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The 4 Methods of Social Media Agency Staffing


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Should you hire the guru, or rely on your gang? Is this detailed presentation, Jay Baer - whose firm works with agencies to make their social media programs better - discusses the 4 models for staffing social media in agencies and the pros and cons of each approach.

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The 4 Methods of Social Media Agency Staffing

  1. A Guru or the Gang? The 4 Methods of Social Media Agency Staffing@jaybaer #GuruGang
  2. Jay Baer Convince &
  3. 1.  The Greater the Pace of Change, the Greater the Client Interface Requirement. @jaybaer #GuruGang
  4. 2.  The Greater the Measurable Granularity, the Greater the Client Interface Requirement. @jaybaer #GuruGang
  5. 3.  The More Familiar the Tactic, the Greater the Client Interface Requirement. @jaybaer #GuruGang
  6. @jaybaer #GuruGang
  7. @jaybaer #GuruGang
  8. " Ever-changing " Granularly measurable Perfect  Storm   " Tactically familiar of  Client   Interface   Requirements  @jaybaer #GuruGang
  9. " Show me a firm where the social media people aren’t the busiest in the agency, and I’ll show you an agency that isn’t very good at selling social media. @jaybaer #GuruGang
  10. " Social media is much more about doing than it is about making. @jaybaer #GuruGang
  11. " Social media (like SEM/paid search) is largely rooted in arbitrage. " Can you do more or better work for your client than she can do with internal resources, at costs to her that justify your participation? @jaybaer #GuruGang
  12. 1.  Sell the Black Box (difficult in social) 2.  Create true Economies of Scale 3.  Buy cheap labor, prop it up, and sell it for more @jaybaer #GuruGang
  13. 1.  What social media services you sell (see presentation: “23 social and digital services you should be selling, but probably aren’t”) 2.  How you sell your services 3.  How your resources are structured @jaybaer #GuruGang
  14. The 4 Methods of Staffing Social Media
  15. Your Firm Specialty Social   Firm Media   Services   Specialty Firm @jaybaer #GuruGang
  16. Pros Cons Quick Ramp Up Lack of Control Best-of-Breed Resources Slim Margins Bi-Directional Revenue Pass Many Client Touch points Education Reputation @jaybaer #GuruGang
  17. Agency personnel/ account teams Social Internal social Media guru(s) Services @jaybaer #GuruGang
  18. Agency   personnel/ account  teams   Social   Internal  social   Media   guru(s)   Services  @jaybaer #GuruGang
  19. Pros Cons Ease of Implementation Talent Attraction Go-to-Person Empires, Management, and Risk Lack of Agency Background Lack of Agency Background Depth of Knowledge Breadth of Knowledge @jaybaer #GuruGang
  20. Social   Strategy   Influencer   Social   Outreach   Analy?cs   social guru(s) Community   Contests/ Management   Promo?ons   Category   trained  agency   personnel/ Social   account  teams   Listening  @jaybaer #GuruGang
  21. Pros Cons Uses Existing Resources Lengthy Implementation No Bottleneck Workflow & Communication Deep Topical Expertise Account Team Coverage Minimizes Risk Pigeon Holes Staff @jaybaer #GuruGang
  22. Social  media   competent   Social   agency   personnel/ Media   account  teams   Services  @jaybaer #GuruGang
  23. Pros Cons Fully Integrates Social Lengthy Implementation No Bottleneck Leadership Margin Training Costs Flexibility Group Think @jaybaer #GuruGang
  24. ? Which is Right for You?@jaybaer #GuruGang
  25. First Foray: Outsourced (180 days) 5-10 Employees: Guru @jaybaer #GuruGang
  26. 11-30 Employees (PR focus): The Gang 11-30 Employees (adv focus): Guru(s) 11-30 Employees (digital focus): Topical Experts @jaybaer #GuruGang
  27. 31+ Employees (PR focus): Topical Experts 31+ Employees (adv focus) Topical Experts 31+ Employees (digital focus): Guru(s) @jaybaer #GuruGang
  28. We Can Help" Social Pros on-call advisory services for agencies" Social/Digital business planning for agencies" Comprehensive social media training
  29. Jay Baer Convince &