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Portfolio final

  1. 1. Design isnt something to pursue, its the way of life Portfolio Jayendra Mundada
  2. 2. Education : Software Proficiency : Solid Edge v20 + 12th Science - Deogiri College l Aurangabad Rhinoceros 4.0 Keyshot 2.0 + Bachelor of Design - Symbiosis Institute of Design l Pune Autodesk AutoCad (Product Design) Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign MS officeJayendra Mundada Internships: Interests : Industrial Designjayendramundada@gmail.com Consumer electronics Fervor Electronics l Pune+919421980989 Photography 1 month l april-may 2011 Technology Videocon Industries Ltd. l Gurgaon Outdoor/Indoor Sports 1 month l june-july 2011
  3. 3. Technically ComplexPorduct - Domestic Electric Juicer Product Insights Juicers are not easy to cleanProduct Study - all types of juicers Demostic Citrus Juicer Selected Market Study User Study They dont have proper base.User has to hold it Juice gets heated up and looses nutrients Design Brief To design a Domestic Electric Citrus Juicer for middle class Indian people. Conceptualization
  4. 4. Technically Complex Product Concept EvaluationFinal Concept Selection Keep a track of how much & Easy Clean juice you consume. Digital 3D Sculpting Part List Reamer Seed &Pulp Main Body Juice container Base Vacuum Suction filter Cups Engineering Drawings Material virgin HDPE virgin HDPE PP Soda Glass PP Silicon Rubber
  5. 5. Internship at Fervor Design Engineering This project is done for Touchmagix and is into production. This is a Group Project (2 people). Sockets It is a cieling mounted Infrared Device which is Outer Case coupled with a projector to achieve motion Mounting Plate sensing and interactive projection. Main PCB LED PCB application - used as a gaming platform used at public places IR LEDs used in organisations, etc. Acrylic Cover Inafrared filter The outer case was provided by the firm. Camera We did the rest.Outer Ring
  6. 6. Conceptualization Internship at Videocon Project - Videocon Refrigerator styling (180 lts l Single Door) Competitor Study Samsung l Whirlpool l LG Door Profile StudyFinal Concepts Handle Study End Caps Study Color/Grpaphics/Texture Study Trend Study Design Directions Conceptulisation & form Exploration Final Concept
  7. 7. Research Simple Product DesignProduct and Parallel Product Study Product : Paper Clip Research Product Study Product Evironment Study Market StudyUser Study User Study Self -Exploration and Use InsightsProduct Environment Study Design Brief Design a Paper Clip for Office use.
  8. 8. Concept Generation Simple Product Design Conceptulisation Mock ModelsFinal Concept - Pie Clip Finalising Concept 3D Digital sculpting Prototype making Engineering DrawingPackagingand Graphics
  9. 9. Research Systems DesignField visits to various organisations and NGO’s Topic : Environment and Sustainability Renewable Energy Solar EnergySubsystem - Roads and transport Research Solar Energy Sectors (Photovoltaic Cells) Subsystem - Roads and Transport Safety and signage system understanding Observations and InsightsProblem Area Problem Area Accidents in foggy areas happen due to lack of visibility of warnings, signages, turns, divisions, etc. Design Brief To design a solar powered signage which grabs the required attention of users and contributes to lower the accidents.
  10. 10. Conceptualization Systems Design Conceptulisation Mock ModelsFinal Concept Finalising Concept 3D Digital sculpting Prototype makingPrototype
  11. 11. Lamp Design Lamp DesignInspiration : Bumblebee Theme : Transformers Mobile charging Sticky notes
  12. 12. Furniture Design - Lounge Chair Graphics for Fab India Shampoo series - Front Other Work Back Short animation in 3ds Max Model made using paper mesh Car alloy wheel modled in 3ds Max
  13. 13. Aperture - f/5.6 ISO - 5000 Aperture - f/16 ISO - 400Shutter Speed - 1/100 sec. Subject Distance - 250 mm Shutter Speed - 1/100 sec. Subject Distance-280mm Photography A-f/11, SS-1/500, ISO-200,SD-4km. A-f/5.6, SS-1/100, ISO-4600,SD-280mm. A-f/4, SS-1/60, ISO-500. A-f/5.6, SS-1/100, ISO-400,SD-6m.
  14. 14. Sketches Sketch done using 0.5mm lead pencil Sketch done using ball penPhotoshop render using WACOM Photoshop Rework
  15. 15. Thank You for your time Contact +91 9421980989jayendramundada@gmail.com