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Asset Protection Services International, Ltd offers effective & credible asset protection consultation involving personal liability protection, inside & outside lawsuits, compartmentalization, and low & high risk assets. Contact it to protect your world.

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Asset protection services international, ltd

  1. 1. Asset Protection Services International, Ltd "Protecting Your World" United States GeographyThe great state of Nevada derives its name from the Spanish wordmeaning "snow covered" and refers to the Sierra "Nevada" Mountains.Most of the state is part of a 28,000 square kilometer great basinextending into California, Oregon, Idaho and Utah. Nevada has 172mountain summits, second most in the United States only to Alaska.Many of these mountains have peaks exceeding 4,000 meters withvalleys at altitudes above 3,000 meters. Outside of Reno, the northerntwo-thirds of Nevada are sparcely populated; even US Highway 50 hasbeen named the "Loneliest Road in America". The lower third of thestate is situated within the Mojave Desert and home to over 2 Millionpeople in the greater city of Las Vegas. State Border
  2. 2. Sierra Nevada Mountains ClimateNevada is mostly a semiarid desert climate with low humidity. Summertemperatures are generally consistently over 40°C and often reach in excessof 50°C in the central and southern regions of the state. Winters are mild,but go below -40°C in the mountains. Annual rainfall is quite low statewide atonly 18 cm, with the some of the mountains seeing as much as 1 meter.
  3. 3. US Highway 50 Las Vegas Boulevard CultureEstablished in 1905, Las Vegas is the 28th most populous city in the UnitedStates and considered the epicenter of Nevada. Famous for its Friday nightfights, high-end casinos, luxury resorts, shopping, fine dining, spectacularshows, adult entertainment, clubs and spas, Vegas is justifiably coined the"Entertainment Capital of the World". Performers from across the globedebute in Vegas and numerous Hollywood films and television shows havebeen filmed on the 6.8 kilometer stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard known as"The Strip". Most Nevadans imigrated from Utah and more recentlyCalifornia. Some natives have the feeling of being "Californicated" due to theinflux of Californians. Nevada has a 3.5% annual growth rate.
  4. 4. The Strip
  5. 5. Georges St-PierreUltimate Fighting Mixed Martial Arts World Champion
  6. 6. Cirque du Soleil ActivitiesDeath Valley is a 13,630 square kilometer national park drawing over800,000 visitors annually. Large professional cycling attractions haverecently been preserved including an "epic ride" inside Bootleg CanyonMountain Bike Park. The Sierra Nevada Mountains offer Olympic skiing,snowmobiling and back-country snowshoeing. Lake Tahoe provides iceskating and ice fishing in the winter, sailing, kayaking and even scuba divingin the summer. Mount Charleston offers year-round access for Las Vegasresidents and guests to numerous hiking trails and a modest ski resort. Three
  7. 7. desert ecosystems feed into Lake Mead at the Hoover Dam creating a naturalresort destination for boaters, fisherman and sunbathers. Mountain Bike Racing
  8. 8. Helicopter Tours into the Arizona Grand Canyon
  9. 9. Lake Tahoe Kayaking HistoryNevada is known as the "Silver State" for the first major silver discovery inthe United States back in 1858. Unregulated gaming was outlawed in 1909and remained in effect for decades until March of 1931 when the legislaturereinstated it just in time for construction on one of the largest projects inAmerican history. The Hoover Dam, formerly the Boulder Dam, was aconcrete archgravity damn built between 1931 and 1935 during the greatdepression. The dam is located about 40 kilometers southeast of Las Vegasin the Black Canyon of the Colorado River along the Nevada and Arizonaborder. The enormity of the project and lack of local resources and facilitiesnear the site drove business into the region to support over 5,000 workersand the nearly 20,000 men and their families vying for those positions. Aftercompletion many of the workers joined the United States military particularlyafter the onset of World War II. With the help of Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegeland associates, Las Vegas soon became a hot spot destination for legalizedgaming and adult entertainment.
  10. 10. Hoover Dam in 1935
  11. 11. The Strip in 1950 Economy & Financial and Offshore ServicesAgricultural commodities include cattle, hay, alfalfa, dairy, onions andpotatoes. Industrial commodities include tourism, mining, minerals,machinery, printing, publishing, food processing and electric equipment. Thestate product for Nevada in 2007 was $127 Billion with gaming and gamingrelated revenue sustaining 1/5th of the overall total or $25 Billion. The SilverState was responsible for producing over 160 metric tons of gold in 2009,which is 80% of the annual gold production in the United States and 10% ofthe worlds annual gold production. Nevada has a moderate minimumstatewide sales tax rate of 6.85% and may accompany a county sales taxreaching a combined high of 8.1% as is the case in Clark county. Nevada isthe only state in the union which has no personal income tax, no corporateincome tax and no reciprocity agreement with the Internal Revenue Service(IRS).
  12. 12. Bellagio Chance Kornuth2010 World Series of Poker Champion
  13. 13. Carson City Capital BuildingAsset Protection Services International, Ltd Registered Office Capital City Building Suite #305 Independence Avenue Victoria, Mahè Island Republic of Seychelles Office: +248 647 0188 Fax: +248 647 0199 Skype: AssetProtectionServices