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SecondKey is a utility which corrects typos and expands short forms in most applications in the MS-Windows environment (see examples of supported applications below). It replaces individual built-in typo correctors found in your applications (for example, MS-Office) and provide auto-correction and short form expansion capabilities to applications without them (for example notepad). SecondKey is customizable to your needs. You can add your own frequent typos for correction and your own short forms. Your customization only needs to be done once in SecondKey and SecondKey will use your customization in all supported applications. We spend 1/8 of our time in front of a computer entering text and 1/8 of that time using the "backspace" key or the "delete" key. With SecondKey, the keys for correction will be used less often and short forms will be expanded automatically, helping you to type accurately, type less and type fast (almost) everywhere.

Official website:
This Manual for: SecondKey (SK) Free Edition 1.5.4
Price: FOC for Free Edition
Editions available: Free Edition, Personal Edition, Business Edition

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SecondKey (SK) Free Edition User’s Manual

  1. 1. User’s Manual forSecondKey Free Edition 1.5.6
  2. 2. Table of ContentChapter 0: IntroductionChapter 1: Installing SecondKeyChapter 2: Launch SecondKeyChapter 3: SecondKey CollectionChapter 4: SecondKey in ActionChapter 5: Personalizing SecondKeyChapter 6: Operating SecondKey
  3. 3. Chapter 0: IntroductionBefore you start, legend for the icon used in this guide is:Icon Name Meaning Tips Indicates a hint for you to master the features of SecondKey0.1 Using this ManualThis guide is to provide you a better tips and understanding ofSecondKey Free Edition Copyright NoticeThe contents of this guide are subject to change without priornotice for performance improvement and version enhancement. Powered by:
  4. 4. Chapter 1: Installing SecondKey1.1 Download SecondKey Installer from the Web1. Open a Web browser and go to > Get SecondKey.2. Click Proceed to download SecondKey.3. Follow the download instruction on the browser. Powered by:
  5. 5. 1.2 Before installationIf you have an earlier version of SecondKey (1.5.x) installed inyour PC, the earlier version will be automatically replacedduring the installation. Powered by:
  6. 6. 1.3 Installing SecondKey1. Browsed to the downloaded file and click it to start the installation.2. Follow the installation instruction on the screen, and note the following: • You must read and accept the license agreement before continuing.3. When the installation is complete, the SecondKey Desktop Shortcut Icon will be shown on your desktop. Powered by:
  7. 7. 1.4 Checking for Software UpdatesIf you have SecondKey installed and you are connected to theInternet,1. Click About Us2. Click Check for Update Powered by:
  8. 8. 1.5 Uninstall SecondKey1. Click Start > Control Panel > Uninstall a Program2. From the list of Uninstall or change a Program, select SecondKey Free Edition.3. Select Remove SecondKey Free Edition and follow the instructions shown on the screen. Figure 1: SecondKey Installation Page Powered by:
  9. 9. Chapter 2: Launch SecondKeyTo open SecondKey, do one of the following:a. Click Start > All Programs > SecondKey Free Editionb. Double click SecondKey Free Edition Shortcut Icon from your desktop. Tips: SecondKey always open when you start your PC. If you want to prevent the automatically startup, go to Advance Setting and uncheck the Start SecondKey on Startup. Powered by:
  10. 10. 2.1 SecondKey Status Bar Figure 2: SecondKey Status BarStatus bar mainly indicate:1. Number of times of SecondKey Features triggered.2. Size of SecondKey Dictionary Tips: SecondKey is expandable into three Bars with Collection Bar and Setting Bar with Left Arrow Key or clicking on the button. Tips: SecondKey Dictionary included the lists of MyShortForm and MyCapital. Powered by:
  11. 11. 2.2 SecondKey Collection Bar Figure 3: SecondKey Status Bar and Collection BarContains SecondKey Collection icon, and main features1. Typing meter2. MyShortForm3. MyCapital Tips: ESC is the common shortcut Key to close SecondKey Collection Windows. Powered by:
  12. 12. 2.3 SecondKey Control Bar Figure 4: SecondKey Full – Status Bar, Collection Bar and Control BarControl functions included: Function Icon Hotkey Global HotKey Alt + H Official Website Alt + W About Us Alt + I Tips: Press Alt to show shortcut HotKey Powered by:
  13. 13. Chapter 3: SecondKey Collection SecondKey default collection included: 3.1 Auto CorrectionCollection Title Icon FunctionAuto Correction Core features of SecondKey,(Basic mode) automatically correct basic common typo. Ie: dcument > document Powered by:
  14. 14. 3.2 Typing MeterCollection Title Icon FunctionTyping Meter The Collection to test your typing speed, as in Words Per Minute (WPM) Figure 3.2: SecondKey Typing Meter Powered by:
  15. 15. 3.3 MyShortFormCollection Title Icon FunctionMyShortForm To create your personalized shortforms and use together with SecondKey. i.e.- btw > by the way Powered by:
  16. 16. 3.4 MyCapitalCollection Title Icon FunctionMyCapital To assist you to make your words be automatically capitalized, especially Proper Nouns i.e.- july > July (July’s “j” has been capitalized) Powered by:
  17. 17. 3.5 MySignatureCollection Title Icon FunctionMySignature To create your personalized signature. It can be triggered via typing “mysig” i.e.- Abraham Lincoln United States of America Powered by:
  18. 18. 3.6 Global HotKey ListsCollection Title Icon FunctionGlobal HotKey The HotKey to trigger SecondKeyList Collection universally in Microsoft Windows. Powered by:
  19. 19. Chapter 4: SecondKey in Action4.1 SecondKey ModeSecondKey can be activated or deactivated by clicking onThe SecondKey mode indicated as below: Active Mode Inactive Mode Powered by:
  20. 20. 4.2 Triggering Auto CorrectionOpen Notepad, and try to type dcument, it will beautomatically corrected to document.The Auto Correction can be triggered in almost every windowsapplication. Tips: to temporary skip SecondKey collection trigger once, you can add a Shift Key with enter or spacebar. i.e. - dcument + shift + spacebar, the word typed will remain unchange. Powered by:
  21. 21. 4.3 Triggering MyShortFormOn the Notepad, and try to type sk, it will be automaticallycompleted to SecondKey.p/s: sk > SecondKey is the default MyShortForm.The MyShortForm can be triggered in almost every windowsapplication. Powered by:
  22. 22. 4.3 Triggering MyCapitalOn the Notepad, and try to type monday, the first alphabet“m” will automatically be capitalized.p/s: Monday is a default MyCapital.The MyCapital can be triggered in almost every windowsapplication. Tips: Do you know MyCapital will help to save every 0.5sec to press the Shift Key. Powered by:
  23. 23. Chapter 5: Personalizing SecondKeyPersonalizing three (3) main SecondKey collection will help tooptimize the assistance featured by SecondKey.5.1 MySignatureMySignature is customizable during SecondKey Tutorial.The Tutorial will start at the first time of opening SecondKeyafter installation, or Click on About Us and then StartTutorial. Powered by:
  24. 24. 5.1 MySignature (Con’t) Figure 5.1: SecondKey MySignature Customizing Page in Tutorial Tips: Designation/Organization can be filled as such, i.e.- President of United State of America Powered by:
  25. 25. 5.2 MyShortFormTo add a personalized ShortForm, click on MyShortFormor with Global HotKey Ctrl + Alt + 4. Figure 5.2: SecondKey MyShortForm Windows Tips: Follow the instruction to press Down Arrow to show the MyShortForm list in your SecondKey. Powered by:
  26. 26. 5.3 MyCapitalTo add a personalized MyCapital, click on MyCapital orwith Global HotKey Ctrl + Alt + 5. Figure 5.3: SecondKey MyCapital Windows Tips: Follow the instruction to press Down Arrow to show the MyCapital list in your SecondKey. Powered by:
  27. 27. Chapter 6: Operating SecondKeyAs shown in Chapter 2.3, the Setting Bar of SecondKey allowyou to control and launch setting for SecondKey as below:Icon Name Function MyHotkey Listed SecondKey global hotkey (which is the hotkey is enable ever. Powered by:
  28. 28. Icon Name Function Official Direct link to AppCollection Official Website Website through your default browser. Tips: “ac” is the default MyShortForm for AppCollection. Powered by:
  29. 29. Icon Name Function About Us • Start Tutorial button • Check for Update button • Listed the Version Number of current SecondKey installed. • Contact info for SecondKey • Direct Link to SecondKey Official Blog Tips: Completing Tutorial will help you to achieve more Stars in User Level. Powered by:
  30. 30. Icon Name Function Advance Advance option for: Setting • Launch SecondKey at startup • Upload Log • Sound Setting Powered by:
  31. 31. Icon Name Function Minimize Minimize SecondKey into the tray. Close Close SecondKey. Reminder: Press Ctrl + . to show or hide SecondKey everywhere. Powered by:
  32. 32. Follow SecondKey (SK) Updates via: @SecondKey Powered by: