions to prevent infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis.In addition, they also work on developing health solutions for family planning, nutrition, maternal, neonatal and child health, tobacco control and vaccine- preventable diseases. *
  7. 7. 3 cross-cutting programs help them successfully address their areas of focus:* Discovery---closing gaps in knowledge and science and creating critical platforms technologies in areas where current tools are lacking.* Delivery---implementing and scaling up proven approaches by identifying and proactively addressing obstacles that typically lie in the path of adoption and uptake.* Policy and Advocacy---promoting more and better resources, effective policies and greater visibility of global health so that they may effectively address the foundation’s priority health targets. *
  8. 8. Most of their work is done through grants to partners in their priority areas of focus. They seek extensive input from external experts and from their Global Health advisory panel.They have established offices to help manage large programs in China and India. Many of their health efforts are integrated with those in their Global Development program, which focuses on reducing hunger and poverty. *
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  10. 10. Samuel Wong Aloysius Tan Alvin NgSeah Jaye Young