Free Range Learning: Infinite Chickenhouse


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Jay Cross presentation at the Seriously Mobile Summit, Reuters, Canary Wharf, London. Q1 07.

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  • Warm up for Jean-Marc Chaput Si quelqu’un parle dexu langues, il s’appelle bi-linge =lang Si quelqu’un parle trois langes, il s’appelle tri-linge. Alors, comment-on appelle quelqu’un qui parle seulement une lange? Americain.
  • Free Range Learning: Infinite Chickenhouse

    1. 1. Free-range Learners in the Age of the Ubiquitous Chicken House
    2. 3. The Shrinking uPod
    3. 6. Nodes Top-down Distributed How Networks Evolve as communication costs drop
    4. 7. Human Governance Bands Kingdoms Democracies
    5. 8. Business Single Proprietors Franchises Business Webs
    6. 9. Learning One-on-one Classroom Informal
    7. 12. 3.0 4.0 5.0
    8. 14. Learning Redefined Learning is adaptation to change. In uncertain times, the best learners survive. Massive Change Adapt Die or or Evolve Learn
    9. 15. Value Creation Customers My team Other teams Global markets Competition Talent pool Stakeholders Me  Our enterprise internet Value chain Ecosystem
    10. 16. Corporate Learner Individuals neither learn nor exist outside of social ecosystems. You are your connections. Learning is achieving an optimal fit with ecosystems that matter to you.
    11. 17. book
    12. 18. paradox Informal Learning
    13. 19. Learning is both creating and consuming knowledge .
    14. 20. mixer
    15. 21. April 2007 Learner
    16. 22. April 2007 Learner
    17. 23. April 2007 Learner
    18. 24. April 2007 Learner Communities that matter
    19. 25. April 2007 Linkages Learner Communities that matter
    20. 29. Slow Fast Content Human consciousness Internet architecture Collaboration News, data Performance support Need for friends & allies
    21. 30. April 2007 Linkages Learner Communities that matter
    22. 31. Bottom-up knowledge Linkages Web 2.0 tools, ‘net inside Findability & speed of access Collaboration, it’s us Learnscape Impatience with status quo Acceptance of complexity Cluetrain candor Small pieces, loosely joined Self-service Web literate Healthy, alert Meta-learner Communication skills Learner Conversation Holistic Mobility Werner von Heisenberg Respect & trust learner Learning culture
    23. 32. Visuals & prototypes Self-service Inside out Conversation Trust the individual Bottom-up knowledge Common good Networks & relationships Web 2.0 tools, ‘net inside Findability & speed of access Collaboration, it’s us Mind-set Impatience with status quo Acceptance of complexity Cluetrain candor Small pieces, loosely joined Self-service Learner Conversation Inside out Visuals & prototypes Mobility Werner von Heisenberg
    24. 34. Complexity Certainty is an illusion. Everything is connected. The future is unpredictable. Nurture, control Fit is the measure of success. Life is full of surprises. (“It” happens.) The world of our own making has become so complicated that we must turn to the world of the born to understand how to manage it. The central act of the coming era is to connect everything to everything. An event is not triggered by a chain of being, but by a field of causes spreading horizontally, like creeping tide. A company cannot be a learning company without also being a teaching company. What humans can't engineer, evolution can. Life is a verb not a noun.
    25. 35. Learning Learning is the Work Leverage = help workers learn to learn Learning is participatory Work Focus shifts from delivering programs to nurturing learning ecologies Learning embedded in work: performance support, social networking, ambient findability, great connections