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21 Quotes That Will Change the Way You Think About Marketing


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From the new marketing book from Jay Baer, it's 21 Quotes That Will Change the Way You Think About Marketing, featuring some of the smartest minds in content marketing today.

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21 Quotes That Will Change the Way You Think About Marketing

  1. “ ”Change the Way You Think AboutMARKETING21 QuotesTHATWILL
  2. About YoutilityJayBaerThe difference between helping and selling is just two letters.But those two letters are critically important to your company’ssuccess. If you’re wondering how to get more attention andhow to make your products seem more exciting online,you’re asking the wrong question.You’re not competing for attention only against other, similarproducts. You’re competing for attention against your customers’closest friends and family members, and against viral videos andcute puppies. To win in this hyper-competitive environment, youmust ask a different question: “How can we help?”It’s a new approach that cuts through the clutter: marketingthat is truly, inherently useful. If you sell something, youmake a customer today, but if you genuinely help someone,you create a customer for life. This is Youtility.Drawing from his experience consulting for more than 700brands, and rich with case studies and examples, in YoutilityJay Baer provides a groundbreaking recipe for how to useinformation and helpfulness to transform the relationshipbetween companies and customers.Youtility is a new marketing framework for the age ofinformation
  3. “Youtility is marketing upside down. Instead ofmarketing that’s needed by companies, Youtility ismarketing that’s wanted by customers. It’s massivelyuseful FREE information, that creates long-term trustand kinship between a company and its customers.”— Jay Baer1
  4. “If you create something that somebody would pay for,but you give it away, not only are you building trust anda debt of gratitude but you shock them into sharing it.They share not only the asset itself, which is inherentlyvaluable to the brand, but they share the fact that theyare surprised that a brand would just give it to themand not try to sell them along the way.”— Joe Chernov, KinveyAbout Joe ChernovJoe Chernov is the Vice President of Marketing at cloud backend development company Kinvey. Priorto his appointment at Kinvey, he ran Eloqua’s content marketing, where the Content Marketing Institutenamed him Content Marketer of the Year. He has created a number of award-winning graphics, videos,and infographics in partnership with creative agency JESS3, and he regularly contributes his thoughtleadership to outlets like Mashable and the Content Marketing Institute.2
  5. “In most companies, creating marketing thatcustomers want is a colossal shift from the norm and,even though they want to do it, psychological andoperational barriers stand in the way. Making yourcompany inherently useful without expecting animmediate return is in direct opposition to theprinciples of marketing and business deeplyingrained at all levels.”— Jay Baer3
  6. About Marcus SheridanMarcus Sheriden passionately speaks and writes about business and marketing on his blog, The SalesLion, which is full of business, sales, marketing, and personal development consideration. Before TheSales Lion, he used the principles of inbound and content marketing to build the most traffickedswimming pool website in the world: River Pools and Spas. Although he still owns his swimming poolcompany, he now spends most of his time delivering inspirational and educational presentations onthe power of social media and inbound/content marketing. His book Inbound and Content MarketingMade Easy is available for free download.“When it comes down to it, Youtility isn’t about changingyour marketing, it’s about changing your mindset.”— Marcus Sheridan, River Pools & Spas4
  7. About Joe PulizziJoe Pulizzi is founder of the Content Marketing Institute and Junta42. Joe evangelizes content marketingaround the world through keynotes, articles, tweets, and his books, Managing Content Marketing andGet Content Get Customers. His newest book, Epic Content Marketing, will be available in September2013. If you want to get on his good side, send him something orange. For more on Joe, check outhis website at or follow him on Twitter at @juntajoe.“You can build the platform where you become thetrusted expert. If a company had more people thinkingabout that instead of focusing on the product,it would open up all kinds of opportunities.”— Joe Pulizzi, Content Marketing Institute5
  8. “Even with so many new tools like Facebook,Twitter and beyond, few businesses are actuallydoing anything markedly different than they used to.Facebook is a fancy photo scrapbook and Twitter isoften just a tiny press-release machine. It’s the sameshouting with a different megaphone.”— Jay Baer6
  9. About Amy TreanorAmy Treanor is Senior Vice President and Director of Operations for Edelman Square, the center forintellectual capital at the world’s largest PR firm, Edelman. Amy was the Director of Strategic Planningfor StrategyOne (now Edelman Berland), where she directed research programs for clients such as Pfizer,Huggies, Telstra, and Raytheon. Prior to re-joining Edelman in 2011, Amy was a Senior VP at LCG, whereshe managed projects across a wide range of industries. Edelman Square releases the Edelman TrustBarometer, a major annual global study of trust in institutions, industries, and leaders.“Trust has never been more important as a corporateasset, and it needs to be managed for people to believethe information you’re putting out.”— Amy Treanor, Edelman Square7
  10. About Joel YashinskyJoel Yashinsky works for McDonald’s Canada as the Chief Marketing Officer and Senior VP of Marketingand Consumer Business Insights. As CMO, Joel leads a national marketing team and various agencypartners to build consumer connection to the brand. McDonald’s Canada has seen significant growthin market share and brand health during his tenure, including the launch of McCafé in November2011. His innovative “Our Food. Your Questions.” campaign in 2012 received numerous accolades forits success in the digital and social networking landscape.“If you have a good story to tell, tell it in a waythat’s authentic conversation with the customer.You can’t just preach to the customer. You have toengage them, so that they can come to learn andbelieve it, and build that trust with you.”— Joel Yashinsky, McDonald’s Canada8
  11. “In the same way our generation takes electricityfor granted, younger people today take the Internetfor granted. Because they grew up with it, they haveno reason not to trust the information they find there.We used to talk to a real person as a first step; now it’sthe last resort. Customers are ninjas, stealthilyevaluating you right under your nose.”— Jay Baer9
  12. About Brian HalliganBrian Halligan is CEO and Co-Founder of HubSpot, a marketing software company that helps businessestransform the way they market their products. He is a Senior Lecturer at MIT, where he teachesEntrepreneurial Product Development and Marketing. He is the author of two books: Marketing Lessonsfrom the Grateful Dead and Inbound Marketing: Get Found Using Google, Social Media, and Blogs. Hewas named an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of 2011 – New England. In his spare time, he sits on a fewboards of directors, follows his beloved Red Sox, goes to the gym, and is learning to play guitar.“I started my career as a sales guy in the nineties,when the funnel was controlled by the sales rep. whohad all the information the prospect wanted, includingpricing and discount options. Now 90 percent of it hasswung to marketing. It’s self-service and you need tobe very, very helpful to see to the top of the funnel.The game has changed a lot.”— Brian Halligan, HubSpot10
  13. About Gord HotchkissGord Hotchkiss is Chief Strategy Officer of Mediative, formerly Enquiro. He and the research team atMediative have built a solid reputation as the leading experts in understanding not only what happenson a search portal, but also why. Gord’s voracious personal curiosity extends into areas as diverse asneurology, psychology, genetics, sociology, and anthropology, always with the goal of understandingwhy we do the things we do (and, of course, what that means for marketing strategy). Gord is also acolumnist for MediaPost and Search Engine Land, a regular presenter at industry shows, and a popularkeynote speaker.“As expectations on the consumer side rise, companiesembrace them and start becoming more forthcomingwith information, and providing functionality online . . .which again raises consumer expectations. It almostbecomes an arms race between the company andthe consumer.”— Gord Hotchkiss, Mediative11
  14. “Youtility doesn’t overcome all other productand price dynamics, but it gives the brand thatextra edge, the tiebreaker that allows it toultimately sell more by ‘selling’ less.”— Jay Baer12
  15. About Lee OddenLee Odden is the author of Optimize: How to Attract and Engage More Customers by IntegratingSEO, Social Media and Content Marketing. He is also a speaker, blogger, consultant, and the CEO ofTopRank Online Marketing, which specializes in a 360 degree approach to growing new business andenriching both brand and community engagement online. Cited by the Wall Street Journal, the NewYork Times, The Economist, and Forbes, he is an active international speaker on digital marketing andPR topics for conferences and corporate events. He is also editor of Online Marketing Blog, one of themost popular marketing blogs on the web.“You have to empathize with your target audiencein three ways: how they discover information, theirpreferences for consumption – which drills down intochannels, devices and content – and what motivatesthem to take action.”— Lee Odden, TopRank13
  16. About Ann HandleyAnn Handley is a veteran of creating and managing digital content to build relationships for orga-nizations and individuals. Ann is the co-author of the best-selling Content Rules: How to Create KillerBlogs, Podcasts, Videos, Ebooks, Webinars (and More) That Engage Customers and Ignite Your Business(Wiley, 2011). Currently she works as the Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs and also contributesto Entrepreneur Magazine, the Huffington Post, American Express OPEN Forum, and Mashable.“A lot of companies survey their customers and find outwhat their pain points are, and they get a sense of whatthey should be creating content about - but they don’tthink about how they are consuming content, and howthey like to be communicated with.”— Ann Handley, MarketingProfs14
  17. About Mike CorakMike Corak is the Executive Vice President of Strategy at digital marketing agency Ethology, leadingthe strategic planning efforts for the its largest clients. He is also the co-founder of Digital MarketingStrategy. Previously, Mike led the strategic planning practice and account management efforts at OffMadison Ave. A frequent blogger and speaker and an active member of the digital marketingcommunity, Mike’s passion is interactive marketing. Mike’s developed and implemented winningdigital and integrated strategies for hundreds of companies over his 12 year career, including thelikes of Coca Cola, ConAgra Foods, FedEx, and Nike.“Most companies that have a social monitoring toolare using it for brand listening and sentiment analysis.It’s very rare to see listening around the broader topicsthat impact the company and its customers.”—Mike Corak, Ethology15
  18. About Robert RoseAuthor, Speaker, and Chief Troublemaker at Big Blue Moose, Robert Rose’s focus and passion is tohelp marketers become stellar storytellers. Robert also serves as Strategist in Residence and brandadvisor for the Content Marketing Institute and Senior Contributing Analyst for Digital Clarity Group.Robert co-authored Managing Content Marketing, which spent two weeks as the top marketing bookon Amazon. He is also a featured writer and guest blogger for iMedia. Robert lives and plays inLos Angeles with his beautiful wife Elizabeth and their golden doodle Daisy.“You start with the story, and then you figureout what the best mechanism for telling it is.It will either be a play, a screenplay, a televisionshow, or a novel. It cannot be all of those things.Youtility is no different.”— Robert Rose, Content Marketing Institute16
  19. About C.C. ChapmanC.C. Chapman is a modern-day renaissance man who lives every day to inspire others to do their best.He is the author of the book Content Rules (Wiley 2010) and founder of Digital Dads. As a consultant,C.C. helps a variety of clients embrace all forms of new media and online marketing to take theircampaigns to the next level. He was one of the first professional podcasters and continues to share hisknowledge and insights on the popular Managing the Gray. He is a graduate of Bentley University andlives outside of Boston with his loving wife and family.“People just jump right to ‘We’re going to createthis really cool thing and put it out there andpeople are going to magically find it.’ You haveto market your marketing.”— C.C. Chapman, Content Rules17
  20. About Greg NgGregory Ng is the Frozen Food Master and founder of frozen food review web show Freezerburns.He has developed effective, results-driven marketing programs for Global Fortune 1000 clients withan expertise in the high tech and financial verticals. Since 2003, Gregory has received over 40 awardsfor his direct marketing campaigns. His articles and reviews have been covered by top tech and Applewebsites, including the New York Times and Wired’s Gadget Lab. He is currently VP, Creative at BrooksBell Interactive, an online direct marketing agency. He is also a husband, father of three, former Elvisimpersonator, and lover of soy lattes.“Youtility is a marathon, not a sprint. My goal foryear one was to own the niche, and my return wastwenty-three cents an hour. It wasn’t really until theend of year two when I decided to start monetizing.”— Greg Ng, Freezerburns18
  21. About Michael BrennerMichael Brenner is Senior Director of SAP Global Marketing where he leads content strategy andserves as the Managing Editor for the SAP Business Innovation thought leadership site. He is also theauthor of B2B Marketing Insider, a contributor to Forbes, and a frequent speaker at industry eventscovering topics such as marketing strategy, social business, content marketing, digital marketing,social media, and personal branding.“It’s a crusade to get an entire employee baseparticipating in the content development process, butthe content we produce is going to help us engage withnew customers, grow new business. You need to get everyemployee on that bandwagon, and cross the line fromenablement to encouragement.”— Michael Brenner, SAP19
  22. About Seth PorgesSeth Porges is a science and technology journalist and television commentator. He has previously workedas a senior editor at Maxim, an editor at Popular Mechanics, a technology consultant at BloombergNews, and as a writer for TechCrunch. He is also the creator of Cloth, an iOS fashion app that allowsusers to save, categorize, and share photographs of their outfits. In 2011, he led a Twitter campaignthat succeeded in causing Chipotle to list the presence of bacon in its pinto beans and was namedone of the New York Observer’s “50 Media Power Bachelors” later that same year.“Technologies change, people change, users change.You have to be there to adapt to it or else you will bemaking cassettes when the CD comes around.”— Seth Porges, Cloth mobile app20
  23. “For the first time, companies have to competeon the very same turf as our family and friends,using the very same tools, technologies, media andmessaging as consumers. They are invading thespaces we are using to connect personally.”— Jay Baer21