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Now revolution get_faster_smarter_more_social


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Today, every customer is a reporter, and business needs to operate at the speed of thought. To succeed, companies must get faster, smarter, and more social. In this acclaimed presentation from authors Jay Baer and Amber Naslund, they talk about The NOW Revolution - the point where businesses must change the way they operate due to social media's impact. Full of anecdotes and ideas about social media, corporate culture, listening, social media success metrics, and organizational change.

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Now revolution get_faster_smarter_more_social

  1. Jay Baer<br />Convince & Convert<br /><br />@jaybaer<br />Amber Naslund<br />Radian6<br /><br />@ambercadabra<br />
  2. Jay Baer<br />Convince & Convert<br /><br />@jaybaer<br />Amber Naslund<br />Radian6<br /><br />@ambercadabra<br />Book and ebook available everywhere<br />Slides by<br />