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Rapid Technology Solution is one of the leading IT solutions and Internet Marketing companies in India. Rapid Technology Solutions is providing IT Technology services that deal with the intricate and complex business needs of its clients. Rapid Technology Solutions is architecting strong and flexible solutions that today’s global marketplace craves.
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SEO Company Ahmedabad, India

  1. 1. Best SEO Service Provider in Ahmedabad Search engine optimization may be just one part of an online Internet marketing strategy,but it is the fundamental part. It’s the baseline. If you are doing nothing else, search engine placement and keyword-related advertising can make up 80 to 90 percent of your traffic.
  2. 2. At Internet Marketing Consultants India We follow the “Simple 7 Steps SEO Process” to do SEO work.
  3. 3. Step – 1 : Understanding of Web-Site & Client Understanding of Web-Site & Client (in terms of targeted clients, products/services, targeted geographic, Competitors etc.) We ask many questions to clients in this phase as well as do research of our own. After this step 1, we get clear idea of client’s business. We also ask to client how much money he/she wants to spend for SEO efforts.
  4. 4. Step – 2 : Start Measuring Web-Site TrafficBefore we start any SEO work, we start measurement of web-site traffic by installing GoogleAnalytics in the site. We need FTP access of the web-site to finish step 3.
  5. 5. Step – 3 : On Site SEO Work We start changing title tags, file names, web-site content,hyper links based on keywords selection done in Step 2. Formore fresh content, we install WordPress Blog or blog (depending upon client’s choice). We create sitemaps & make sure that there are no broken links in the site.For any dynamic web-site, we make it search engine friendly by using a technique called “URL Re-Writing”.
  6. 6. Step – 4 : Off-Site SEO Work We start writing lots of content for Blogs, Articles, Press releases Social Book Marking, Social Media Marketing, Directory Submission, Video Marketing Discussion Forum submission etc. & then start submitting it to many web-sites.
  7. 7. Step – 5 : web-site traffic using Google Analytics Repeat Step 4 & 5 on an on-going basis & every 2 weeks measure web-site traffic using Google Analytics.(See Step 3).
  8. 8. Step – 6 : Google Adwords Use Alternate Methods: Depending upon client’s budget, we spend money for Paidadvertisement(Google Adwords) or we collect emails of prospective clients & do email marketing. We also do text marketing if needed.
  9. 9. Step – 7 : Social Media Marketing We also consider creating viral social application which can be used by manypeople on, Twitter & LinkedInor as a widget on their web-site or Blog etc.
  10. 10. We are following 7 Steps for SEO processhas brought very good results for many ofour clients based in India, USA, UK, Canada, Italy, Ireland etc.
  11. 11. Jayesh Prajapati, Internet Marketer at Rapid Technology Solution To see our examples of work,please send an email with “SEO Sample Work” in subject line & send it to: or call on +91-999-827-2519. Website :