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  1. 1. Evaluation Question 4.Who would be the audience for your media product?
  2. 2. Theatrical. In big well known, theatres a common viewing week wouldnt be common for a screening of a ‘Social Realism’ film. Although in the past there has been screening of social realism in theatre which have been successful, such as FishTank (2009), in the film market. But typically not all ‘social realism‘ films are popular for the typical hollywood film goer bound for the multiplex. This is because of the themes and issues being addressed the lack of action, what is expected in a typical american made blockbuster. Which puts off a lot of audience when fronted with the idea of a more realistic structure and under exaggerate action. If ‘social realism‘ isn’t being screened in mainstreamed cinemas, where are they frequently shown?Well ‘social realism‘ films are not as well known as any other genre which means that they are not as well praised by ahuge amount of audience, which makes it hard to advertise and distribute because of the low budgeted finance what they have to support the whole segment of the production and marketing. For that niche audience there are placeswhere social realism is the main theme and screened almost all the time. Cinemas such as Manchester cornerhouse, art house cinemas exestata picture house, clapham picture house, arnolfini.
  3. 3. Love Film Online These online film viewing IMDb softwares are ideal for me to get an audience online, this is because these view hundreds of social realism films, MUBI what specifically targets audience for Netflix social realism. Online is a good place to get a niche audience as there are many websites you can view them on an they spread drastically. MUBI
  4. 4. OnlineMUBI is a great way to communicate with people who have similar interests and have there own opinions on the films and create a socialnetworking society classified for the members of MUBI who just passionately talk about social realism genres.
  5. 5. IMDbIMDb is website which allows you to findout specific information about films suchas casting, crew members to box officebudget, this is either big budget films tolower budget to TV shows. IMDb lets youread reviews and star ratings so that theyunderstand what is expected.
  6. 6. Love filmLove film is a database system that allows viewers toview hit films and classics in a wide variety. Withinteractive usages so that people can share reviews.There specific areas for Social Realism wheremembers have created lists of social realism film andindependent films, this makes it easy for othermembers to easily discover.
  7. 7. TelevisionTelevision channels such as Film 4, an offspring of channel 4, show anddistribute in social films such as My name is Joe, Film 4 have a big role to makesocial realism more known and make people aware by viewing them frequently,but still with blockbusters, to keep views up. As well as this there are not thatmany channels what view social realism films cause of petite audience whatview them and channels try to make the most views they can and that wouldntprove to go well.BBC 4 view a lot of art programmes and factual which are preferably for olderviewers or intellectual students this gives me a idea that these are the targetaudience of social realism because it is screened on BBC 4. They also show atleast 20 international films each year. This channel is very intellectual aboutpolitics as it shows the news and documentaries on serious cases.
  8. 8. RadioThe only radio station what includes social realism is aBBC radio 4 this shows there only a small audiences asoffspring to Radio 1. Radio 4 do a lot of interviews withsocial realism directors and cast such as Andrea Arnold.They support social realism films a lot by working withcinemas for example open cinema to set up KenLoaches ‘sweet sixteen’ film. Saying that radio 3 (BBC)have done a social realism set which was called lookingback over 50 years of social realism. Which comes backto TV, radio 4 is a very intellectual radio station.
  9. 9. PrintMainstream magazines don’t tend to include socialrealism articles.The only feature are specific magazines such as‘Sight and Sound’ where only film fanatics will beinterested which is niche comparison to anymainstream audience.
  10. 10. Target Audience ResearchMy research gave me a strong indication on who was my perfect target audience.From my questionnaires i done i ask specific questions to get an idea who the aregenerally what they do to create this figure in my mind. My outcome was that all theindividuals i gave them to were currently mid way through there a levels. I deliberatelychose 10 who are currently taking media as an options showing that they have someknowledge and 10 who don’t, this is because then i can get two different opinions. I found out that the majority found social realism interesting and said that there is a gapin the market for it if it was more known.And ask a question if they would enjoy watching a film, my initial idea, and 90% saidthat they would enjoy watching it because the whole idea is interesting.Which gave me confidence to film my film.