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Js site eval_cnn


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by John Stewart

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Js site eval_cnn

  1. 1. Web Site EVALUATION WORKSHEETInformationSite name: CNNURL: by: John StewartFirst Impression: [1 poor --- 5 excellent]:Initial Impact of Page:__Simple __X_Overwhelming ______Underwhelming__X_Chaotic _____Attractive _____UglyGeneral Comments:The main page is filled with several sections of links, pictures and news headlines.Identity:Based solely on information presented, identify site owner and describe general type ofsite: Owner: CNN. Type: News sitePurposeBased upon quick inspection, identify the basic points of the site. What basic functionswould it likely provide? provides the latest news, articles, and videos as they become available.
  2. 2. Web Site Evaluation Worksheet Page 2AudienceBased upon quick inspection, consider who the audience for the site would be:The audience for this site is anyone and everyone. It has World, U.S., Entertainment,tech, health, and plenty more subcategories anyone would find interesting.GENERAL SITE CHARACTERISTICSSite StructureIs a site map provided?_X_ Yes__ NoAre there any broken links to external sites or internal pages?___ Yes__X_ NoIf yes, are they broken links___ Yes___ No___ BothWhat is the maximum page depth in the site (clicks from the home page)?3Are there clear entrance and exit pages to the site?__X_ Yes___ No___ describe if so:Links are everywhere on the site. They’re on the top, bottom, and both sides.
  3. 3. Web Site Evaluation Worksheet Page 3Visuals and LayoutDescribe the visuals used in the site:Do you like the visuals? __X_ Yes ___ NoWhy or why not?The website has clean and clear images, but the whole website is quite cluttered.How is the screen contrast [(poor) 1–5 (excellent)]? 5If poor, describe why:Describe text size__ Too small_X_ Just right__ Too largeResize the browser very large or very small.Does the layout still work?_X_ Yes__ NoDo the text or images scale with the window size?__ Yes_X_ NoIs the layout width static (stays the same size) or does it grow with the screen size?_X_ Static__ StretchableIf the site has a static width, does the page fit or is there rightward scrolling at: 800 x 600? __ Fits
  4. 4. Web Site Evaluation Worksheet Page 4 _X_ Scrolls right 1024 x 768 and greater? _X_ Fits __ Scrolls rightWith respect to vertical screen size, does the primary navigation fit on screen at: 800 x 600? __ Fits _X_ Scrolls off 1024 x 768 and greater? _X_ Fits __ Scrolls offDo pages print correctly as is, or is a special print feature provided?_X_ Prints correctly without special print page__ Prints correctly with special print page__ Doesn’t print correctlyWhat kinds of images are used in the site?__ GIF_X_ JPEG__ PNG__ OtherAre the images optimized properly? (e.g., small file size, safe colors)?__ Yes_X_ NoAre there image execution problems (e.g., color matching, seems showing inbackground tiles, etc.)?__ Yes__ NoDescribe: ____________________________________
  5. 5. Web Site Evaluation Worksheet Page 5Is ALT text used for images?__ Yes__ No__ PartiallyIs the site usable without images on?__ Yes__ No__ PartiallyGeneral ContentDoes content appear accurate and truthful?__ Yes__ NoIf no, describe what suggests this belief:_______________________________________________________________________Are there obvious misspellings in the site?__ Yes__ NoAre there obvious grammar or usage errors in the site?__ Yes__ NoIf yes, describe these errors: (e.g., fragments, run-ons, heavy use of acronyms withoutexplanation)_______________________________________________________________________Describe the tone of content in the site (e.g., playful, business like, serious, humorous)_______________________________________________________________________Is content updated on the site?__ Yes__ No
  6. 6. Web Site Evaluation Worksheet Page 6How do you know the content is updated?TECHNOLOGY USAGEBrowser SupportDoes the site work in different browsers? List the browsers you use to test and itsversions:Firefox v3.6.12Google Chrome v7.0.517.44Opera 10.62Safari 5.0.2______________________________________________________________________Page loading time__ slow (over 20 seconds)__ fastNavigationPrimary Navigation (select one or more):__ Top__ Bottom__ Left__ RightDoes the site use assistance links (breadcrumbs)?__ Yes__ NoConsistency of navigation placement: [ 1 (random)–5 (very stable) ]_______________________________________________________________________Comments on navigation placement:______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Does navigation in the site rely on the back button?__ Yes__ No
  7. 7. Web Site Evaluation Worksheet Page 7Is a “back-to-top” button used on longer pages which require the user to scroll?__ Yes__ NoSearchDoes site have an internal search system?__ Yes__ NoIf no, should one be included?__ Yes__ NoWhy?_______________________________________________________________________Use of multimedia elements on the page:THE FINAL SCOREFinal Score—[ (Dislike) 1–5 (Like a lot) ]:Evaluation Summary:Suggestions for Improvement:
  8. 8. Web Site Evaluation Worksheet Page 8