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Architecture and technology overview


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Architecture and technology overview

  1. 1. 10,000 ft view
  2. 2. Quick Overview
  3. 3. User Interface LayerUser Interface LayerBusiness LayerBusiness LayerData LayerData LayerObjectLibraryDatabaseDatabaseExternalSystems
  4. 4.  The solution does not lend itsself to being distributed acrossload tolerant physicalarchitecture. The separation of concernsbecomes blurred between thelayers making it hard andexpensive to maintain code. Data has a tendency to beleaked across the solution up tothe UI making many N-Tiersystems very vulnerable toexploits such as Sql InjectionAttacks. N-Tier models tend to result inteams that have tier focuseddevelopers who are not crossskilled across layers.
  5. 5. User Interface LayerUser Interface LayerInvoicingServiceInvoicingServiceStockManagementServiceStockManagementServiceCustomerManagementServiceCustomerManagementServiceMarketingServiceMarketingServiceEmail ServiceEmail ServiceEmail ServiceEmail ServiceDatabase , External Services, Ftp , SMTP etcDatabase , External Services, Ftp , SMTP etc
  6. 6.  One Service One Concern Highly Distributable Load Tolerant ( WCF + MSMQ) . Ask don’t Tell (GoodEncapsulation Of Concerns +Request and Response StyleMessaging ). Cheap to Maintain and Expand. Lends them selves togeographically distributedinfrastructure. (WAN of LAN’s). Multiple Security ModelsAvailable.
  7. 7. SOA + Message BusInvoicingServiceInvoicingServiceStockManagementServiceStockManagementServiceCustomerManagementServiceCustomerManagementServiceMarketingServiceMarketingServiceEmail ServiceEmail ServiceEmail ServiceEmail ServiceMessage Bus and Bus Sub SystemsUI’s
  8. 8.  Complete abstraction of BusinessServices. Load Balancing High Performance Fault Tolerant Generic Messaging High Through Put Of Transactions Distributed TransactionManagement
  9. 9.  Mass TransitMass Transit is an open sourceproject which implements anarchitecture that is often extendedby software teams to providecustom solutions. Biztalk + ESB Tool Kits.This is Microsoft’s enterpriseorchestration offering.
  10. 10. WebServersAPIServersInternet/networkInternet/networkWebBrowsersWebBrowsersSmartClientsSmartClientsCentralBusandRoutingServersCentralBusandRoutingServersCentralBusandRoutingServersApplicationServersHosting SOAServicesData andexternalservicesData andexternalservicesData andexternalservicesData andexternalservicesData andexternalservicesData andexternalservicesData andexternalservicesData andexternalservices