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Online Pokies Strategies for Winning at Online Pokies


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Winning at online pokies can be hard. We make it a little bit easier by going over some of the best strategies to increase your chances of winning when you are playing pokies at an online casino.

When you are looking to play the best pokies online, you need to have the best information so you can achieve your goals! By looking at our article, it will help you to discover the very best when it comes to pokies playing. We have searched the web for the best australian pokies sites and have brought them all to you!

Whether you are looking to play no download pokies, pokies that accept paypal, pokies that accept payoneer, or pokies for your mobile phone - these strategies can be applied to any online pokies casino.

We have even included handy links to some of the best online casino sites for pokies.

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Online Pokies Strategies for Winning at Online Pokies

  1. 1. Better Your Chances at Winning with Online Pokies Is there a way of Winning on the Pokies? This presentation is focused on helping pokies players earn more money but showing them a few little known secrets that can help them double or even triple their winnings when playing pokies online!
  2. 2. Understanding the Margin Loss It is a mathematical fact that all pokies will keep around 20 cents out of EVERY dollar invested, yes 20%, of every dollar – Pokies in Australia have a quoted payout percentage of 87% or higher, but this can only be verified by long extensive trials, and as machine payout ratios vary, lets assume a round 20% is lost. So, if you were to go to the local pub and spend $100 every weekend for a year, you would have lost about $2000 dollars to the pub! With losses like this, it doesn't make much sense to play pokies at all – or does it? We have figured out how to beat the pokies at their own game!
  3. 3. The Answer is, ONLINE POKIES! Typically, if you are going to play pokies exclusively at the pub, you are going to continue losing money at a rate of about 20% per play overall. These machines are set very precisely and have been engineered to only payout a jackpot very rarely. Unlike real-world pokies, online pokies can be taken advantage of by utilizing a few tricks that are both easy to employ and totally legal. We are using the bonuses the casinos give for new sign-ups in order to increase our odds of winning by about 25%! This 5% increase is just enough to ensure that we are actually going to MAKE MONEY playing pokies in the long run instead of losing money!
  4. 4. Where to Find Pokies Online While there are dozens of websites out there that offer the consumer many links to multiple pokies sites, one of our favorite sites can be found at This site has dozens of play tested and verified pokies games on it. The owner of this site has hand-picked these games because they offer the greatest payouts for online pokies players like you and I.
  5. 5. How to Play Pokies and Win Usually, one of the only effective winning strategies for real-life pokies is to sit and watch a machine “get fed” with lots of money and not hit on a payout. With online pokies, this is not possible due to the fact that these pokies machines are computer programs and the software is not “shared” between users. The best and easiest method for taking advantage of online pokies games is to make sure you sign-up for the ones that have the biggest bonus payouts, this will ensure that you are going to earn money instead of losing it as you play. One of our favorite games is found here, This site will give you up to a $500 bonus for your initial deposit. With a bonus this big, it is much easier to actually play and win by cashing out as soon as you hit your first large jackpot.
  6. 6. Other Simple Tips to Increase Wins Make sure to set a budget when you begin playing! • NEVER play with money that is needed for bills! • Play games that cost more per spin because these ones payout the most money on a win. • If you are losing, do not start increasing bets. • Never chase your losses • Focus on winning, think positive. This seriously helps believe it or not. • Set a time limit when you begin playing and stick to it. • When you hit a big pot, CASH OUT AND WALK AWAY. Make sure to join the VIP programs for any casino that offers them. • Do not play drunk, you will lose a lot of money. • Remember, this is for fun. Do not take things too seriously.
  7. 7. Jackpot Links Equal Big Money Jackpot Links with Set Maximum Wins There is one situation where playing pokies may have an even better win percentage - these are known as linked jackpots. Many pubs and clubs have jackpot links that have a system where the jackpot must be won before it reaches a certain amount. This can lead to a situation where the jackpot is a dollar or two below the maximum level which means it will definitely be won in the very near future. Playing when the jackpots are like this may actually turn the odds in the players favor. Keep your eye out for pokies games that offer this feature. We have located one great site that offers a huge sign-up bonus and has Linked Jackpots -
  8. 8. Another Way to Increase Winnings Most pokies have a side game where you can try to double your winnings by choosing a suit or a colour. Unlike the spins on the reels these bets have no advantage to the casino, they have natural odds. This means that the feature is probably a better way to win than on the spins.
  9. 9. Red or Black: Double your Odds If you were to gamble the 500 credit win on red or black five times you would have a win of 16,000 credits. The odds of getting five red or black gambles correct in a row are 1 in 64. When you consider that this win is 7,000 credits bigger that the top jackpot and the odds are drastically better it is clear that the best way to win on the pokies is to use the double up.
  10. 10. Pokies Suits Betting Doubling up with the suits can lead to even bigger wins but the odds are not quite as good. The chances of getting five correct suits in a row are 1 in 1024. In the example above the five kings gambled five times on the suits would lead to a massive 512,000 credit win - $5,120 on a one cent game! That is an absolutely HUGE return on your investment! We have found another great game with this feature enabled here at
  11. 11. One Final Piece of Pokies Advice When you win a large jackpot or begin to get down to your original deposit, that is the time to cash your money out and then join a new casino in order to take advantage of their bonus options. Chances are, once you win a big pot – you are not going to win another one at that casino for a long time. They are not “cheating” you, it is just how the math works.
  12. 12. Thank You for Reading If you want to learn more about playing pokies online or would like to see a list of different pokies game casino, please visit this website They are one of the best online pokies portals and we think you will be very happy with their selection of pokies games!