Youtility - Why Smart Marketing is About Help Not Hype


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The executive summary of Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is About Help not Hype, the new marketing book from Jay Baer that shows how companies can use truly, inherently useful marketing to win customer attention and loyalty. This presentation includes 14 exclusive summary videos from Jay Baer.

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Youtility - Why Smart Marketing is About Help Not Hype

  1. YoutilityBook.comIncludesVideos!
  2. About YoutilityJayBaerThe difference between helping and selling is just two letters.But those two letters are critically important to your company’ssuccess. If you’re wondering how to get more attention andhow to make your products seem more exciting online,you’re asking the wrong question.You’re not competing for attention only against other, similarproducts. You’re competing for attention against your customers’closest friends and family members, and against viral videos andcute puppies. To win in this hyper-competitive environment, youmust ask a different question: “How can we help?”It’s a new approach that cuts through the clutter: marketingthat is truly, inherently useful. If you sell something, youmake a customer today, but if you genuinely help someone,you create a customer for life. This is Youtility.Drawing from his experience consulting for more than 700brands, and rich with case studies and examples, in YoutilityJay Baer provides a groundbreaking recipe for how to useinformation and helpfulness to transform the relationshipbetween companies and customers.Youtility is a new marketing framework for the age ofinformation
  3. As a marketing strategy, top-of-mind awareness is lesseffective than ever for two reasons:✱✱ The media landscape is highly fractured✱✱ Companies are fundamentally distrustedby consumers1 Top-of-MindAwarenessCHA P
  4. ✱✱ Being found doesn’t create demand, it canonly fulfill it✱✱ Search engines’ role in the marketing funnelis weakening2 Frame-of-MindAwarenessCHA P
  5. ✱✱ Today, companies must compete for attentionagainst consumers’ friends and family members✱✱ If your company and its marketing are truly,inherently useful, your customers and prospectivecustomer will keep you close, as they keep theirfriends and family members close3 Friend-of-MineAwarenessCHA P
  6. ✱✱ We’ve always tried to build loyalty with people,and now we must build loyalty with information✱✱ Death of the salesmen: we talk to a real personas a last resort, not as a first step4 Self-ServeInformationCHA P
  7. ✱✱ Creating customers by answering their questionsis imminently viable and carries remarkable,persuasive power✱✱ Unless it inhibits ease-of-use, there is nodownside to providing extraordinarily detailedinformation to your prospective customers5 RadicalTransparencyCHA P
  8. ✱✱ Youtility is real-time relationship building. You’reeither sufficiently useful at any given moment, andthus can connect with the customer, or you’re not✱✱ For decades, the key question has been “howvaluable is the brand?” The key question movingforward is “how valuable are your apps?”6 Real-Time RelevancyCHA P
  9. ✱✱ You have to understand what your prospectivecustomers need to make better decisions, andhow you can improve their life by providing it✱✱ Search engine, social chatter, web analytics data,and customer interview will help you understandcustomer needs7 Identify CustomerNeedsCHA P
  10. ✱✱ Determining which is the optimal conveyancefor Youtility requires a level of research beyondunderstanding customer needs✱✱ Atomize your marketing to reach a larger audience8 Map Customer Needsto Useful MarketingCHA P
  11. ✱✱ People are not going to magically find yourYoutility, you have to add promotional support✱✱ Content is fire, and social media is gasoline9 Market YourMarketingCHA P
  12. ✱✱ Everything important in business starts as a job,and eventually becomes a skill✱✱ Involving a wide variety of employees not onlymakes it easier to create and maintain helpfulinformation, it also increases effectivenessbecause they bring credibility that centralized,official communication doesn’t have10 Insource YoutilityCHA P
  13. ✱✱ Youtility requires a never-ending, constantlyreinvented and refined process✱✱ You can’t schedule greatness, and it doesn’trespond well to deadlines and ultimatums11 Make Youtility aProcess, Not a ProjectCHA P
  14. ✱✱ If Youtility is going to be more than a marginalizednovelty for you and your company, it must bemeasured effectively✱✱ There are four categories of measurementthat matter: 4 Consumption metrics 4 Advocacy and Sharing metrics 4 Lead-generation metrics 4 Sales metrics12 Keep ScoreCHA P
  15. About Jay BaerJayBaer✱✱ Hype-free marketing strategist,speaker, author✱✱ President of content and social mediastrategy consultancy, Convince & Convert✱✱ Works with mid-sized and large brandsto plan and implement Youtility, andintegrate with social media.See✱✱ To bring Youtility to your company or event,visit for speaking
  16. Win a limited-editionYoutility T-Shirt!✱✱ Once the book is released,take a photo of Youtility“in the wild” and tweet orinstagram with hashtag#Youtility✱✱ One winner per weekYoutilityVisitYoutilityBook.comfor details