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Ct fertility clinic


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If a woman is unable to get pregnant even after a minimum unprotected sexual intercourse, then there is a possibility that she is suffering from primary infertility.

Several women get pregnant but inefficient to carry the foetus for nine months. They suffer from repeated miscarriages.

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Ct fertility clinic

  1. 1. Woman infertility and its treatments If a woman is unable to get pregnant even after a minimum unprotected sexual intercourse, then there is a possibility that she is suffering from primary infertility. Several women get pregnant but inefficient to carry the foetus for nine months. They suffer from repeated miscarriages. This problem is known as secondary infertility. Report shows that one out of ten women in this world suffers from infertility whether it is primary infertility or secondary infertility. Thanks to the medical researchers who are working hard day in and day out to find better treatments to fight this worldwide problem of infertility of women. Good news is that there are many reports of break though those are helping women in fulfilling their dreams of becoming a mother. If you are one of those women suffering from infertility and staying at Stamford, let me update you with the information that fertility clinic Stamford and fertility specialists are there to offer you many effective medications.
  2. 2. Fertility treatment depends up on many factors age of the couple  Poor egg quality  Poor sperm quality  Severe endometriosis  Severe damage to fallopian tubes (usually from chronic infection)  Blockage of fallopian tubes (IUI will usually not work in this case) Fertility center Stamford has all the solutions for every problems of women infertility. Sometimes, patients need to go under more than one therapy to treat the condition. Infertility can be cured by undergoing one of the following treatments mentioned belowIntrauterine Insemination- this particular process involves placements of sperms directly into the uterus. This process is done during ovulation period. The timing of this period is must be coordinated with the normal menstruation period. Intrauterine insemination is applicable when a man has low sperm count, if a man suffers from premature ejaculation, or if a woman suffers from mild endometriosis. Stamford CT fertility clinic offers you intrauterine Insemination treatment that assures you a healthy conception. In Vitro Fertilization- It is the process by which egg is fertilized by sperm outside the body. IVF is considered the major treatment for infertility when other treatments of infertility have failed. IVF treatment is also offered by Stamford fertility clinic. Donation of eggs or sperm can be other option for infertility. In this process, couple can decide to take eggs or sperms for known or unknown person. In Stamford fertility centre, egg donors can be arranged if the patient requires or wishes to undergo this process. Other treatments like premature ovulation treatment, treatment for hormonal imbalances, miscarriage treatment or pregnancy loss treatment are also offered at Stamford CT based on the patient’s requirements. Solutions to major problems of women infertility Artificial insemination is a fertility treatment for those women who are deprived of the blessing of becoming mother by the natural process. Artificial insemination is the medical alternative of the natural insemination by which you can dream of giving birth of a new life. With the advancement of medical science fertility specialists in Stamford CT
  3. 3. can show you a ray hope to become a mother. Fertility center Stanford CT offers you all modern techniques that help getting you pregnant when you have certain problems like hormonal problems, scarred ovaries, premature menopause, problem of poorly functioning fallopian tube, endometriosis etc. IVF treatments that are offered by Stamford CT fertility clinic are the best to combat these unwanted medical crisis. Ovulatory disorders are one of the prevailing reasons of woman infertility. This particular problem of infertility accounts for thirty percent of women’s fertility. Fortunately seventy percent of women can be successfully treated by the use of specific drugs. The main causes of ovulation failure are following. One of the main causes is hormonal imbalance. The process of ovulation depends upon a complex balance of hormones. The interactions of the ovulatory hormones must be successful, and any disruption in this process can cause ovulation inefficiency. Again there are three main reasons of hormonal imbalance. First is failure to produce mature eggs, malfunction of the hypothalamus and malfunction of the pituitary gland. In approximately 50% of the cases of anovulation the ovaries cannot produce normal follicles in which the eggs can mature. In this case, eggs are immature and the chance of fertilization becomes almost zero. Ovulation in this case is very, very rare. Fertility clinic Stamford can solve all these cases of infertility by advanced scientific methods. Treatment of hormonal imbalances in Stamford CT is done in fertility clinic in Stamford with 100 percent assurance. Physical damage to the ovaries may be one of reasons that can result in failed ovulation. For example, extensive, invasive, or multiple surgeries, for repeated ovarian cysts may cause the capsule of the ovary to become damaged or scarred, such that follicles cannot mature properly and ovulation does not occur. Some women face problem of irregular menstruation and begin menopause before normal age. Their natural supply of eggs has been depleted or that the majority of cases occur in extremely athletic women with a long history of low body weight and extensive exercise. Follicle problems occur in women who produce a normal follicle, with an egg inside of it, every month yet the follicle fails to rupture. The egg, therefore, remains inside the ovary and proper ovulation does not occur. There are other reason of an ovulation in woman prevails these days due to unhealthy life styles. Other above mentioned problems are also responsible for infertility in woman. Need not to get disheartened. If all the fertility treatments fail, by In virto fertilization treatment a woman can get happiness of being a mother. In vitro fertilization is available for you at Stamford fertility clinic. Women infertility- reasons and solutions
  4. 4. So you have decided to start a family? Just waiting for your fertility test results to come? Okay. It’s quite exciting when you get positive report that you can conceive and capable of giving birth to a new life. But when the test result come negative, it makes your heart bleed for a child. You may think at that time that there is no way out for you to become a mother and all you the lights of your hope started getting dim and your heart breaks. Don’t let your heart break. Medical science is quite advanced now. Why you are thinking that you cannot have a baby where infertility treatment for woman is right here in Stamford CT with all the infertility solutions. There are lots of treatments available, nowadays, for infertility in women such as artificial insemination, IVF treatment or intrauterine insemination, pregnancy loss treatment, premature ovarian failure treatment etc. When sperm is put inside a woman’s uterus to try for pregnancy is called known as insemination. Naturally woman undertakes sexual intercourse to be pregnant. But when a woman cannot get pregnant by means of natural process, artificial insemination is needed. A number of women get pregnant through treatments of woman fertility like In Vitro Fertilization, in short IVF treatment or artificial insemination. Women who cannot get pregnant by natural process may take help of Intrauterine Insemination at Stamford CT fertility clinic. Fertility clinic Stamford Connecticut offers you a lot of infertility treatment for women. All the above mentioned fertility treatments are available for those women who suffer from various infertility diseases. These may include hormonal problems which can be of three main types. Firstly, failure to produce matured eggs. Approximately 50% of the cases of anovulation, the ovaries do not produce normal follicles in which the eggs can mature. Secondly, malfunction of hypothalamus. Hypothalamus is the portion of the brain that is responsible for sending signals to the pituitary gland which in turn sends signal to stimulate hormones to initiate maturity of eggs. Third, malfunction of the pituitary gland, the ovaries unable to ovulate properly if the signal of the pituitary gland does not sent in proper manner. Too much or too little production of these hormones can cause hormonal imbalance. Premature menopause and poorly functioning fallopian tube may be other reasons of infertility in woman. Additional factors like improper diet and improper level of exercising, smoking, habit of intake alcohol, drugs can increase the risk of infertility in woman. If you are staying at Stanford and affected by one of these problems and want to have a solution to have a baby now, you need to undergo fertility testing Stamford CT fertility center. The fertility specialist in Stamford CT fertility clinic can help you with the best possible medical treatments to combat infertility.