7 myths of B2B content marketing


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Content marketing is hot and B2B is where most of the action is. But amongst all the hype, there are a bunch of myths that (while they sound good) might be damaging your success. Here we bring together the seven we hear most often.

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7 myths of B2B content marketing

  1. THE 7 MYTHS
 TO THE HYPE CURVE consideredcontent.com Right now, content marketing is hotter than a very 
 hot thing in a heatwave. And with that heat comes 
 a lot of noise — some helpful, some not so much. 
 So before you sign up to the Content Marketing Appreciation Society (or write it off completely), check out the 7 myths we see most regularly in the market.
  3. consideredcontent.com CONTENT MARKETING 
 = INBOUND MARKETING Myth #1 Inbound is great. But it’s a slow burn demanding you invest a lot of time. The most effective marketing, however, is still outbound (especially when supported by valuable content). Plus, do 
 it right and you get inbound traffic too. consideredcontent.com
  4. consideredcontent.com IT’S ALL ABOUT 
 SOCIAL MEDIA Myth #2 In B2B, social drives as little as 5% of web traffic. While there are good reasons for doing social, you should consider exactly how much investment it deserves.
  5. consideredcontent.com YOU CAN’T SELL Myth #3 Really? True, going for the sales jugular too early will be counter-productive, but unless people buy, you don’t have a business.
  6. consideredcontent.com CUSTOMERS 
 YOU Myth #4 Sorry, they don’t. They care about their businesses and their challenges. So unless your content talks to these, you’re wasting their time 
 (and your money).
  7. consideredcontent.com B2B CONTENT MUST BE BORING Myth #5 Let’s be clear: No one in the history of the world has ever been bored into buying a product. Hypnotised maybe, but that’s different. The best performing content both informs and entertains.
  8. consideredcontent.com IT’S ALL ABOUT QUANTITY IT’S ALL ABOUT QUALITY Myth #6 Of course, to a degree, it’s about both. While you should never compromise on quality, by mixing created, curated, commissioned and re-created content, you can achieve the right balance.
  9. consideredcontent.com THERE IS A SINGLE BEST PRACTICE Myth #7 Ultimately, there’s what works for your business and what doesn’t. Use the available research, adopt a culture of low-cost testing and discover your own best practices.
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