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About Internet Time Alliance


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Jane Hart, Clark Quinn, Harold Jarche, Charles Jennings, and Jay Cross. How we help companies work smarter.

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About Internet Time Alliance

  1. 1. We help organizations work smarter.
  2. 2. We bring together two centuries of experience improving service, increasing sales, and boosting profits.
  3. 3. Charles Jennings
  4. 4. Jane Hart
  5. 5. Clark Quinn
  6. 6. Harold Jarche
  7. 7. Jay Cross
  8. 8. “This book by the Internet Time Alliance is packed with ideas that will mess with your head -- in a good way -- by turning your old notions about training, work, and learning upside down and inside out. Read it from cover to cover or dip into it here and there.You’ll find insight and inspiration on every page.” Dan Pink
  9. 9. Our customers work smarter with networks, performance support, and collaborative intelligence.
  10. 10. A complex world demands multidisciplinary answers interface design | neuroscience | organizational development | social networking | experiential learning | cognitive science | meta-learning theory | collaborative software | scenario planning | enterprise systems | information architecture | Cynefin
  11. 11. Professional Services Social Learning Readiness Audit Social and Workplace Learning Strategic Review Business Case development Team mentoring and coaching Conference planning and presentations Management retreats Product marketing strategic assessment Senior management labs In-house unworkshops Workscape architecture Vendor background checks & suggestions
  12. 12. Internet Time Alliance Traditional Consultants We don’t have junior people. You get us. Senior consultants sell; recent hires execute. You get the best thinking of the five of us. Project manager shapes what’s delivered. We tell you how we see it & spare you stacks of paper. Focus is on lengthy project reports & surveys. We’re ready to start when you are. Significant time for ramp-up.
  13. 13.